WWE SmackDown 29th of March 2024

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WWE SmackDown results, March 29, 2024 report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens vs. Pretty Deadly
Owens unloads on Wilson as soon as the bell rings. After landing a lariat, Owens flattens Wilson with a senton. Wilson kicks out. Wilson avoids a Stunner and tags in Prince. Orton tags in and beats Prince down in the corner. After a distraction, Prince sends Orton into the ring post. Wilson takes Owens down outside the ring. Prince hits Orton with an Orton-esq suplex on the announce desk.
After the break, Prince and Wilson are working over Orton. Orton eventually manages to tag in Owens. Owens clears the ring. After a distraction from Wilson, Prince gets his knees up as Owens tries a swanton. Wilson and Orton fight outside the ring. Orton tries to suplex Wilson through the announce desk. Prince breaks it up. While the referee is distracted, Logan Paul rolls from under the ring and drops Owens with a brass knucks-loaded right hand. Prince pins Owens.
Winners- Pretty Deadly
After the match, Orton sees the footage of Logan Paul costing them the match and rolling back under the ring on the ‘Tron. Orton pulls Paul from under the ring and beats him down. Orton sets Paul up on the announce desk. Pretty Deadly appears again and chopblocks Orton. Wilson and Prince send Orton back into the ring. Owens Stuns Prince while Orton RKOs Wilson. Orton and Owens chase Paul out of the arena. Paul hops in a car and drives away.

In-Ring Segment: SmackDown GM Nick Aldis
Aldis notes that he has had one goal since taking this job: making SmackDown the number one show. Aldis firmly believes SmackDown’s latest signing brings him closer to that goal. The GM Introduces Jade Cargill. Cargill joins Aldis in the ring. Cargill says it’s about damn time. She wants to be perfectly clear: this is the best women’s roster anywhere, but the women backstage are not her. A storm has arrived.

Backstage, Dakota Kai says Bianca Belair suffered two years of Damage CTRL beatdowns, and tonight will be no different. Kai notes that WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky will destroy Bayley at WrestleMania.

Backstage, Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre stop Nick Aldis. Dawn has a billion ideas for them and wants Aldis to hear them. Fyre pulls Dawn away as a confused Aldis walks off. Aldis runs into AJ Styles. Styles asks Aldis if he banned LA Knight from the building tonight. Aldis says he asked Knight not to come. Styles says Aldis should have ordered it.

WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller
After a bit of cat and mouse, Ford avoids a charging Waller. Before Waller can act, Dawkins pounces Waller over the announce desk. After the break, Theory and Waller are working over Dawkins. Dawkins manages to tag in Ford. Ford clears the ring. Theory kicks out of Ford’s standing moonsault. The Street Profits hit a doomsday blockbuster on Theory. Waller breaks up the pin. Theory tries a rolling dropkick. Dawkins counters with the Accolade. Ford gets the tag and goes up top for a frog splash. The ‘Tron cuts to Bobby Lashley and B-Fab laid out in Lashley’s locker room. Karrion Kross and Scarlett appear, and it’s clear what just went down. Dawkins tells Ford to pin Theory while he runs backstage. Ford leaps off the top, but Theory gets his knees up. Theory pins Ford.
Winners- Austin Theory and Grayson Waller
After the match, The Authors of Pain attack Dawkins and Ford. A beaten-down Lashley tries to make his way to make the save, but he is quickly overwhelmed by Kross, Akam, and Razar.

In-Ring Segment: Legado del Fantasma
Santos Escobar gloats about beating Rey Mysterio last week. He outsmarted Mysterio, and all it took was one phone call to a man who despises Mysterio as much as Escobar does. “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio’s music hits. Dominik joins Legado in the ring. Escboar apologizes to Dominik for their past heat. Escboar tells Dominik that he was right all along. The crowd boos. The LWO interrupt. Rey Mysterio challenges Escobar and Dominik to a tag match at WrestleMania. Dominik wants to know who Mysterio’s partner will be. Mysterio introduces the newest member of LWO, Dragon Lee makes his way to the ring. A brawl breaks out. The LWO clears the ring. Lee dives out of the ring and lands on everyone in LdF.

Backstage, Rhea Ripley is with JD McDonagh, Damian Priest, and Finn Bálor. Ripley asks if anyone knew Dominik was going out there tonight. Priest is confused that Dominik didn’t speak to her first. Priest asks if there is something the group needs to worry about. This WrestleMania is big for the group and for them as individuals. Ripley asks if there is something she needs to know. Before Priest can answer, Dominik walks in. Dominik says he didn’t say anything because he wanted to make her proud.

WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: New Catch Republic vs. Legado del Fantasma
Dunne and Bate are in control early. Bate sends both members of LdF out of the ring. Dunne stomps on Garza’s fingers. Bate leaps off of Dunne’s shoulders and lands a senton Garza and Carrillo. After the break, Dunne and Bate hit the Burning Hammer on Carrillo for the win.
Winners- New Catch Republic

In-Ring Segment: AJ Styles
Styles starts to speak, but the crowd “Yeah!” at him. Styles says he’s going to expose LA Knight on the biggest stage there is. The crowd is drowning Styles out.Styles says he knows Knight is here tonight, so he should just show himself. Styles goes after the cameraman because it could have been Knight. Someone hops the barricade, but security stops them. Styles rips off the person’s hood, and it’s a random person from the crowd. Styles goes on a rant while standing outside the ring. The security guard near the commentary desk takes off their wig, and it’s LA Knight! Knight attacks Styles. Styles escapes through the crowd. Knight stands on the announce desk and says Styles is going to learn at WrestleMania.

Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai
Belair takes Kai down and lays in a few strikes. Kai counters and lands a few of her own. Belair counters A hip toss into a series of rollins Suplexes. Kai knees her way out of a third suplex and lands on the apron. Kai avoids a shoulder block from Belair. Before Belair can move, Kai boots her head into the ring post. After the break, Kai is working over Belair. Belair counters a submission with a deadlift suplex. Kai counters the superstar press and tries to pull Belair’s hair. Belair flips out of it and hits the glam slam. Belair manages to hit the superstar press. Kai kicks out. Belair tries another glam slam. Kai counters and sends Belair into the middle turnbuckle. Kay mocks Belair. Belair fires up. Kai and Belair trade strikes. Kai misses a running knee on the apron and crashes into the ring post. Belair deadlift suplexes Kai from the apron into the ring. Spear by Belair. Belair hits the KOD for the win.
Winner- Bianca Belair
After the match, Asuka and Kairi Sane hit the ring and attacks Belair. Naomi tries to make the save but is overwhelmed. Jade Cargill’s music hits. Cargill slowly walks to the ring. Cargill boots Asuka in the chest, Pop up Powerbombs Kai, and hits Jadded on Sane. Belair, Cargill, and Naomi stand tall in the ring as the Damage CTRL contingent slinks away.

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