WWE NXT 2nd of April 2024

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WWE NXT results, April 2, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Tag Team Triple Threat Match: Axiom and Nathan Frazer vs. The OC vs. The LWO (Winner gets a title shot at Stand and Deliver)
Frazer and Wilde land duel dives as Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring. The bell rings, and Gallows tries to toss Axiom into the air, but Axiom dropkicks Anderson in the process. Axiom, Wilde, and Anderson are legal. Axiom catches Wilde with a Spanish Fly for a near fall. Frazer and Axiom double team Wilde and Anderson. Axiom, Frazer, Wilde, and Del Toro fight up top. Anderson and Gallows break it up. Wilde and Del Toro land a double dropkick off the top to Gallows. Wilde takes out the field with a sky twister press.
After the break, Axiom lands a super Spanish Fly. Wilde somehow manages to kick out. Frog Splash by Frazer. Axiom follows that with one of his own. Anderson grabs Axiom for a powerbomb. Axiom turns it into a rana. Gallows boots Wilde out of the air. Everyone brawls. Frazer and Axiom slingshot Wilde off the rope into a DDT on Gallows. Anderson breaks it up. Everyone except Gallows lands a dive. Del Toro misses a Phoenix Splash. Anderson and Gallows hit Del Toro with the Magic Killer. Wilde breaks up the pin. Axiom takes out Gallows with a dive. Frazer surprises Del Toro with a 450 splash for the win.
Winners- Axiom and Nathan Frazer
After the match, Axiom and Frazer say they will win the titles at Stand and Deliver. NXT Tag Team Champions Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin appear on the bird’s nest and hold up their titles.

Fallon Henley w/Thea Hail and Kelani Jordan vs. Jacy Jayne w/Jazmyn Nyx, Izzy Dame and Kiana James
Henley and Jayne lock up. Neither woman can get an advantage. After a distraction from James, Henley gets knocked out of the ring by Jayne. Baseball slide by Jayne. Hail loses it and has to be held back. Jayne works over Henley. Henley fires up. James tries to get involved again. Hail rushes the ring and dives through the ropes into James. Everyone brawls. Jayne surprises Henley with a running knee to the face for the win.
Winner- Jacy Jayne

Lexis King vs. Von Wagner
Wagner rushes the ring and attacks King. Wagner sends King into the barricade. King rolls into the ring. Wagner tosses King clear across the ring. King sidesteps a charging Wagner. Wagner eats the ring post. King lands a nasty running knee to Wagner’s head. King works over Wagner. King runs right into a powerslam from Wagner. Wagner chokeslams King on the apron. Wagner clears the commentary desk. King counters Wagner’s powerbomb with a DDT on the floor. King hits the Coronation for the win.
Winner- Lexis King

Backstage, Ava tells Carmelo Hayes that she has instructed the referee to be lenient during his match with Trick Williams at Stand and Deliver. There will be extra security and referees in the ring tonight as well.

In the locker room, Wren Sinclar suggests to Arianna Grace that Gigi Dolan looks fine, just the way she is. Grace says those are fighting words. Grace wants Sinclar in the ring tonight.

Carmen Petrovic w/Natalya vs. Lola Vice
Petrovic and Vice trade strikes. Petrovic floors Vice with a discus lariat for a near fall. Vice counters an arm wringer with a spin kick. Vice works over Petrovic. Petrovic fires up and lands a flurry of strikes. Vice kicks out of Petrovic’s spin kick. Petrovic hits the ropes and gets destroyed with a spinning back fist. Vice locks Petrovic in the Sharpshooter. Vice stares a hole in Natalya while Petrovic taps out.
Winner- Lola Vice

Super Nova Sessions
Noam Dar and the rest of Meta-Four introduce their guest tonight. Roxanne Perez is out first, then NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria. Valkyria calls Perez a loser for complaining every time she loses. Perez says she has a year’s worth of rage built up, and she’s going to let it all out at Stand and Deliver. Perez slaps Valkyria. Valkyria lands a spin kick, followed by a DVD through a table.

Oba Femi vs. Joe Gacy
As Gacy makes his entrance, Shawn Spears hits him with a chair. The referee asks Gacy if he can continue. Gacy says yes. Femi dominates most of the match. Gacy fires up. Femi counters the Upside Down with a slam. Femi hits his release-side suplex. Gacy lands awkwardly. The referee stops the match.
Winner- Oba Femi

Arianna Grace vs. Wren Sinclair
Sinclair lands a flurry of offense. Grace takes over, sending Sinclair into the turnbuckle. Grace works over Sinclar. Sinclair fires up and lights Grace up with a few sickening chops. Sinclar rolls up Grace. Grace reverses it and holds the ropes to get the three count.
Winner- Arianna Grace

Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport
As soon as the bell rings, Davenport lands a dropkick. Ruca does a backflip and lands a dropkick of her own. Flying arm wringer by Ruca. Ruca works over Davenport’s arm. Press slam followed by a standing moonsault by Ruca. Davenport tries a hip toss. Ruca flips out of it and sends Davenport out of the ring. Ruca does a handstand on the apron to avoid Davenport. PK by Ruca. Ruca misses a splash and runs into the ring steps.
Davenport drops Ruca on the steps with a kneebreaker. After the break, Davenport is working over Ruca’s knee. Ruca suplexes Davenport over the top. Both women tumble to the floor. Ruca lands a one-legged springboard splash for a near fall. Rainbow DDT by Ruca. Davenport kicks out! Ruca tries the Soul Snatcher, but Davenport yanks her out of the air. Falcon arrow by Davenport. Davenport set up her ripcord knee strike. Ruca reverses it into a schoolboy for the win.
Winner- Sol Ruca

Carmelo Hayes is in the ring first, flanked by his security. Trick Williams enters last. Williams says this wasn’t supposed to be this way. Williams notes that they are going to be the first two Black men to main event during WrestleMania weekend. As Hayes speaks, the crowd boos mercilessly. Hayes says they had it all until Williams ruined it. Hayes says this is all on Williams. Essentially, Williams went after Hayes’ girlfriend (the NXT Championship) when Williams knew Hayes was trying to get her back.
Hayes says the people may love Williams now, but they will switch up on him like Nintendo. Hayes says when he shoots, he don’t miss. Williams says at Stand and Deliver the people will be yelling, whoop dat Trick. Hayes takes a swing at Williams. A huge brawl breaks out. Security can’t separate Williams and Hayes. The locker room clears and everyone tries to pull Hayes and Williams apart.

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