AEW Rampage 6th of April 2024

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All Elite Wrestling delivered an action-packed show with the April 5 episode of AEW Rampage.

Tonight, Action Andretti will clash with Bryan Keith, Daniel Garcia, and Komander in a Final Four Elimination Match.
Plus, AEW International Champion Roderick Strong will face London Lightning, and Trish Adora will take on Serena Deeb.
The results are as follows:

Match 1: Malakai Black defeats Christopher Daniels via pinfall
In a big opening match, it was Black who would walk out on top thanks to some help from Buddy Matthews, who would occassionally get involved by distracting Daniels whenever the referee wasn’t looking. Things eventually came to an end in the match when Malakai countered an Angel’s Wings attempt from Daniels, then threw down Christopher before hitting a big spinning kick for the pin and win.

Match 2: Roderick Strong defeats London Lightning via pinfall
In a AEW International Championship eliminator match, Strong essentially dominated his opponent for the entirety of the bout. While London was able to get a few punches in, Strong won easily after Wardlow came down to the ring and absolutely rocked Lightning with a lariat. This allowed Strong to get London back into the ring and then end things with a quick finisher.

Match 3: Serena Deeb defeats Trish Adora via submission
Deeb started things off by showboating a bit, tying up Adora into the ropes and gloating for a bit. However, Adora would eventually flip momentum for a moment, and get in some big hits. Unfortunately for her, it wouldn’t last long, as Deeb quickly got things rolling after taking a full nelson bomb for a near fall.
After brawling for a bit in the ring, Serena eventually hit a big German suplex on Adora, and then locked in a submission to force Adora to tap out.

Backstage segment: Saraya and Zak Knight
The pair are interviewed backstage before things take a turn to the chaotic. The brief promo ended with Knight saying that he’s going to do whatever it takes to take “absolutely everything” away from Angelo Parker next week.

Match 4: Daniel Garcia defeats Komander, Action Andretti, and Bryan Keith via submission
In a Final Four Elimination Match to close out the night, it was Garcia who would last the longest and walk out with the win. Things started with Andretti and Komander brawling in the ring while Keith and Garcia fought outside of it. Keith was the first one to get eliminated, after getting hit with a hurricanrana by Komander.
After Keith was out, it was then Komander who quickly got eliminated, after Andretti hit the Lights, Camera, Action on him. With just Garcia and Andretti left, the two began brawling and going at it almost immediately. For a moment, Andretti looked to hurt his leg, to which Garcia immediately began focusing on. Eventually, Andretti would escape a piledriver attempt and hit a Falcon Arrow, but Garcia would kick out.
Andretti then tried to stand but immediately fell to the ground holding his leg, and Garcia wasted little time in locking in a knee bar for the submission win.

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