WrestleMania 40 night 1

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WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 1 results, April 6, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: Triple H
Triple H welcomes the crowd to a new time, a new era, to WrestleMania!

WWE Women’s World Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Becky Lynch
Ripley tosses Lynch across the ring. Lynch and Ripley trade strikes. Lynch ends up on the apron. Ripley runs into a kick. Missile dropkick from Lynch. Ripley rolls out of the ring. Lynch tries a baseball slide but gets caught and dropped on the apron. Ripley sends Lynch back into the ring. After a Northern Lights suplex, Ripley manages a two count. Ripley lifts Lynch in a suplex. Lynch reverses it into a small package. Ripley rolls through and lands a suplex. Lynch kicks out. Dropkick by Ripley. Ripley brushes the dirt off her shoulders, and Lynch struggles to reach her feet. Ripley goes up top. Lynch leaps up top and sends Ripley flying with an arm drag. Lynch surprises Ripley with a tornado DDT. Kick out by Ripley.
After a strike exchange, Ripley eats the post after Lynch sidesteps her spear. Lynch locks Ripley in the Disarmher using the ropes. Lynch breaks the hold and tries another second rope leg drop. Ripley reverses it into the Prism Trap. Lynch struggles and tries to get to the ropes. Ripley drops down. Lynch counters into a roll up. Ripley kicks out. After a series of reversals, Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam. Kick out by Ripley!
Ripley lands a draping leg drop. Ripley falls out of the ring. Lynch sends Ripley into the barricade with an exploder. After a leg drop off the second rope, Lynch only gets a two count. Lynch dives off the top but gets caught by Ripley. Ripley drops Lynch and lands a running knee for a two count. Ripley sets up Riptide. Lynch counters with an arm breaker into an armbar. Ripley gets to her feet, lifts Lynch in the air, and hits three consecutive powerbomb. Lynch kicks out. Headbutt by Ripley. Lynch kicks Ripley’s arm, but Ripley immediately responds with a big boot. Lynch kicks out again. Ripley is favoring her arm.
Ripley reverses a clothesline by Lynch with Riptide. Lynch kicks out! Ripley goes up top. Lynch crotches Ripley on the top rope. Lynch superplexes Ripley and immediately transitions into the Disarmher. Ripley lifts Lynch on her shoulders. Both women fall over the top rope, but Ripley lands on her feet with Lynch on her shoulders. Electric chair drop out on the floor by Ripley. Frog Splash by Ripley. Lynch kicks out! Lynch tries a Manhandle slam off the top. Ripley lands on her feet and hits Riptide on the top turnbuckle. Lynch stumbles into another Riptide by Ripley. Ripley pins Lynch.
Winner and STILL WWE Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley!

Six-Pack Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The Judgement Day (c) vs. The Awesome Truth vs. #DIY vs. New Catch Republic vs. A-Town Down Under vs. The New Day
The Match Will Continue Until Both Sets of Championships are Retrieved
As soon as the bell rings, everyone brawls. The ring clears. Waller and Theroy set up ladders in the ring and start to climb. The field returns, and everyone fights over the ladders. Woods and Kingston push over the other two ladders and start to climb. Bálor and Priest cut off Woods and Kingston. Priest tosses a ladder at Waller. Bálor grabs a ladder. Bate picks up Bálor and airplane spins Bálor and the ladder. Kingston hits the ring and gets whacked off the ladder. Bate slams Bálor on a ladder. Bate and Dunne hit stereo moonsaults off of ladders on the field. Dunne climbs the ladder. Priest powerbombs Bate into Dunne to knock him off of the ladder. Priest and Bálor beat down Miz. Truth hops on the apron and begs for Miz to… tag him… Miz does. Yes, he asked for a tag during a ladder match.
Truth clears the ring and hits the five moves of doom on Bálor. Truth AAs Bálor on a ladder and pins him…. in a ladder match. Miz tells Truth he has to climb the ladder. Priest breaks this up and eats the Awesome Truth’s finish. Gargano tunes up the band and superkicks Priest. Ciampa hits a modified Pedigree. Ciampa and Gargano square up with Truth and Miz. Truth tells #DIY to grab one set of titles, and they will grab the other. Gargano and Ciampa agree. Before they can grab the titles, Theory and Waller break it up and pull down the SmackDown tag titles.
Winners and NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions, A-Town Down Under!
Theory and Waller try to go after the Raw tag titles, but Bate and Dunne powerbomb Waller through a ladder out of the ring. Kingston lays Ciampa on a ladder prompted up against another and the ropes. Woods hits the Limit Break Elbow on Ciampa on the ladder. Kingston and Woods climb a ladder. Kingston dives off the top and hits the trust fall on everyone outside the ring. Theory stops Woods. The Catch Republic stops Waller. Gargano hits One Final Beat off the apron through a table on Dunne. Ciampa air raid crashes Bate off the top of a ladder.
Truth is the only man left standing. Truth sets up and climbs a ladder. JD Mc Donagh appears out of nowhere and pulls Truth off the ladder into The Devil inside. McDonagh helps Bálor climb the ladder. The New Day cut them off. Kingston Mc and Woods send Donagh off the ladder through a table. Priest climbs the ladder. Miz cuts Priest off. Priest tosses Miz off the ladder. Truth pulls Priest off the ladder and sends him out of the ring with an AA. Truth climbs the ladder and pulls down the Raw Tag Team Championships for the win!
Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions, the Awesome Truth!

Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio w/Legado del Fantasma vs. Rey Mysterio and Andrade w/The LWO
Mysterio sends Escboar flying with a rana. Escobar tags in Dominik. Andrade tags in and obliterates Dominik with a feint elbow. Andrade and Mysterio clear the ring. Mysterio sits on Andrade’s shoulders, and they land a stacked crossbody on Dominik and Escboar. Dominik sends Mysterio flying out of the ring. Escobar and Dominik work over Mysterio. Mysterio surprises Escboar with a code red. Mysterio tags in Andrade. Andrade sends Dominik and Escobar flying with dragon screw leg whips. Running double knees by Andrade.
Double jump moonsault by Andrade. Mysterio tags in and lands a seated senton off the top to Escobar. 629 by Mysterio. Lopez gets on the apron. Vega pulls Lope off the apron and hits a moonsault off the second rope. Wilde gets launched off the second rope onto Legado. Two large men hop the barricade, wearing Mysterio masks. Both men attack Dominik and toss him back into the ring. Andrade hits The Message on Dominik. Mysterio lands a splash on Escobar for the win.
Winners- Rey Mysterio and Andrade
The two big guys take off their masks, and it’s Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson from the Philadelphia Eagles!

Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso
Lil Wayne walks Jey to the ring. Jey lands a dive before Jimmy gets to the ring. Jey beats Jimmy all over ringside. Crossbody by Jey. Jimmy kicks out. Jey runs into a pop-up Samoan drop from Jimmy. Jimmy lands two running hip attacks. The crowd showers Jimmy with boos. Jimmy unloads on Jey with superkick after superkick. Jimmy misses a splash but lands on his feet. Superkick by Jey. Jimmy and Jey trade strikes while the crowd chants Yeet and No Yeet with each strike. Jey and Jimmy have a stare-down before unloading on each other with rights and lefts. Superkick by Jey. 
Jimmy superkicks Jey. Jey superkicks Jimmy. Jimmy ends up in the corner. Jey lands what is best described as NXT’s Axiom’s Golden Ratio running superkicks. Jimmy gets to his knees. Jey gears up for a basement superkick, but Jimmy raises his hands. Jey pulls back. Jimmy puts out his hand and tells Jey he’s sorry. Jimmy begs Jey for forgiveness. Jey grabs Jimmy’s hand and helps him up. Jimmy superkicks Jey! Jimmy lands the Uso Splash. Jey kicks out! Jimmy sets up another superkick. Jey counters with a Spear! Jey lands a twisting Uso Splash for the win!
Winner- Jey Uso

Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill vs. Damage CTRL
Sane and Asuka try to double-team Naomi. Naomi clotheslines both women. Split leg drop by Naomi. Sane kicks out. Sane lands an InSANE elbow to a standing Naomi outside of the ring. Asuka and Sane work over Naomi. Naomi manages to tag in Belair. Belair clears the ring. Suplex by Belair to Sane. Belair Press slams Sane off the top onto Asuka and Kai. Superstar press by Belair to all three members of Damage CTRL. Damage CTRL kicks out.
Kai, Sane, and Asuka triple teams Belair. Belair manages to tag in Jade. Asuka and Sane stop in their tracks. Jade clears the ring. Modified Michinoku Driver by Jade. Sane and Asuka break up the pin. Sane holds Belair. Asuka tries the mist, but Belair ducks. The mist blinds Sane. Belair whips Asuka with her hair. Naomi hits Bubba Bomb on Sane. Belair KODs Asuka. Kai tries a wheelbarrow on Jade. Jade reverses it into Jadded for the win.
Winners- Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill

Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunther (c) vs. Sami Zayn
Gunther backs Zayn into the corner. Gunther pulls back for a chop. Zayn covers up. Gunther laughs. Zayn chops Gunther. Gunther destroys Zayn with a chop. Zayn tries to fire back, but Gunther floors him with a European uppercut. Gunther lays Zayn on the top rope and chokes him with his boot. As Zayn’s wife looks on from the crowd, Gunther works over Zayn. Zayn surprises Gunther with a lariat. Gunther chops Zayn’s soul out of his body. Zayn fires back with a flurry of chops of his own. Half-nelson suplex by Zayn.
Gunther gets to his feet. Zayn lands another half-nelson suplex. Gunther blasts Zayn with a lariat. Gunther avoids a Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn tries again, but Gunther reverses it into a rear naked choke. Zayn gets to his feet and almost gets to the rope. Gunther turns his sleeper into a German suplex. Gunther charges in and gets exploder suplexed into the corner. Zayn tries the Helluva Kick. Gunther counters with a shotgun dropkick. Gunther hits a Powerbomb. Zayn kicks out. Zayn surprises Gunther with a Helluva Kick. Gunther kicks out at 2.9. Zayn tries another Helluva Kick. Gunther counters with a lariat. Gunther hits a double-powerbomb. Zayn kicks out!
Gunther jaws with Zayn’s wife. Gunther stomps Zayn. Zayn is barely moving. Zayn gets to his feet. Gunther lands another lariat. Gunther yells at Zayn’s wife again. Powerbomb by Gunther. Gunther immediately stares down and laughs at Zayn’s wife again. Splash of the top by Gunther. Gunther doesn’t bother to cover Zayn. Gunther laughs as he goes back up top. Splash by Gunther. Zayn fires himself up while Gunther goes up top. Helluva Kick by Zayn. Zayn hits the BRAIN BUSTAAAAAHHH! Gunther crawls to the corner. Helluva Kicks by Zayn! Gunther doesn’t go down. Zayn lands another Helluva Kick and pins Gunther! Zayn wins!
Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn!

Cody Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. The Rock and Roman Reigns
(If Rhodes and Rollins win, The Bloodline will be barred from ringside during the main event of night two -Reigns vs. Rhodes. The Rock and Reigns win, Reigns vs. Rhodes on night two with be Bloodline Rules).
As the bell rings, all four men stare each other down. Rollins and Reigns kick the match off. Rollins and Reigns trade headlocks. After a stalemate, Rollins lands a boot to Reigns’ gut. Rollins tags in Rhodes. Reigns and Rollins circle each other. Rhodes lands a few strikes. Reigns clothes Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes and Reigns have a test of strength. Rhodes tags in Rollins. Rock asks for a tag. Reigns obliges. Rollins laughs as both men circle each other. Rollins and Rock lock up. Rock tosses Rollins clear across the ring. Rollins mocks Rock. The Rock decks Rollins.
Rock stomps Rollins and tells Rhodes to just bring it. Rhodes tags in. The Rock and Rhodes have a staredown. Rhodes lands a dropdown uppercut. Rhodes stomps Rock in the corner. Rollins and Rhodes double-team Rock. Reigns hits the ring and eats a sling blade from Rollins. All four men brawl. The fight spills out of the ring. Rock slams Rollins into the barricade as Rhodes and Reigns fight up the ramp. The referee starts the count. The Rock tells the referee, “Do you know who I am? If you count, you are F*cking fired.” Rhodes suplexes Reigns on the stage. In the crowd, Rock hits Rhodes with a trashcan.
All four men make their way to the ring. Reigns chop blocks Rollins’ surgically repaired knee on the apron. The Rock and Rollins are left in the ring. Reigns and Rock works over Rollins, focusing on his injured knee. The Rock puts Rollins in the sharpshooter (he actually did it correctly!) Rhodes breaks it up by slapping The Rock. Rock charges at Rhodes. Rhodes stuns Rock on the top rope. Rollins Stomps Rock. Rollins tags in Rhodes. Rhodes clears the ring. Reigns tags in and gets powerslamed by Rhodes. Cody Cutter by Rhodes.
Reigns counters Crossroads and lands a Superman Punch. Rhodes kicks out. Reigns calls for the Spear. Rhodes reverses it into a sunset flip. Rhodes lands a super Cody Cutter. Rollins tags in and hits a frog splash. Reigns kicks out. Reigns reverses the Stomp into a powerbomb. Rhodes and Rollins land multiple superkicks to Reigns. Rollins Stomps Reigns. Rhodes drops Reigns with Crossroads. As Rhodes pins Regins, Rock pulls the referee out of the ring and decks the referee. Reigns low blows Rhodes and hits the Spear. Rhodes kicks out. Reigns puts Rhodes in the guillotine. The Rock holds Rhodes’ legs as Reigns chokes him out.
Rollins lands a Stomp on Reigns out of nowhere. Rock pulls out the Mama Rhodes blood-soaked weight belt. Rock jaws with Mama Rhodes. The Rock spine busters Rhodes. Rock sets up the People’s Elbow. Rhodes counters with a Cody Cutter. Rhodes sets up Crossroads. Reigns breaks it up with a Superman Punch. Reigns tries the Spear. Rollins pulls Rhodes out of the way. Reigns accidentally Spears The Rock. Rollins and Rhodes land stereo Pedigrees. Rock and Reigns both kick out. All four men brawl again. Everyone ends up outside the ring.
As The Rock slams Rhodes on the desk, he yells at Mama Rhodes to look at her son. The Rock sets up a Rock Bottom on the desk. Rollins distracts Rock. Rhodes Rock Bottoms The Rock through the desk. Reigns Spears Rollins through the barricade. Reigns and Rhodes trade strikes. Rhodes lands two Crossroads. As he sets up a third, Rock whips Rhodes with the weight belt. Reigns Spears Rhodes. Rock asks for a tag. Reigns obliges. Rock Bottom by The Rock. The Rock hits the People’s Elbow for the win.
Winners- Roman Reigns and The Rock

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