WrestleMania 40 night 2 results

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WWE WrestleMania 40 Night Two results, April 7, 2024. Report by Jason gordon for JJASportStudio.com.

In-Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie jokes that, thankfully, it’s a bit warmer in the arena tonight. She has been present at every WrestleMania, and she is proud to be here for the first WrestleMania of the Triple H era. Stephanie asks the crowd if they are ready.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
CM Punk is at the desk for commentary. As soon as the bell rings, McIntyre drops Rollins with a Claymore. Rollins kicks out at 2.9. McIntyre sets up in the corner for another Claymore. Rollins rolls out of the ring. McIntyre follows and chopblocks Rollins. McIntyre sends Rollins flying with an overhead throw out on the floor. Rollins gets to his feet. McIntyre lands another overhead throw. McIntyre sets up the future shock DDT in front of Punk. Rollins reverses it into a Pedigree. Rollins sends McIntyre back into the ring and lands a Stomp.
Rollins further injures his knee during the move. McIntyre kicks out. Rollins and McIntyre trade strikes. Neck breaker by McIntyre. McIntyre kips up. McIntyre calls for the Claymore. Rollins reverses the Claymore into a powerbomb. Pedigree by Rollins. Stomp by Rollins. McIntyre kicks out! Rollins tries a super Stomp, but McIntyre moves out of the way. Rollins knee buckles. McIntyre hits the future shock DDT. Rollins kicks out! McIntyre does Punk’s GTS taunt. McIntyre tries the GTS. Rollins reverses it into a small package. McIntyre kicks out.
Rollins turns around, and McIntyre hits the Claymore again! Rollins kicks out. After clearing off the commentary desk, McIntyre stares down Punk. Rollins escapes McIntyre’s table powerbomb attempt. Rollins Stomps McIntyre on the commentary desk. McIntyre rolls off the desk. Rollins sends McIntyre back into the ring. McIntyre hits another Claymore! Rollins kicks out again! McIntyre lands another Claymore! McIntyre pins Rollins!
Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre!
After the match, McIntyre hands the title to his wife. They embrace. McIntyre sees Punk at the desk. McIntyre stands on the desk and trash-talks Punk. CM Punk sweeps McIntyre’s leg. Punk takes off his brace and hits McIntyre with it. Punk stomps McIntyre. Damian Priest’s music hits. Priest hits McIntyre with the MITB briefcase. Priest tells the referee he’s cashing in. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Damian Priest
Priest tosses McIntyre into the ring and hits South of Heaven for the win!
Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest!

Snoop Dogg is out for commentary for the next match.
Bubba Ray Dudley is the special guest referee
Philidelphia Street Fight: Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits w/B-Fab vs. The Final Testament
As soon as the bell rings, everyone brawls. The ring clears. The Street Profits pull a table at ringside. Rezar tosses Dawkins into the ring steps. Akam runs over Ford. The AoP and Kross surround Lashley with kendo sticks. Lashley gets beatdown with the kendo sticks. Kross drops Lashley with a neckbreaker on a chair. Dawkins breaks up the pin and gets destroyed with kendo sticks. Ford dives off the top and eats a kendo stick shot from Kross. The AoP hit the Super Collider on Ford and Dawkins. B-Fab breaks up the pin with a kendo stick shot. Scarlett hits B-Fab with a trashcan. Scarlett launches B-Fab out of the ring.
The AoP tries another Super Collider, but Lashley breaks it up. Dawkins runs over Akam and Rezar. Ford dives over the top onto Rezar and Akam. B-Fab boots Scarlett in the face. Scarlett suplexes B-Fab through a table. Kross hits the Doomsday Saito on Lashley. Lashley kicks out! Kross gets in Bubba’s face. Bubba puts on his Dudley Boys glasses. Lashley Spears Kross. Bubba directs traffic while Dawkins hits Wassup. Bubba tells them to get the tables. Kross gets laid on a table, but it breaks. Dawkins grabs another table. Ford Frog Splashes Kross through the table. Lashley pins Kross.
Winners- Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles
Styles rushes the ring. Knight and Styles trade strikes. Knight sends Styles out of the ring. A rope dive dropkick by Knight. Knight repeatedly slams Styles’ head into the commentary desk. Knight sends Styles back into the ring. Styles attacks Knight as he rolls back into the ring. Knight tries to fire back, but Styles kicks his leg out from under him. Styles works over Knight’s knee. Knight fires up. Styles cuts him off with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Knight kicks out. Styles goes up top. Knight cuts him off and sets up a back suplex. Styles rakes Knight’s eyes, causing Knight to fall back to the mat. Knight hops back up top, and German suplexes Styles.
Styles kicks out. Styles surprises Knight with the Calf Crusher! Knight eventually gets to the ropes. Styles slams Knight’s knee into the ring post. The referee checks on Knight. Styles dropkicks Knight’s knee into the ring post. Knight pulls Styles into the ring post. Knight pulls up the protective padding at ringside. Styles reverses Knight’s piledriver into a back body drop on the exposed concrete.
Styles rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to count. Knight breaks the count at 9.9. Styles tries a springboard 450. Knight gets his knees up! Knight and Styles trade strikes. Styles floors Knight with a Pelé kick. Knight avoids the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles escapes and almost hits the Styles Clash. Knight kicks his way out of it. Styles misses another Phenomenal Forearm. Knight hits the BFT for the win.
Winner- LA Knight

United States Championship Triple Threat Match: Logan Paul (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens
Logan Paul rides to the ring on the bed of the Prime Truck.
Owens drives to the ring in a golf cart. Orton’s music hits. Owens backs up the ramp and tells Orton to hop on. Orton shrugs and gets on the back of the cart. Owens and Orton drive to the ring together. Paul rolls out of the ring as the bell rings. Owens and Orton chase Paul. Orton and Owens take turns beating up Paul outside the ring. Orton suplexes Paul on the commentary desk. Owens asks if he can give it a try. Orton gives Owens the go-ahead. Owens suplexes Paul on the table. Orton gives Paul another suplex on the desk, just cause.
Owens and Orton bring Paul back into the ring/ Paul pushes Owens into Orton. Owens tells Orton that it was Paul. Orton and Owens turn around and continue beating the crap out of Paul. Both Owens and Orton try to pin Paul at the same time. Orton and Owens lock eyes, and they both realize this isn’t going to work. Owens suggests they continue beating up Paul and fight later. Orton agrees and immediately tries to RKO Owens. Owens blocks it. Orton looks like the cat that caught that canary. Owens asks if they should fight now. Orton shrugs.
Owens and Orton tear into each other with rights and lefts. Paul takes both men out with a double Money Clip. Owens tosses Paul and Orton into the corner. Owens crushes both men with a cannonball. Paul manages to get his knees up while Owens tries a swanton. Paul lands a swanton on Owens, rolls through, and hits a frog splash on Orton for a near fall. Orton and Paul trade strikes. Paul wins the exchange, dropping Orton with a gut shot. Orton sets Owens up for a hangman’s DDT. Paul breaks it up. Paul tries another Money Clip, but Orton reverses it into a powerslam. Orton hangman DDTs Paul and Owens at the same time.
After a series of reversals, Owens hits a powerslam off the top on Paul. Moonsault by Owens. Paul kicks out. After another series of reversals, Orton RKOs Owens. Owens kicks out. Paul decks Orton with a brass knuckles covered right hand. Orton kicks out! Paul blasts Owens with the knucks. Owens falls out to the floor. Paul tries another shot to Orton with the knucks. Orton ducks and hits an RKO. Everyone is down. Orton gets to his feet first and grabs Paul’s brass knucks.
Orton gives the knucks to the referee and calls for the Punt Kick. The guy in the Prime Bottle pulls Paul out of the ring. Orton gets into a scuffle with the guy in the Prime Bottle. Orton RKOs Prime Bottle guy on the commentary desk. Paul pushes Orton into the ring steps. Owens hits the Stunner on Orton. Orton kicks out. Owens sends Orton into the ropes for the Pop up Powerbomb. Orton reverses it into the RKO. Paul tosses Orton into the ring post, hits a frog splash on Owens, and gets the pin.
Winner and STILL United States Champion, Logan Paul!

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Iyo Sky (c) vs. Bayley
Bayley drops Sky with a shoulder block. Sky rolls out of the ring. Sky gets back in the ring and lands a shoulder block to Bayley. Bayley lands a dive. Sky kicks out. Bayley is favoring her leg after the dive. Bayley tries her patented turnbuckle dropkick/ Sky blocks it and whips Bayley’s leg into the ring post. Sky assaults Bayley’s previously injured knee. Bayley rolls out of the ring. Sky sets up an Asai moonsault. Bayley trips Sky on the apron. Bayley sends Sky into the timekeeper’s area. Sky elbows Bayley in the face.
Sky dives off the barricade and gets caught in a Bayley-to-Belly. Bayley brings Sky back into the ring and hits a spinning backbreaker. Bayley goes up top. Sky trips Bayley. Bayley’s leg gets caught in the turnbuckle. Sky dropkicks Bayley, sending her to the floor. Sky lands a triangle moonsault. Bayley kicks out. Sky lands two German suplexes for a near fall. Sky tries the Over the Moonsault. Bayley gets her boot up. Bayley tries a diving elbow drop. Sky reverses it into a crossface. Bayley escapes and gets caught in the crossface again. Sky transitions into an STF. Bayley elbows her way out of it.
Sky walks into a Bayley-to-Belly. Sky kicks out. Bayley sets up the Rose Plant. Sky blocks it and tells Bayley she is sorry. Sky drops Bayley with a right hand. Bayley and Sky trade strikes. Butterfly Backbreaker by Sky. Sky flattens Bayley with the Over the Moonsault. Bayley kicks out! Sky hits a Moonsault off the second rope. Sky tries on from the top but Bayley moves. Bayley tries the Rose Plant. Sky does a front flip and laughs at Bayley. Bayley destroys Sky with a lariat. Diving elbow drop by Bayley. Bayley hits the Rose Plant for the win!
Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion, Bayley!

Undisputed WWE Championship Match- Bloodline Rules: Roman Reigns (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Cody Rhodes
Reigns gets in Rhodes’ face. Rhodes doesn’t flinch. Reigns laughs at Rhodes. Reigns blasts Rhodes with a shoulder check. Heyman hypes Reigns. Rhodes lands an uppercut and sends Reigns out of the ring. Rhodes grabs a table from under the ring. Reigns surprises Rhodes with the drive-by before Rhodes can get back in the ring. Reigns slides the table back under the ring and says no. Rhodes avoids a charging Reigns, sending him into the ring steps. Rhodes tries to bring Reigns back into the ring.
Reigns hits Rhodes with a kendo stick. Reigns repeatedly wacks Rhodes with the kendo stick. Rhodes puts Reigns in the figure four. Reigns rakes Rhodes’ eyes to break the hold. Reigns works over Rhodes. Rhodes and Reigns fight into the crowd. Reigns tries to set up a suplex on a platform. Rhodes reverses it and hits a suplex of his own. Back in the ring, Reigns counters a disaster kick with a sky-high powerbomb. Reigns continues his assault on a worn-down Rhodes. Reigns hits the ropes and runs into a superkick from Rhodes.
Big boot by Reigns. Reigns and Rhodes trade strikes. Double clothesline. Both men are down. Reigns gets to his feet first. Rhodes and Reigns exchange strikes. Powerslam by Rhodes. Rhodes blasts Reigns with the disaster kick. Reigns kicks out! Rhodes tries the Cody Cutter. Reigns catches Rhodes and hits Cody’s finish (Crossroads). Rhodes kicks out. Reigns jokes that Rhodes’ move sucks, and he’s never beaten anyone with it. Rhodes ducks the Superman Punch. Jabs followed by Rhodes’ bionic elbow. Reigns rolls out of the ring. Rhodes follows and clears the commentary desk. Reigns low blows Rhodes.
Reigns powerbombs Rhodes through the commentary desk. Superman Punch by Reigns. Rhodes kicks out! Reigns tries the Spear. Rhodes boots Reigns in the face and hits the Cody Cutter! Kick out by Reigns! Reigns fights his way out of Crossroads. Reigns tries a Rock Bottom. Rhodes counters with a hip toss. Spear by Rhodes! Reigns kicks out! Rhodes hits Crossroads! Rhodes tries to hit another, but Jimmy Uso appears out of nowhere and superkicks Rhodes! Superman Punch by Reigns! Jey Uso runs down the ramp and brawls with Jimmy. Jey Spears Jimmy off the stage through a table! Reigns Spears Rhodes! Rhodes kicks out!
Reigns traps Rhodes in the guillotine. Rhodes drives Reigns out of the ring, breaking the hold. Rhodes Spears Reigns through the barricade! Rhodes brings Reigns back into the ring. Rhodes hits two consecutive Crossroads. Solo Sikoa appears, and Samoan Spikes Rhodes. Sikoa drags Reigns on top of Rhodes. Rhodes kicks out. Sikoa and Reigns hit the Spear/Samoan Spike combo. Kick out by Rhodes!!! John Cena’s music hits! John Cena runs down to the ring and attacks Sikoa! Cena clotheslines Sikoa over the top rope.
Cena AAs Sikoa through the announce table. The Rock’s music hits. The Rock power walks to the ring, cursing the entire way. Cena and the Rock stare each other down. Cena takes off his shirt and gets ready for a fight. Cena tells Rock he can’t see him. The Rock hits a Rock Bottom. The Shield’s music hits. Rollins sneaks into the ring with a chair wearing his old Shield gear. Reigns takes Rollins out with a Superman Punch.
The lights go out, and a gong rings out through the arena. The Undertaker appears behind The Rock. The Rock turns around and gets chokeslammed. The lights go out again, and The Rock and The Undertaker disappear. Reigns grabs a chair, but instead of hitting Rhodes, he hits Rollins in the back. Reigns owed Rollins that one. Rhodes kicks Reigns in the head to block a Spear. Rhodes hits two Crossroads and pins Reigns!
Winner and NEW Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes!

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