AEW Dynasty 2024

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On April 21, AEW delivered a star-studded show with AEW Dynasty. Among other matches, Samoa Joe defended the AEW World Championship against Swerve Strickland.

Plus, FTR faced the Young Bucks in a ladder match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, and Bryan Danielson faced Will Ospreay.
The results are as follows.

Renee Paquette and RJ City welcome viewers and preview the card.

Swerve Strickland and AEW World Champion Samoa Joe discuss their match in a video package.

Paquette and City discuss the card and highlight Will Ospreay’s match against Bryan Danielson.

A video package hypes up Kazuchika Okada’s match against PAC.

More video packages highlight the card.

Matt Sydal (with Mike Sydal) vs. Trent Beretta
Beretta takes the fight to Sydal. Sydal takes him down with a hurricanrana. Trent ducks a kick and heads to the outside. Sydal dives onto Beretta at ringside. Back in the ring, Sydal gets a two-count. Trent drops Sydal with a brainbuster. Beretta continues to control the back. Sydal rallies, and both men are down. Sydal rocks Beretta with a kick. Beretta kicks out of a roll-up and suplexes Sydal. Sydal takes Beretta down and hits a meteora. Beretta slams Sydal into the turnbuckle and spikes him with a piledriver.
Beretta hits a knee strike and locks in a modified triangle choke. Sydal taps out.
Winner: Trent Beretta
Beretta does not release the hold after the bell. Mike Sydal gets in the ring, and Beretta attacks him. Chuck Taylor makes the save. Beretta says Chuck Taylor has not been answering him, and he has been acting like a prick. He tells him he has until Wednesday to let him know what he has to say. Orange Cassidy comes out for his match and confronts Beretta.

Orange Cassidy & Katsuyoru Shibata vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty) (with Anthony Ogogo)
Moriarty and Cassidy start the bout and go back and forth. Shibata tags in and battles for positioning with Moriarty. Shibata traps Moriarty in a surfboard submission, but he escapes. Taylor tags in and trades blows with Shibata. Cassidy and Shibata double-team Taylor. Cassidy dives onto Shibata at ringside. Ogogo tries to get involved, and Shibata hits him with some uppercuts. Taylor blindsides Shibata with a stiff shot.
Taylor squashes Cassidy with a leg drop on the apron. Back in the ring, Moriarty wrenches Cassidy in an abdominal stretch and slams him. Shibata tags in and clears house. Shibata and Cassidy take control with some double-team offense. Cassidy spikes Moriarty with a DDT. Taylor nails Cassidy with a headbutt. Ogogo distracts Shibata. Moriarty sends Shibata to the outside. Cassidy scores the win with an Orange Punch.
Winners: Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata

The broadcast team runs through the card.

Titles For Titles: ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Bullet Club Gold (Jay White, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) (c) vs. AEW World Trios Champions The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn
White immediately tags out to Colten Gunn, who starts off with Anthony Bowens. Bowens drops him with a shoulder block. He dumps Colten with a back body drop. Austin tags in and sweeps Bowens’ leg. Billy Gunn tags in and trades counters with Austin. Billy takes Austin and Colten down with clotheslines. Bullet Club Gold gangs up on Billy. Billy goes to punch White, and he heads to the outside. Colten tags in and hits Billy from behind.
Colten hugs Billy. “Daddy Ass” drops his son with a shot to the face. Caster tags in and hits Colten with a forearm. Bowens drills White with a punch. Caster slams Austin. The Acclaimed double-teamed Austin with Scissor Me Timbers. Caster goes crashing to the floor and lands awkwardly. White slams him into the barricade. Bullet Club Gold isolates Caster. Bowens tags in and clears house. Colten catches Bowens with a dropkick. White suplexes Bowens onto the apron. White controls the action. Bullet Club Gold grounds Bowens. Bowens rallies.
Billy tags in and gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. He slams Austin with the One and Only. Colten hits Billy with a Fameasser. Bowens and Caster try to make the save. White hits Billy with a kendo stick. The Gunns hit 3:10 to Yuma for a two-count. Bowens and Caster take out the Gunns. The Acclaimed double-team White. Colten helps take out Caster. White slams Bowens. Billy hits the Fameasser. Caster hits the Mic Drop, but White kicks out. White counters the Fameasser, but Billy counters the Bladerunner. White hits the Blade Runner for the win.
Winner and new AEW World Trios Champions: Bullet Club Gold

The broadcast team runs through the card.

A video package opens the show.

AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. PAC
PAC and Okada feel each other out early on. PAC takes Okada down. A hurricanrana sends Okada to the outside, and PAC dives onto him. PAC slams Okada into the barricade. Back in the ring, PAC dumps Okada with a superplex. Okada hits PAC with a dropkick. Okada slams him into the barricade. PAC narrowly avoids getting counted out. Okada grounds him, but PAC sends him to the outside and hits a springboard moonsault.
Okada drills PAC with a kick to the face. They trade blows. Okada catches PAC with another dropkick. He spikes PAC with a high-angle DDT on the floor. PAC takes Okada down with a forearm. PAC maintains the advantage and hits Okada with some stiff strikes. Okada fires back. PAC floors Okada with a dropkick but eats a shotgun dropkick.
Okada gets a two-count with a neckbreaker. He teases the Rainmaker but flips off the crowd. PAC gets a two-count with an inside cradle. PAC drills him with a kick and drops him with a clothesline. He dumps Okada with a German suplex for a two-count. He goes for the Broken Arrow but comes up empty. Okada spikes PAC with a Tombstone. PAC gets a two-count with a pin attempt. He gets another near fall. PAC locks in the Brutalizer, but Okada gouges his eyes to escape.
PAC hits a Tombstone of his own. Okada grabs the referee, preventing PAC from going for the Broken Arrow. PAC goes for it, but Okada gets his knees up and hits the Rainmaker for the win.
Winner and still AEW International Champion: Kazuchika Okada
PAC gets an ovation after the bell.

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews)
House of Black gains a brief advantage, but Copeland’s team takes charge as the TNT Champion grounds Matthews. Black tags in but quickly tags out to King. Kingston tags in and trades blows with King. Kingston chops King and catches him with a kick to the head. He lights the big man up with flurry of chops. King takes Kingston down with a side slam. He crushes Kingston with a cannonball.
Matthews tags in and maintains the advantage. Black tags in, and House of Black isolates Kingston. Kingston and Black trade strikes. Briscoe tags in and takes the fight to Matthews. Briscoe sends Matthews to the floor with a kick and hits a sliding dropkick. Copeland brawls with King, while Kingston fights with Black. Briscoe vaults off a chair onto King.
Mark drills Buddy with an uppercut. King slams Briscoe into the barricade. Back in the ring, Black grounds Briscoe.
House of Black isolates Briscoe. Copeland tags in and clears house. He sends Matthews to the floor with a big boot. Two clotheslines aren’t enough to take King down. Briscoe and Kingston fight off Black and Matthews. The duo goes to superplex King. House of Black take them out with powerbombs. Copeland superplexes King. Bodies are flying as the match breaks down in chaos. Copeland drops King with an impaler DDT, and Briscoe hits Froggy Bow. Both teams brawl. King crushes Copeland with a splash. Copeland’s team hits stereo Spears. Black mists Copeland and hits Black Mass for the win.
Winners: House of Black
Copeland writhes in pain as House of Black celebrates.

TBS Championship: Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale
Willow Nightingale chooses the stipulation that Kris Statlander and Skye Blue are banned from ringside. Willow immediately takes the fight to Hart, showing some clear aggression. Hart sends Willow crashing onto the apron and down to the floor. She dumps Willow over the barricade and into the timekeeper’s area. Back in the ring, she grounds Willow. Mercedes Moné is shown watching backstage. Hart continues to control the action. Willow rallies and traps Hart in a sleeper hold.
Willow hits a hip attack in the corner. Hart locks in the Hartless, but Willow powers out. Nightingale chops Hart, who drives her to the mat with a kick. Willow counters Hart’s moonsault and levels her with a lariat. Willow hits the Doctor Bomb for the win.
Winner and new TBS Champion: Willow Nightingale
Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander celebrate with Willow. Mercedes Moné comes out and confronts Willow. She stares Willow down, and Nightingale raises the title. The broadcast team confirms that Willow will defend the title against Mercedes at AEW Double or Nothing. Willow celebrates with her family at ringside.

A commercial hypes up AEW Double or Nothing.

AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly
Strong and O’Reilly feel each other out, and they’re evenly matched. They battle for positioning. O’Reilly goes for a cross arm-breaker and transitions to an ankle lock, but Strong reaches the ropes. O’Reilly drills Strong with some kicks. Strong catches him with a backbreaker. He hits O’Reilly with a backbreaker on the turnbuckle and grounds him. O’Reilly goes for a triangle choke, but Strong fights his way out. Strong drills him with a chop. They trade blows.
Strong grounds O’Reilly. He hits the challenger with another backbreaker. He gets a two-count with a backbreaker. O’Reilly drills Strong with a series of strikes. He takes Strong down with a knee-bar, but Strong reaches the ropes. Strong rallies with several forearms. O’Reilly kicks Strong and hits a guillotine knee strike. He hits a knee-drop and locks in a knee-bar, but Strong fights his way out. Strong gets a two-count with a backbreaker. O’Reilly gets a two-count with a pin attempt. Both men are down after a double clothesline. They trade strikes.
O’Reilly drills Strong with a knee strike. Strong blasts him with a knee strike of his own. They keep trading blows. O’Reilly locks in a guillotine, and Strong catapults O’Reilly in the ropes to escape. Wardlow comes to ringside, but the referee stops him. O’Reilly gets a two-count with a pin attempt. O’Reilly levels Strong with a lariat and gets a two-count with a lariat. Strong catches O’Reilly with a stiff shot and hits End of Heartache for the win.
Winner and still AEW International Champion: Roderick Strong
Adam Cole gets brought to the stage. He stands up and walks down the ramp to celebrate with Strong and the rest of Undisputed Kingdom. Cole briefly stares down Wardlow but the celebration continues.

FTW Championship: HOOK (c) vs. Chris Jericho
HOOK and Jericho feel each other out early on. HOOK suplexes Jericho and overpowers him. He sends Jericho to the outside. Jericho slams HOOK onto the broadcast table. HOOK suplexes Jericho on the floor. HOOK hits Jericho with a trash can lid. Jericho drops him with a DDT onto the lid. HOOK suplexes Jericho off the apron and through a table. Jericho rallies with some punches and hits a hurricanrana.
HOOK ducks a garbage can shot and dumps Jericho with a German suplex. He puts the can on Jericho and hits him with a kendo stick. HOOK suplexes Jericho while he’s stuck in the trash can. HOOK and Jericho trade blows. The champion throws Jericho. Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker. They keep battling. Jericho rakes HOOK in the eyes. HOOK dodges a fist drop and goes for the Redrum. Jericho gets out of it by slamming HOOK into a table.
Jericho puts his feet on the ropes for the pin attempt, but HOOK kicks out. Jericho traps HOOK in the Walls of Jericho. HOOK turns it into a pin attempt for a two-count. Jericho hits HOOK below the belt. He hits the Judas Effect for a two-count.
Jericho blasts HOOK with another Judas Effect for a near fall. Jericho gets his bat. HOOK flips him off. Jericho hits HOOK with the bat and pins him.
Winner and new FTW Champion: Chris Jericho
Taz tells Jericho to leave as he checks on HOOK. Other officials also check on HOOK. Jericho looks into the camera and says he’s sorry.

AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm (with Mariah May & Luther) vs. Thunder Rosa
The match quickly breaks into a brawl. Rosa gains the upper hand. She takes Storm down with a hurricanrana, sending her to the outside. Rosa hits a corkscrew dive onto Storm and Luther. May gets in Rosa’s face, but Rosa continues to control the action. Storm catches Rosa with a backbreaker. She hits another backbreaker and targets Rosa’s back. Rosa gets a two-count with a powerbomb. Rosa catches Storm with a dropkick and slams her with a Samoan drop. She gets a two-count with a crucifix.
Rosa slams Storm with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Storm drops Rosa with a backstabber. She gets a two-count with a suplex. Rosa gains momentum, but Storm fires back with a powerbomb. Storm and Rosa trade blows. Storm dumps Rosa with a German suplex. Rosa responds with one of her own. Mariah May distracts the referee. Deonna Purrazzo runs down and attacks May. She also shoves Luther into the steps. May and Purrazzo brawl to the back. Storm suplexes Rosa again. She hits a hip attack and the Storm Zero for a two-count.
Storm locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, but Storm reaches the ropes. Rosa rallies with a backstabber. Storm hits Rosa below the belt and hits Storm Zero for the win.
Winner and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

A video package hypes up Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson
Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson
The atmosphere is electric, as the crowd chants “Holy shit” before the bell even rings. They feel each other out. The match is a stalemate in the early stages. They trade counters as the match starts to speed up. The two competitors clearly have each other scouted as they keep reversing each other. Ospreay chops Danielson. Danielson responds with a chop of his own. Ospreay catches Danielson with a dropkick.
Danielson responds with some stiff blows. Ospreay drills Danielson with a boot, sending him to the outside. He dives onto Danielson at ringside. Back in the ring, Danielson hits Ospreay with a kick to the gut in mid-air. He drills Ospreay with some knees. Danielson grounds Ospreay and nails him with some forearms. They trade chops. Ospreay drops Danielson with a springboard kick. Ospreay rocks him with a kick in the corner and a springboard forearm. He hits Danielson with a series of strikes and dives onto him at ringside.
Danielson kicks Ospreay’s arm and dumps him with a Tiger Supkex. He drills Ospreay with some hammer and anvil elbows. Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation. He hits Ospreay with a kick in the corner. Ospreay blats Danielson with a kick and gets a two-count with a Tiger Driver. Danielson hits an avalanche Tiger Suplex. Danielson kicks Ospreay. They trade blows. The competitors battle on the apron. Ospreay hits an Os-Cutter on the apron.
Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade off the apron. He hits a dropkick and a powerbomb for a two-count. Ospreay kicks Danielson. Danielson counters the Os-Cutter into a LeBell Lock attempt, but Ospreay counters. Danielson transitions into a guillotine, then slams Ospreay and goes for the LeBell Lock. He transitions into an arm-bar, but Ospreay reaches the ropes. Danielson blats Ospreay with a kick. Danielson gets a two-count with a Frankensteiner. They trade pin attempts. Danielson ducks the Hidden Blade and hits the running knee for a near fall.
Danielson stomps Ospreay. He goes for the LeBell Lock, but Ospreay avoids it. Ospreay drills Danielson with stiff shots. Danielson locks in a triangle sleeper, but Ospreay powers out with a Styles Clash. Danielson and Ospreay trade blows. Ospreay rolls through a suplex and hits the Hidden Blade. Danielson counters the Os-cutter with a Busaiku Knee. Ospreay and Danielson charge each other, and Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade. Ospreay hits the Tiger Driver, and Danielson lands badly on his arm. The referee goes to get the ringside doctor, and Ospreay scores the win with the Hidden Blade.
Winner: Will Ospreay
Officials check on Danielson after the bell. Ospreay checks on him as well.

Ladder Match For AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)
Both teams start brawling. Harwood ducks an EVP Trigger, and Wheeler hits a diving clothesline. The Young Bucks hit Harwood with a ladder. Wheeler kicks the ladder into the Jacksons. Matthew drives Cash into a barricade. Harwood and Wheeler climb up a ladder, but they’re both stopped. Nicholas gets slammed onto a ladder. Harwood drops Matthew onto a ladder as well.
Matthew hits a cannonball senton onto Wheeler while he’s laid out on a ladder. Harwood is busted open, and the Bucks hit him with chairs. The Bucks send Harwood into a ladder and isolate Wheeler, sending him crashing onto a ladder as well. Wheeler rallies and hits a moonsault off a ladder that’s set up horizontally at ringside. The Bucks hit Wheeler with the EVP Trigger. FTR rallies with stereo suplexes. Wheeler fires up and dumps Nicholas with a powerslam.
FTR hits Nicholas with a double-team bulldog. Harwood hits a slingshot powerbomb. Wheeler sends Matthew crashing through a table, and his head hits the barricade. Nicholas sends Harwood through a table, and he lands hard on his knee. Matthew and Wheeler battle on the ladder. Both teams fight on top of the ladder. FTR hits Matthew with the Shatter Machine. Nicholas hits FTR with a chair. Wheeler hits a splash off a ladder.
Matthew rallies. Harwood slams him onto a ladder. Nicholas sends Wheeler through a table with a 450 splash. Harwood spikes Matthew with a piledriver that sends them through a ladder. Nicholas hits Harwood with a powerbomb off a ladder. Harwood goes for a dive to the outside but comes up empty as he crashes through a table. Harwood goes for the titles, but a masked man runs in and knocks over the ladder. It’s revealed to be Jack Perry. Matthew Jackson unhooks the titles to win the match. Perry throws up the Elite symbol as security escorts him away.
Winners and new AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks celebrate their win.

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana)
Strickland gets a special entrance as he’s dressed like Killmonger from Black Panther. Joe and Strickland feel each other out. Strickland sends Joe to the outside. He goes to dive onto Joe but gets slammed onto the broadcast table. Joe uncovers some of the floor, but Swerve hits a diving knee. Joe goes for a Muscle Buster, but Swerve counters. Joe hits a powerslam onto the bare concrete. Joe drills Swerve with a barrage of strikes.
Swerve fires back with some strikes. Joe overpowers Strickland and grounds him. He rocks Swerve with some stiff strikes. Strickland dodges a punch, forcing Joe to hit the ring post. Swerve wrenches the arm over the turnbuckle. Swerve targets Joe’s arm and dumps him with a German suplex. Strickland evades the Coquina Clutch and catches Joe with a flatliner. Swerve keeps honing in on the arm. Joe rallies and hits a Muscle Buster for a two-count. Joe grabs the title, but Swerve kicks him and hits a 450 Splash. He hits the Swerve Stomp for a two-count.
Joe goes to hit Swerve with the title but winds up locking in the Coquina Clutch. Strickland refuses to give up, as he escapes. He snaps Joe’s arm. Swerve hits the House Call for a two-count. Joe fires up, but Swerve fights him off and powerbombs him off the second rope. Swerve hits the Swerve Stomp for the win.
Winner and new AEW World Champion: Swerve Strickland
Strickland celebrates after the bell as confetti rains down.

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