TNA Impact 25th of April 2024

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TNA iMPACT results – April 25, 2024

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off a recap of last weekend’s Rebellion pay-per-view.

Nic Nemeth kicks off the show and comes to the ring for a promo. Nemeth says he’s not coming out here like he thought he would be. Nemeth believed he would be standing in front of everyone tonight at TNA World Champion. Nic says he has no excuses, and he left it all in the ring, and he failed.
Nemeth says his dad and his brother were there in the front row to support him, but he didn’t come through. He doesn’t know what will happen next or what he should do. Nemeth says he feels broken inside. This brings out Broken Matt Hardy.
Matt Hardy says he had a prolific premonition that after the main event of Rebellion, the lights would go out, and he would appear in the ring with the champion of the world. Hardy says he was hoping it was Nemeth, but it ended up being Moose. Hardy says the finish he saw raises questions, and they replay the match with Nemeth’s shoulder up. The commentary team clarifies that the referee missed it, but their decision is final.
Hardy says that didn’t look like a pinfall to him. Hardy says maybe Nemeth should be the champion right now, but he’s not. The Broken One says he’s not sure what’s next for Nemeth, but he knows what’s next for him. Hardy says he has returned to TNA to become the champion of the world. Hardy says Nemeth can have another shot down the line, but it will likely be against him.
This brings out The System. Moose says he thinks it’s funny that Matt Hardy is back in TNA, but not as a wrestler; he thinks he’s the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and now he knows why they suck. Moose says this isn’t football; you can’t challenge the play. Nemeth says they are all talking a lot of trash; if they want to say something, get in the ring and say it to them right now.
Eddie Edwards says he knows what Nic Nemeth is trying to do, and he’s coming across as desperate. Edwards says he gets where Nemeth is coming from; he came to TNA to be the next Kurt Angle, and he might not even be the next Eric Angle. Nemeth says he wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but he knows now…he’s facing Edwards in the main event later on tonight.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali has a ballot box, and he’s talking to Santino Marella about a new method to become the new number-one contender. Jordynne Grace comes in and asks to speak to Marella. Ali excuses himself and leaves.

A video package plays recapping the match between Jordynne Grace and Steph De Lander at Rebellion. This leads to an interview backstage with Grace. Grace says her match at Rebellion being wild was an understatement. Grace says she had PCO on standby, but Sami Callihan was a complete surprise, but she’s happy that she’s back.

Jordynne Grace revealed that her discussion earlier with Santino was to make her match against Miyu Yamashita next week a Knockouts Championship defense. Miyu comes in and says she will take Grace’s title next week.

Mike Santana defeated Myron Reed (w/ The Rascalz)
Mike Santana hits Myron Reed with Spin The Block to score the pinfall victory.
Steve Maclin comes to confront Mike Santana, but The Rascalz bail on him. Santana attacks Maclin, who eventually escapes and gets out of the ring.

Steph De Lander and Kon are backstage. De Lander calls what went down at Rebellion the Las Vegas screwjob. De Lander says Jordynne Grace pulled out all the stops because she knew she couldn’t beat her fair and square. They challenge PCO and Grace to a match at Under Siege. Kon says he’s going to continue what he started at Rebellion, and that’s breaking necks.

Josh Alexander comes to the ring. Alexander says his heart bleeds for TNA, and he proved that at Rebellion when he was the last man standing in his match against Hammerstone. Alexander says you can still call him The Walking Weapon, but he’s the standard of TNA and he thinks it’s time he’s called TNA World Champion once again.
This brings out Frankie Kazarian. Kaz says he beat Eric Young at Rebellion, and if anyone deserves to challenge for the title, it’s him. Alexander says they both won their matches at Rebellion, so they should have a match against each other to determine the new number one contender.
Kazarian starts making excuses and says that he’s injured and he expected better from Alexander. Alexander says his match with Hammerstone was no walk in the park either, but he’s not out here bitching that he’s hurt. Alexander says if he wants to back down, that’s fine, and he’ll just be the new number-one contender.
Kazarian says he’s sure everyone would like this match to happen, but that doesn’t work for him, brother. Kazarian tries to leave but is stopped by a referee who informs him that the match will take place right now.

Josh Alexander defeated Frankie Kazarian
Frankie Kazarian tries to cheat but is stopped by Eric Young. Josh Alexander locks Frankie Kazarian in the Grapevine ankle lock to win the match via submission.

Backstage at the ballot box, Jake Something and Hammerstone get into an argument and start shoving each other. Santino Marella breaks it up and says the two men will have a match at Under Siege.

AJ Francis, Rich Swann, and BunB show up at the building. They’ll be in the IMPACT Zone next.
The trio comes out onto the stage. AJ Francis asks for the crowd to make some noise, and they boo. Francis says that’s rude because he brought BunB and told them all to shut their mouths. Francis says BunB came for First Class, just like others before him. BunB says everything has been first class.
Gia Miller asks Rich Swann if his victory over Joe Hendry at Rebellion was tainted due to all the interference. Swann blew it off and said Hendry learned a valuable lesson about messing with First Class. Joe Hendry suddenly appears on the stage. Francis wants to know how he did that.
AJ Francis wants to know if Hendry hasn’t learned his lesson yet and if they need to beat him down again. Hendry says he’s not there to fight and admits that Swann beat him at Rebellion. Hendry says he suffered a serious groin injury and owes First Class an apology, which he’ll give to them in the ring next week.

Xia Brookside defeated Ash By Elegance
Xia Brookside rolls up Ash By Elegance while she’s arguing with the referee about wearing shiny knucks to score the pinfall victory.

The Rascalz stuffed The Ballot box, allowing Trey Miguel to win. Ace Austin was the runner-up. Santino Marella decides that Miguel will face Austin next week, and the winner will face Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Championship at Under Siege.

Sami Callihan defeated The Good Hands in a handicap match
Sami Callihan hits Jason Hotch with the Cactus Driver ’97 to score the pinfall victory.

Steve Maclin approaches Frankie Kazarian backstage and tries to offer him a proposition. Kazarian says he doesn’t like Maclin and doesn’t trust him, so propose it to someone else. Maclin says Kazarian should hear him out; he says he’ll help Kaz with Alexander and Young if he helps him with Santana. Kazarian seems to ponder Maclin’s proposal.

Eddie Edwards (w/ The System) defeated Nic Nemeth
Thanks to interference from The System, Eddie Edwards hits Nic Nemeth with the Boston Knee Party to score the pinfall victory.
The System continues to attack Nemeth after the match. Smashing a steel chair into his throat. Speedball Mountain and Ryan Nemeth hit the ring but they are too late as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

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