WWE SmackDown 26th of April 2024

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WWE SmackDown results, April 26, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

As the show starts, we see a side-by-side of the Raw and SmackDown draft war rooms.

Backstage, Paul Heyman announces that Roman Reigns has voluntarily withdraws from eligibility for the WWE Draft. Heyman says Reigns doesn’t want to hog the spotlight since he will not be back for the foreseeable future. The key word is foreseeable. Reigns will return. A real Tribal Chief wouldn’t do that. Heyman notes the pressure is now on SmackDown GM Nick Aldis. The first pick in this year’s draft will make history.

The camera kicks to footage of the NXT Performance Center. The entire NXT Locker Room is watching the draft with the hopes that their name will be called.

Undisputed WWE Championship Match Contract Signing
Corey Graves is in the ring to officiate the contract signing. The challenger, AJ Styles, is out first. The champion, Cody Rhodes, is out next. Styles says before he signs the contract, he notes that we have to Georgia boys going face-to-face for the first time. The crowd boos Styles mercilessly. Styles recounts getting his groove back, beating LA Knight, and going on to face Rhodes at Backlash. Styles quips that at Backlash, we will see if Rhodes is fit to carry the championship. Rhodes puts over Styles.
Rhodes says it’s not about winning the title; it’s about keeping it. The crowd cheers as Rhodes tells Styles that this isn’t a dream match for him; it’s a must-win. Rhodes signs the contract. Rhodes stands up and offers Styles a handshake. Styles tells Rhodes that it was great seeing Rhodes finish his story, but it’s a shame his title reign will end at Backlash. Styles shakes Rhodes’ hand, then walks away. As Rhodes walks up the ramp, Triple H’s music hits. Triple H tells Rhodes to join him at the podium on the stage.

2024 WWE Draft Round 1
Triple H notes that when the GMs use their picks, they are bringing in the star they want, but they may end up losing the ones the have that they want to keep. Triple H asks Rhodes to help him announce the picks.
SmackDown Pick One Round One: Bianca Belair
Raw Pick Two Round one: Jey Uso
SmackDown Pick Three Round One: NXT’s CARMELO HAYES!!!!!!!!
Raw Pick Four Round One: Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins
Carmelo Hayes’ music hits. Hayes walks out on stage and puts himself over. The crowd chants “Whoop that Trick!” at Hayes. Hayes laughs and says he already did. Hayes reminds Rhodes that he said that if you come at hi, you best not miss. Well, when Hayes shoots, he don’t miss. Hayes wants Rhodes in the ring tonight. Rhodes agrees as Triple H looks on with a grin on his face from ear to ear.

Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee w/The LWO vs. Legado del Fantasma
Lee lands a flurry of offense. Carrillo distracts the referee while Angel pulls up the second rope while Lee is about to hit. Lee spills out of the ring and lands in a heap. After the break, Lee manages to tag in Mysterio. Mysterio clears the ring. 619 by Mysterio. Lee hits his finish for the win.
Winners- Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee
After the match, Santos Escobar and Elektra Lopez walk to the ring. Escobar shows footage of Carlito attacking Dragon Lee before WrestleMania. Carlito denies it but eventually pushes Lee into Mysterio. Carlito drops Lee with a Backstabber. Mysterio checks on Lee as Carlito runs away. Escobar and the rest of Legado del Fantasma laugh. Escobar yells about being right all along.

Bron Breakker vs. Cedric Alexander
Alexander tries a handspring, but Breakker cuts him in half with a Spear. Breakker pins Alexander.
Winner- Bron Breakker

2024 WWE Draft Round 2
Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool are presenting the next picks.
SmackDown Pick One Round Two: Randy Orton
Raw Pick Two Round Two: Bron Breakker
SmackDown Pick Three Round Two: Nia Jax
Raw Pick Four Round Two: Liv Morgan

Backstage, Kevin Owens attacks Tama Tonga. Owens and Tonga are separated by referees and officials.

Kayla Braxton is on the ramp. Braxton introduces the number one draft pick, Bianca Belair. Braxton notes that Belair and Jade Cargill will challenge The Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Belair says Cargill is the perfect partner to help her finally end Damage CTRL. Belair hopes Cargill is drafted to SmackDown on day two of the Draft. The Kabuki Warriors walk out on the ramp and jaw with Belair.

Cargill’s music hits. Cargill stands with Belair. As all four women argue, Kevin Owens and Tama Tonga fight out onto the stage. The fight spills into the ring. Owens takes over on Tonga. Solo Sikoa hits the ring and waylays Owens. As Tonga and Sikoa beat down Owens, referees, officials, and security try to break it up. Tonga beats up the security guards. Randy Orton’s music hits. Orton hits the ring and makes the save.

2024 WWE Draft Round 3
Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley are presenting the next picks.
SmackDown Pick One Round Three: LA Knight
Raw Pick Two Round Three: Ricochet
SmackDown Pick Three Round Three: The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Paul Heyman)
Raw Pick Four Round Three: Sheamus

Number One Contender’s Match: Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton
Bayley is at the commentary desk for this match. Stratton ducks out of the ring to avoid Naomi. Naomi catches Stratton with a baseball slide. Naomi slams Stratton’s head into the apron. Stratton trips Naomi into the ropes and lands a nasty hip attack. Naomi lands the heatseeker on the apron. Stratton falls to the floor. Naomi lands a diving split takedown off the apron.
After the break, Naomi hits a head scissor DDT. Stratton kicks out. Both women collide in the middle of the ring as they try facebusters at the same time. Naomi and Stratton trade strikes. Nia Jax hops the barricade and attacks Bayley. Naomi rolls out of the ring to save Bayley, but Jax tosses Naomi into the ring post, causing a disqualification.
No contest
After the match, Stratton drags Bayley and Naomi into the ring and performs the World Prettiest Moonsault on both women simultaneously.

Backstage, The Street Profits argue with the Tag Champs A-Town Down.

2024 WWE Draft Round 4
Teddy Long and JBL are presenting the next picks.
SmackDown Pick One Round Four: AJ Styles
Raw Pick Two Round Four: Alpha Academy Chad Gable, Otis, Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri
SmackDown Pick Three Round Four: Andrade
Raw Pick Four Round Four: NXT’s Kiana James!!!!
At the Performance Center, Jackie Redmond is with Kiana James. James says everything she has done to this point was designed to get her to this moment. She will show Raw why she is in the top 1 percent. NXT Head Shawn Michaels walks out and congratulates James.

Backstage, SmackDown GM Nick Aldis announces that Bayley will defend the WWE Women’s Championship in a triple-threat match at Backlash against Naomi and Tiffany Stratton. Aldis introduces Teddy Long to make the next announcement. Teddy Long announces Randy Orton and Kevin Owens against Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga at Backlash.

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Carmelo Hayes
Rhodes and Hayes lock up. Rhodes tosses Hayes away. Leapfrog by Hayes. Dropdown uppercut by Rhodes. hayes chops Rhodes in the throat and lands a springboard clothesline. Rhodes responds with a lariat. Hayes retreats to the corner. Rhodes yells at Hayes to bring it. Hayes wanted this. Is this all he’s got? After the break, Hayes and Rhodes trade strikes. Hayes floors Rhodes with a back elbow.
Hayes beats down Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes fires back with a chop. Hayes lights Rhodes up with a chop. Rhodes lands another chop. Backdrop by Rhodes. Hayes surprises Rhodes with his head scissor facebuster. Rhodes gets to his feet. Hayes nails Rhodes with the fadeaway DDT. Rhodes kicks out. Hayes counters a bodyslam and sets up Crossroads. Rhodes escapes and lands a disaster kick that turns Hayes inside out. Hayes kicks out.
Running powerslam by Rhodes. Hayes kicks out. Cody Cutter by Rhodes. Hayes kicks out. Hayes and Rhodes both try springboards at the same time. Both men land in a heap. Rhodes lands awkwardly on his shoulder. Rhodes hits Crossroads for the win.
Winner- Cody Rhodes
After the match, Rhodes gives Hayes a pep talk. Hayes has clearly earned Rhodes’ respect. As Rhodes is celebrating, Styles appears in the ring. Rhodes happens to turn around before Styles can attack. Styles tells Rhodes he was this close to getting him. Styles shakes Rhodes’ hand.

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