WWE Raw 29th of April 2024

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WWE Raw results, April 29, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

As the show kicks off, United States Champion Logan Paul shows up at the arena with Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Judgement Day great Paul in the parking lot. Damian Priest puts over Paul. Paul says Priest and The Judgement Day are running Monday Night Raw. Adam Pearce invited Paul here for the draft.
Pat McAfee and Michael Cole address the crowd and go over the WWE draft rules. Raw GM Adam Pearce and SmackDown GM Nick Aldis are in their respective war rooms to make their picks. The entire NXT lockerroom is in the performance center watching the event, hoping to hear their name called.

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch
Lynch notes she has history with Kansas City. Years ago, she stood in the crowd with her face covered in blood and she let everyone know this is here show now. It took Lynch two years to work back to a world championship. Lynch wants to hold the championship tight and never let it go… but championship aren’t for holding, they are for defending. Liv Morgan interrupts. Morgan wants a shot at the title. The crowd chants for Mami. Morgan plays them off. Morgan says she isn’t here just expecting a shot at the title, but if Morgan is being honest, Lynch owes her one.
Lynch couldn’t take out Rhea Ripley, but Morgan did. This is the Liv Morgan revenge tour and the end game here was always going to be her. Morgan wont stop until she has everything she wants. Lynch tells Morgan she is right. She wouldn’t be champion if Morgan didn’t injury Ripley. Lynch notes that Morgan would be champion if it wasn’t for what Lynch did to Morgan.
Nia Jax walks out on the stage. The crowd boos her mercilessly. Jax chastizes the crowd for being rude. As Jax is showered with boos, she takes a moment to offer a kid in the crowd a handshake. When the kid reaches for Jax’s hand, she pulls it away, leading to even more boos. Jax goes on a rant about going to the superior show (SmackDown) and how she dominated Lynch and Morgan. Tonight is Jax’s last night on Raw, so if she is leaving, she’s taking one of them with her. As Jax tries to enter the ring, Morgan dropkicks her off the apron. Morgan tells Jax if she wants a fight Morgan accepts.

2024 WWE Draft Round 1 (Night Two)
Stephanie McMahon is out to make the picks for Raw and SmackDown.
Raw Pick One Round One: Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser
SmackDown Pick Two Round One: Jade Cargill
Raw Pick Three Round One: Damage CTRL
SmackDown Pick Four Round One: Kevin Owens

Gunther w/Ludwig Kaiser vs. Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston
Gunther drives Woods into the corner. Woods ducks a chop and lands on of his own. Woods avoids Gunther’s strikes. Gunther charges in and Woods sends him over the top. Gunther sidesteps a diving Woods. Woods lands on his feet and eats a nasty chop from Gunther. Gunther suplexes Woods on the apron. After the break, Gunther works over Woods. During the match, a Code pops up on the screen. I wonder what that was….
Back in the ring, Woods tries to fire up. Gunther floors him with an open hand chop. Woods escapes a powerbomb and kicks Gunther in the knee. Woods gets sent out to the apron. Gunther tries a superplex. Woods knocks Gunther off the top. Missile dropkick from Woods. Gunther kicks out. Woods tries a suplex, but Gunther blocks it. Chop by Gunther. Woods rolls out to the apron. Gunther pushes Woods, causing Woods’ leg to get trapped in the ropes.
As Woods screams, Gunther assaults Wood’s knee. Kingston loses his mind outside the ring while the referee tries to pull Gunther off of Woods. After the break, Gunther traps Woods in the tree of woe. Gunther works over Woods’ injured knee. Gunther mocks Woods as he struggles to get to his feet. Woods gets his knees up while Gunther tries a splash off the top. Woods immediately clutches at his injured knee. Gunther blocks a kick from Woods and locks him in a single leg crab. Woods refuses to tap out. Kingston grabs a towel and hops on the apron. Woods screams at Kingston that he can do it. Kingston tosses the towel into the crowd. Woods tries to kick his way out of the hold. Gunther transitions into a cravat with an STF. Woods taps out.
Winner- Gunther

2024 WWE Draft Round 2 (Night Two)
Logan Paul is out with his friend Speed to announce the next picks.
Raw Pick One Round Two: CM Punk
SmackDown Pick Two Round Two: Bobby Lashley, The Street Profits, and B-Fab (The Pride)
Raw Pick Three Round Two: Braun Strowman
SmackDown Pick Four Round Two: Tiffany Stratton

After announcing the picks. Paul and Speed walk to the ring. Paul says he came to make some picks, and maybe celebrate with Patrick Mahomes. The crowd boos while Paul notes that he heard Jey Uso is upset Paul told the truth. Jey Uso is going to lose against Damian Priest at Backlash. Jey Uso’s music hits and he struts to the ring. Uso asks the crowd if they think he can beat Priest. The crowd yeets. Uso asks the crowd if he should slap the yeet out of Paul.
Paul distracts Uso as JD McDonagh and Finn Bálor enter the ring. Jey attacks Bálor and McDonagh. Bálor and McDonagh take control. Paul rolls out of the ring and grabs Mahomes Super Bowl rings. McDonagh holds Uso while Paul readies to lay Uso out with a ring fisted right hand. Uso ducks and Paul knocks out McDonagh. Uso laughs at McDonagh. Everyone jumps on Uso. Braun Strowman’s music hits and he clears the ring.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre confronts Booker T for putting over CM Punk as a good draft pick.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bronson Reed
Zayn lands a few chops. Reed runs over Zayn. Reed lays in a few hammer fists. Zayn sends Reed through the ropes. Ariabian press by Zayn. Zayn sends Reed back into the ring and tries a crossbody. Reed catches Zayn and crushes him with an Oklahoma stampede. Senton by Reed. After the break, Zayn leapfrog over Reed and lands a lariat. Reed responds with a uranage.
Zayn kicks out. Buckle bomb into a sitout powerbomb by Reed. Reed lands a diving shoulderblock off the apron. Reed sends Zayn back into the ring. Before Reed can get his barrings, Zayn hits the Helluva Kick out of nowhere. As Zayn pins Reed, Chad Gable appears out of nowhere and German suplexes Zayn out of the pin. The referee throws the match out.
No Contest
Gable traps Zayn in the ankle lock. When Gable finally lets go, Reed crushes Zayn with a Tsunami. Gable poses with the IC title. Reed destroys Gable with a DVD. Reed holds up the IC title.

2024 WWE Draft Round 3 (Night Two)
JBL and Ron Simmons are out to announce the next pics.
Raw Pick One Round Three: Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Dragon Lee, Zelina Vega, Cruz del Toro, and Jaquin Wilde (The LWO)
SmackDown Pick Two Round Three: Santos Escobar, Elektra Lopez, Angel, and Berto (Legado del Fantasma)
Raw Pick Three Round Three: Drew McIntyre
SmackDown Pick Four Round Three: Shinsuke Nakamura

Drew McIntyre walks out on the stage and complains about getting drafted in the third round. McIntyre says Punk fractured McIntyre’s elbow but he’s a real man, so he tapped it up and came to work today. CM Punk’s music hits. Punk doesn’t walk out on the stage. Punk appears in one of thesky boxes. McIntyre loses it. Punk says he isn’t home, he’s right here. Punk calls McIntyre a B*tch. McIntyre runs backstage.

Backstage, Gable yells at the rest of Alpha Academy. Gable tells them they better win the tag team titles tonight.

Maxxine Dupri w/Ivy Nile vs. Candice LeRae w/Indi Hartwell
Dupri is all over LeRae. After a flurry of offense, Dupri lands a reverse caterpiler. Durpi pulls down her straps and locks LeRae in an ankle lock. Hartwell attacks Nile at ringside to cause a distraction. LeRae escapes and lands the Wicked Step Mother for the win.
Winner- Candice LeRae

After the break, McIntyre find the suite Punk was in, but Punk is gone. McIntyre finds an autographed photo of Punk. As McIntyre seeths, Punk’s music hits. Punk makes his way to the ring as McIntyre looks on. Punk says he’s not going waste the crowd time like McIntyre, so he’s going to do this in less time than McIntyre’s last title reign. McIntyre looks on, stone faced. Punk says he has five minutes and forty-six seconds.
Punk says he’s happy he hurt McIntyre. McIntyre prayed for Punk to get injured and Punk did that to McIntyre. Punk says he’s not mad. McIntyre has given Punk purpose. The reason Punk was drafted before McIntyre is because he is the best at what he does. Loser hope things happen. Winners make it happen. When Punk is cleared, he promises McIntyre he’s going to make his life a living hell.

2024 WWE Draft Round 4 (Night Two)
Alundra Blayze and Teddy Long are here to announce the next picks.
Raw Pick One Round Four: Finn Bálor, JD McDonagh, and Dominik Mysterio (The Judgement Day)
SmackDown Pick Two Round Four: Naomi
Raw Pick Three Round Four: NXT’s Ilja Dragunov
SmackDown Pick Four Round Four: Chelsea Green and Piper Niven

Liv Morgan vs. Nia Jax
Jax tosses Morgan all over the ring. Morgan tries to fire up but gets cut off by Jax. Jax pulls Morgan to the corner for the Annhilator. Morgan gets to her feet and traps Jax in a tree of woe. Leaping knee strike by Morgan. Jax rolls out of the ring. Morgan tries a baseball slide and gets slammed. Tiffany Stratton is int he crowd watching the match. After the break, Jax tries her finish. Morgan counters and powerbomb Jax off the second rope. Jax kicks out. Naomi attacks Stratton in the crowd. Jax knocks Naomi off the apron. Morgan hits a codebreaker followed by Oblivion for the win.
Winner- Liv Morgan

2024 WWE Draft Round 5 (Night Two)
The Dudley Boys are out to make the next picks. They bring a table out on the stage with them.
Raw Pick One Round Five: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (The New Day)
SmackDown Pick Two Round Five: Pretty Deadly
Raw Pick Three Round Five: NXT’s Lyra Valkyria
SmackDown Pick Four Round Five: Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

World Tag Team Championship Match: Awesome Truth (c) vs. Alpha Academy
Truth and Miz hit their finish on Tozawa for the win.
Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions, Awesome Truth

2024 WWE Draft Round 6 (Night Two)
Raw GM Adam Pearce and SmackDown GM Nick Aldis are out for the next picks.
Raw Pick One Round Six: Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Akam, and Rezar (The Final Testament)
SmackDown Pick Two Round Six: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa (#DIY)
Raw Pick Three Round Six: Bronson Reed
SmackDown Pick Four Round Six: NXT’s Blair Davenport

Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade vs. the Judgement Day (Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, and JD McDonagh) w/Dominik Mysterio
Andrade and Ricochet clear the ring and lands stereo dives. Jey Uso lands a dive on the other side of the ring. After the break, Priest is working over Ricochet. Priest gets a nearfall after a broken arrow. Priest knocks Uso off the apron. The rest of The Judgement Day beatdown Ricochet while the referee holds back Andrade.
The Judgement Day takes turns working over Ricochet. Ricochet manages to tag in Uso. Uso clears the ring. Priest floors Uso with a lariat. Uso lands a superkick. Uso goes up top. McDonagh pushes Uso off the top. Priest yells at McDonagh for getting involved. Uso knocks Priest out of the ring. Uso Spears Bálor and hits the splash for the win.
Winners- Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade

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