WWE Backlash 2024

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WWE Backlash France results, May 4, 2024. Report by Stacy Smith for JJASportStudio.com

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens vs. The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga) w/Paul Heyman
Before the bell rings, all four men brawl. The fight spills out of the ring. Owens and Tonga trade punches into the crowd. Sikoa and Orton battle by the commentary desk. Referees and officials try to break up the brawl, to no avail. Owens drops a few of the security guards with the Stunner. SmackDown GM Nick Aldis walks down to the ring and yells for everyone to stop. Aldis says if they don’t want to follow the rules, that’s fine. Aldis makes this match a STREET FIGHT. The referee officially rings the bell.
Orton and Sikoa fight into the crowd as Owens and Tanga trade strikes at ringside. Owens and Tonga end up in the crowd as well. Owens hits Tonga with staging set up near the crowd. The crowd is going nuts for this match. Owens runs clear across the arena to attack Sikoa, who has taken over on Orton. Tonga attacks Owens from behind. Sikoa and Tonga beat down Owens. Orton charges in and clubs Sikoa. Owens sends Tonga flying over the barricade back to the ringside area. Sikoa gets sent over the barricade as well. Owens frog splashes Sikoa off the barricade.
Orton gets on the barricade and motions as if he is going to do a splash of his own. Orton chuckles as he hops off the barricade and lays in a boot to Tonga. Tonga gets to his feet. Orton suplexes Tonga on both commentary desks. Tonga gets to his feet and gets beaned by a trash can shot from Orton. Orton and Owens work over Tonga and Sikoa with kendo sticks. Owens puts Tonga through a table with a frog splash. Back in the ring, Sikoa Samoan drops Orton through a table. Sikoa avoids a Stunner from Owens and lands a lariat that turns Owens inside out.
Tonga unloads on Owens in the ring with rights, lefts, and headbutts. Sikoa and Tonga take turns working over Owens with a kendo stick. Running hip attack by Sikoa. Tonga repeatedly wacks Owens in the head with a trash can lid. Tonga grasps a trash can. Owens spears Tonga and lands a flurry of punches. Sikoa breaks it up from behind. Sikoa tries to send Owens through a table propped up in the corner. Owens reverses it and sends Sikoa through the table. Tonga floors Owens with a lariat.
Orton slithers in the ring as Tonga readies a charge. Tonga and Orton circle each other. Tonga misses a chair shot. Orton lands a series of strikes. Powerslam by Orton. Orton lands the dripping DDT Tonga. RKO by Orton. Sikoa breaks up Orton’s pin. Sikoa sets up a Samoan Spike on the commentary desk. Orton reverses it into an RKO on the table. Back in the ring, Owens works over Tonga with a chair.
Owens sets up a bunch of chairs in the ring in-between wacking Tonga with the chair. Owens goes up top. Tonga cuts him off. Tonga tries to superplex Owens onto the standing chairs. Owens counters and hits a fisherman’s buster onto the chairs. Owens tries to pin Tonga. Someone pulls the referee out of the ring. It’s Tama Tonga’s brother, Tanga Loa! Loa hits Orton with the ring steps. Owens looks up and gets hit in the face with the ring steps. Sikoa hits Spinning Solo on the chairs to Owens. Sikoa picks up Owens and lands a Samoan Spike for the win.
Winners- The Bloodline

WWE Woman’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton
Stratton nails Naomi with a stiff kick. Bayley sends Stratton flying with a hip toss. Stratton tries a hip toss on Naomi, but she puts on the brakes. Naomi ducks a dive from Stratton with a split. Stratton front flips over Naomi. Bayley, Stratton, and Naomi all trade kicks pin attempts. No one can manage a three count. Naomi and Bayley try to double-team Stratton, but Stratton fires back. Naomi nails Stratton and Bayley with dropkicks. Stratton lands a handspring elbow on Naomi.
Bayley tries a sunset flip on Naomi. Naomi puts on the brakes. Stratton double stomps Naomi and gets a near fall. Naomi rolls out of the ring. Stratton works over Bayley. Bayley fires up. Stratton surprises Bayley with a cartwheel Alabama slam. Naomi breaks up the pin. Naomi spears Stratton through the ropes. Stratton eats a few shots from Naomi before sending Naomi into the barricade. Stratton lands a handspring elbow while Naomi is on the barricade.
The crowd boos as Stratton jaws with the crowd. Bayley surprises Stratton with a suicide dive. Bayley tries to retrieve Naomi, but Naomi lands a head kick. Naomi blasts Bayley with a diving blockbuster off the barricade. Naomi hits the Heatseaker on Stratton, followed by a split-legged moonsault. Bayley breaks up the pin. Stratton eats a walking powerbomb by Naomi. Stratton kicks out, but Naomi traps her in the Superstar lock. Bayley breaks up the hold with a diving elbow off the top. Sunset bomb into the corner by Bayley to Naomi. Bayley tries the same move on Stratton, but Stratton blocks it and gets a two count.
Stratton gets to her feet and walks into a Bayley to Belly. Kick out by Stratton. Stratton lands a rolling senton and sets up her finish. Naomi pulls Stratton out of the ring. Stratton Cartwheel Alabama slams Naomi on the commentary desk. Bayley gets pulled out of the ring, and Stratton does the same to her. Stratton sets up Bayley and Naomi for a double Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Bayley and Naomi both roll out of the way. Stratton lands on her feet, charges in, and gets hit with a 3D (1D) by Naomi and Bayley! Naomi and Bayley trade pin attempts. Bayley reverses Naomi’s roll up with one of her own for the win.
Winner and STILL WWE Women’s Champion, Bayley!
After the match, Naomi hugs Bayley.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Damian Priest (c) vs. Jey Uso
Jey gets the crowd to yeet at Priest. Priest is instantly annoyed. Priest attacks. Jey avoids it and lays in a few strikes. Jey leapfrogs over Preist and yeets at him again. Priest charges in, and Jey sends him over the top. Jey dives off the apron but gets caught by Priest. Priest slams Jey into the apron. Priest works over Jey in the ring. Jey surprises Priest with a back suplex. Priest and Jey trade hands. Jey wins the exchange. Priest catches a kick from Jey. Jey spins into a head kick. Priest falls into the corner. Jey tries a running hip attack.
Priest counters with a backdrop to the apron. Jey lands another head kick, followed by a crossbody from the top. Priest kicks out and rolls out to the floor. Jey lands a dive. As Jey is getting back in the ring, JD McDonagh appears at ringside and crotches Jey on the middle rope. Priest spears Jey, then notices McDonagh at ringside. Priest yells at McDonagh that he told him to stay out of this. Jey superkicks McDonagh, then Priest. Jey lands the Uso Splash. Priest kicks out. Jey and Priest exchange strikes.
Both men are down. Priest lands the Razor’s Edge. Jey kicks out. Priest calls for his finish. Jey escapes and lands a Spear. Priest kicks out! Jey goes up top. Finn Bálor hops the barricade, but Jey superkicks him off the apron before he can get involved. Priest floors Jey with a lariat. South of Heaven by Priest. Jey kicks out! Priest yells at Jey to rise before landing a cyclone boot. 
Priest lands another kick. Jey surprises Priest with a flurry of superkicks. Spear by Jey. Jey lands another Uso Splash. McDonagh puts Priest’s foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count. Jey rolls out of the ring and superkicks Bálor and McDonagh. Jey goes up top. Priest cuts Jey off and hits South of Heaven off the top for the win.
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest!
After the match, Bálor and McDonagh attack Jey. Priest pulls them both away. Priest says Jey is done.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) (c) vs. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill
Asuka tries a shoulder block and bounces off of Belair. Belair tells Asuka to bring it. Asuka and Belair trade strikes. After a kick to the gut, Belair drops to one knee. Asuka hits the ropes and gets run over by Belair. Belair and Asuka trade pin attempts. Asuka locks Belair in an octopus. Belair slams Asuka to break the hold. Asuka drop toe holds Belair into the middle rope. Sane tries to get involved, but Belair knocks her off the apron. Belair suplexes Asuka and tags in Cargill.
Asuka tags in Sane. Sane tries a waistlock, but Cargill tosses Sane away. Sane tries spear, but it has no effect. Belair and Cargill nail Sane with the elevator drop. Belair works over Sane. Sane grabs Belair’s braid. Belair does a backflip and dropkicks Sane. Sane rolls out of the ring. Belair misses a dive but lands on her feet. Asuka kicks Belair in the head. Sane lands a dive off the top, flattening Belair. Sane and Asuka take turns beating down Belair. Belair manages to tag in Cargill.
Cargill springboards off the ropes and lands a double crossbody on Sane and Asuka. Cargill lands a spinebuster on Sane. Asuka breaks up the pin. Side slammed by Cargill. Sane and Asuka land a flurry of strikes on Cargill. Sane tries to pin Cargill, but she isn’t the legal woman. Asuka and Cargill trade kicks. Sane traps Cargil in an armbar. Asuka traps Belair in an armbar as well. Belair and Cargill both manage to lift and powerbomb Asuka and Sane to break both holds.
Belair and Cargill and a wheelbarrow/DDT combo. Sane kicks out. Asuka pulls Cargill off the apron and sends her into the ring steps. Belair misses a corner spear. Sane and Asuka hit their finish on Belair. Cargill breaks up the pin. Sane dives off the top for a rana, but Cargill catches her and hits Jaded. Asuka rolls into the ring. Belair KOD’s Asuka on top of Sane. Belair pins Asuka for the win!
Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill!

WWE Universal Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. AJ Styles
Rhodes and Styles lock up and trade headlocks and takedowns. Neither man can get an early advantage. After a stalemate, Rhodes slaps Styles in the face. Styles and Rhodes trade chops. Dropkick by Rhodes. Rhodes does the Stardust taunt in Styles’ face. Styles lands a dropkick of his own. Styles runs right into a high-angle back body drop from Rhodes. Delayed gourd buster by Rhodes. Styles sends Rhodes into the corner, shoulder first.
Styles focuses his assault on Rhodes’ injured shoulder. Rhodes sends Styles into the bottom rope. Rhodes tries a dive. Styles cut Rhodes off with an elbow strike. Styles sends Rhodes into the commentary desk. The crowd boos as Styles clears the French announce desk. Before Styles can powerbomb Rhodes, Rhodes drives Styles into the ring steps. Rhodes sets up a superplex. As Rhodes lifts Styles in the air, Styles rips Rhodes down to the mat, back first. Electric chair drop by Styles.
Styles tries a springboard moonsault. Rhodes gets his knees up. Rhodes lands a flurry of strikes, followed by a powerslam. Disaster kick by Rhodes. Styles kicks out. Ushigorshi by Styles. Rhodes kicks out. Bulldog by Rhodes. Styles rolls out to the apron. Rhodes sets up a suplex on the apron. Styles reverses it into a brainbuster on the apron. Styles tries a sliding knee on the apron.
Rhodes blocks it and powerbomb Styles through the commentary desk. After a strike exchange, both men are down. Rhodes and Styles both struggle to get to their feet. They lock eyes and tear into each other. Rhodes won the strike exchange with the Dusty Rhodes jabs and Bionic Elbow. Rhodes tries the Cody Cutter, but Styles blocks it. After another series of reversals, Styles suplexes Rhodes into the corner. Springboard 450 by Styles. Rhodes kicks out.
Styles lands a burning hammer. Rhodes kicks out at 1.9. Rhodes fires up. Styles lays in a few kicks, but they have no effect. Rhodes lands a kick of his own, followed by a Cody Cutter. Styles kicks out. Lariat by Rhodes. Rhodes calls for the Crossroads. Styles escapes and lands a Pelé kick. Styles tries the Phenomenal Forearm, but Rhodes counters with a superkick. Rhodes traps Styles in a kimura. Styles escapes. After both Rhodes and Styles attempt their finishes to no avail. Rhodes lands a super Cody Cutter. Rhodes hits Crossroads for the win.
Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion, Cody Rhodes!

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