WWE Raw 6th of May 2024

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WWE Raw results, May 6, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: The Judgement Day
World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, the entire country of France loved Jey Uso Saturday… but it didn’t matter. Priest told everyone to rise for the champion. Finn Bálor grimaces. Priest says he feels the need to address what happened at Backlash. Bálor apologizes to Priest again. Priest says he doesn’t want to talk about that, and he wants to apologize. He lost his cool after the match. Priest thanks Bálor and JD McDonagh. Priest hugs both men. Dominik Mysterio joins in. The crowd boos. Priest says Bálor is going to be the next King of the Ring.
Bálor says he’s getting a first-round bye since Drew McIntyre is hurt, and that’s the first step in the Prince becoming the King. Adam Pearce walks out on the stage and tells Bálor he must be confused. Bálor is having a King of the Ring qualifying match. Pearce tells Judgement Day to clear the ring because that match is happening right now, and Bálor’s opponent is “Main Event” Jey Uso!
King of the Ring First Round Match: Jey Uso vs. Finn Bálor
Jey and Bálor trade armbars and pin attempts. Bálor sends Jey into the corner and lands a flurry of punches. Jey turns it around and lays in a few punches. Jey leapfrogs over Bálor and lands a stiff right hand. Bálor rolls through Jey’s sunset flip and lands a double stomp. Bálor works over Jey. Jey sends Bálor out of the ring. Dive by Jey. Bálor sends Jey into the ring post, then the commentary desk. After the break, Bálor continues his assault. Jey fires up and lays in a few punches. Bálor sends Jey out to the apron. Head kick by Jey.
Jey lands a crossbody off the top. Bálor kicks out. Jey set up a hip attack. Bálor counters with a clothesline. The crowd boos while Bálor stomps Jey. Final cut by Jey. Jey kicks out. Jey counters the sling blade with a series of superkicks. Bálor goes down. Jey tries the Uso Splash, but Bálor moves out of the way. Jey rolls through and eats a Woo dropkick from Bálor. Bálor misses the double stomp. Jey lands a Spear. Bálor kicks out. Drew McIntyre appears and hops the barricade. Jey gets distracted. Bálor rolls up Jey for a near fall. Slingblade by Bálor. Jey surprises Bálor with a Spear for the win.
Winner- Jey Uso
McIntyre immediately rolls into the ring. Jey rolls out. McIntyre snarls at Jey as he smiles on his way up the ramp.
In the parking lot, Drew McIntyre yells at Adam Pearce for giving Jey Uso his spot. McIntyre drives off. CM Punk immediately pulls in. Punk sees Pearce and asks where McIntyre is. Pearce tells Punk he just missed McIntyre. Punk asks Pearce to tell the truck to play his music. He’s got something to say. Punk walks straight to the ring.

In-Ring Segment: CM Punk
Punk apologizes for being a little late. He was locked in the WWE offices for the last 48 hours. Punk realized where Raw was; he drove straight here to get into a fight with Drew McIntyre. Punk says what if he stays here long enough for McIntyre to come back. We all know McIntyre is sitting in traffic scrolling through Twitter. Punk asks the crowd to tweet McIntyre that Punk is here waiting for him. If McIntyre is a real man, he’ll come back and catch the beating he deserves.
Punk says he’s going to hold the show hostage and asks the crowd if he can tell them a story. The crowd says yes. Punk tells the story of tearing his triceps when McIntyre injured him at the Royal Rumble. All McIntyre did was delay Punk’s WrestleMania dreams. In Baseball, they would call Punk a five-tool player. McIntyre is just a tool. Punk says McIntyre claims to hate him, but all he does is talk about Punk. Does McIntyre hate Punk, or does McIntyre hate himself? The last time he saw McIntyre, he broke his elbow. The next time, Punk promises to break McIntyre’s face. McIntyre fears Punk.

Queen of the Ring First Round Match: Iyo Sky w/Damage CTRL vs. Natalya
Sky and Natalya trade submission attempts. Natalya sends Sky out to the apron. Before Sky can springboard, Natalya slides through Sky’s legs. Sky lands a kick and misses an Asai moonsault. Natalya tosses Sky into the ring apron. After sending Sky back into the ring, Natalya gets a two count. Sky stuns Natalya on the top rope and lands a springboard moonsault.
After the break, Natalya cuts Sky off as she goes up top. Superplex by Natalya. Sky kicks out! Sky rolls Natalya into a crossface. Natalya fights out of the hold. Roll through stomp by Sky. Sky crushes Natalya with a double stomp. Natalya kicks out. Natalya and Sky trade pin attempts. Sky tries a roll up. Natalya rolls through and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. After a series of reversals, Natalya tries to put Sky in the Sharpshooter. Sky kicks Natalya into the ring post. Running double knee strike by Sky. Sky lands the Over the Moonsault for the win.
Winner- Iyo Sky
After the match, Dakota Kai says she is subbing for an injured Asuka against the bird lady Lyra Valkyria tonight. Kai puts all of WWE on notice. They are coming for their gold.

King of the Ring First Round Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Ricochet
Dragunov and Ricochet trade strike attempts. Dragunov floors Ricochet with a chop. Ricochet kips up to his feet. Dragunov chops Ricochet back down. Flying knee strike by Ricochet. After the break, Dragunov lands a few Geman suplexes. Ricochet sends Dragunov out of the ring. Ricochet misses moonsault off the apron but lands on his feet. Dragunov German suplexes Ricochet out on the floor. Dragunov sends Ricochet back into the ring and lands a dropkick off the top.
Ricochet hops from the apron up top to send Dragunov flying with a rana. Dragunov rolls out of the ring. Ricochet lands a dive. Dragunov walks to the other side of the ring. Ricochet lands another dive. Dragunov gets to his feet. Ricochet lands a fosbury flop. After the break, Dragunov lands a senton off the top. Ricochet kicks out. Dragunov lights Ricochet up with machine gun chops. After a few face washes, Dragunov gears up for a running boot.
Ricochet responds with a superkick. After a strike exchange, Ricochet lands a rolling senton into a springboard moonsault. The Mad Dragon kicks out. Dragunov destroys Ricochet with a running knee. Ricochet escapes a powerbomb and lands a poisen ranna. Ricochet tries another springboard, but Dragunov lands a nasty European uppercut. Powerbomb by Dragunov. Dragunov calls for the Torpedo Masku. Ricochet counters with a Recoil. Ricochet goes up top. Dragunov cuts Ricochet off and lands a superplex. Dragunov lands the H-Bomb for the win.
Winner- Ilja Dragunov
After the match, Dragunov and Ricochet shake hands.

Queen of the Ring First Round Match: Ivy Nile vs. Zoey Stark
Stark drives Nile into the corner and lays in a few right hands. Nile sends Stark into the corner. Stark leapfrogs over Nile and lands a lariat. Nile runs over Stark with a shoulder tackle. After a series of reversals, Nile lands a delayed vertical suplex. Nile lands a few strikes. Stark pulls Nile into the top rope. Springboard dropkick by Stark. Stark tries to set up a German suplex off the top.
Nile fights Stark off and hits a bulldog off the top. Stark kicks out. Stark surprises Nile with a superkick. Running knee strike by Stark. Nile kick sout. Stark goes nuts and ground and pounds Nile. Stark goes up top. Nile cuts Stark off and attempts a superplex. Stark fights out of it. Stark slips through Nile’s legs and yanks her off the top rope. Nile’s face slams into the top rope. Half-nelson suplex by Stark. Stark destroys Nile with the Z360 for the win.
Winner- Zoey Stark

Backstage, Bron Breakker asks Adam Pearce why he isn’t in the King of the Ring. Pearce tells Breakker he knew Breakker would be looking for him. Pearce tells Breakker to come to his office.

Backstage, Dominik Mysterio brings Carlito into The Judgement Day’s locker room. Priest wants no part of Carlito since Carlito cost him his moment against Bad Bunny at WrestleMania. Carlito says he needs help with The LWO. If The Judgement Day scratches his back, he’ll scratch theirs.

Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable
Reed and Gable trade strikes. Reed lands a DVD. Gable kicks out. Reed misses a senton. Gable hits a deadlift German suplex for a near fall. Reed lands a senton. Reed goes up top. Gable cuts Reed off and hits a t-bone suplex off the top. Samu Zayn hops the barricade and attacks Gable, causing a disqualification.
No Contest
Zayn attacks Reed and sends him over the top with a clothesline. Gable sneaks up behind Zayn, and German suplexes him. Gable charges in and gets suplexed into the corner. Zayn tries the Helluva Kick, but Reed cuts him off and hits a uranage. Reed does the same to Gable. Reed walks backstage, and the camera follows him. Raw GM Adam Pearce is waiting backstage. Reed tells Pearce if he wants control, Pearce knows what he needs to do.

Michael Cole is in the ring for a sitdown with Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch.
In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch
Lynch joins Cole in the ring. Cole congratulates Lynch on her title win and asks Lynch to explain the outfit she wore to the Met Galla. Cole switches gears and asks Lynch who she is looking forward to facing after the draft. Lynch puts over the new NXT draftees. Of course, Lynch mentions that she wants to face Lyra Valkyria again. Liv Morgan interrupts. Morgan is upset because Lynch didn’t mention her. She is tired of being overlooked. Morgan lists all of her accomplishments. After all that, the fact that Morgan can’t get an ounce of respect from Lynch.
Morgan wants to know what happened to the title shot Lynch promised her. Lynch tells Morgan she can have her shot at the King and Queen of the Ring. Morgan says she has a purpose now. She is going to take everything from Rhea Ripley, including the title Lynch is carrying. Damage CTRL interrupts. Kai tells Morgan and Lynch they are going to show them who runs Raw. Lynch and Morgan go back-to-back as Damage CTRL surrounds the ring. Morgan rolls out of the ring, leaving Lynch by herself. Kai, Sky, and Sane attack Lynch as Morgan chuckles from the floor. Lyra Valkyria runs to the ring and makes the save.

Queen of the Ring First Round Match: Dakota Kai w/Damage CTRL vs. Lyra Valkyria w/Becky Lynch
Valkyria and Kai trade headlocks and takedowns. Valkyria tries a fisherman’s buster. Kai escapes. Valkyria goes up top. Kai yanks Valkyria’s foot, causing her head to slam into the top rope. After the break, Valkyria lands a crossbody off the top. Fisherman’s suplex by Valkyria. Kai kicks out. Kai works over Valkyria. Valkyria hits the Nightwing for the win.
Winner- Lyra Valkyria

King of the Ring First Round Match: Gunther w/Ludwig Kaiser vs. Sheamus
Sheamus and Gunther exchange chops. Gunther grabs a side headlock. Sheamus suplexes Gunther to break the hold. Sheamus and Gunther trade strikes. Big Boot by Gunther. Gunther tries to land his own version of the ten beats, but Sheamus counters and almost hits the ten beats himself. Gunther floors Sheamus with a lariat. Gunther tries a powerbomb on the apron. Sheamus reverses it into a back body drop. Diving shoulder block off the apron by Sheamus.
After the break, Gunther destroys Sheamus with a chop. Neck twist by Gunther. Gunther beats down Sheamus. Sheamus fires up and lands an Irish curse backbreaker. Sheamus picks up Gunther. Gunther slips off Sheamus’ shoulder and hits a lariat. Sheamus surprises Gunther with white noise. Powerslam by Sheamus. Sheamus lands the ten beats. Sheamus tries the Brogue Kick. Gunther avoids it.
Sheamus ends up tied up in the rope. While the referee is distracted, Kaiser ties Sheamus’ leg up in the ropes and lands a dropkick. Gunther beats on Sheamus’ leg as he’s trapped. The referee kicks Kaiser out of ringside. After the break, Gunther rips off Sheamus’ knee pad and continues his assault. Gunther sets up a powerbomb. Sheamus tries to lift Gunther, but his knee gives out. Sheamus surprises Gunther with a clothesline. Gunther escapes the Celtic Cross, but not Sheamus’ running knee. Sheamus injures his knee further in the process. Sheamus tries the Brogue Kick, but his knee gives out. Powerbomb by Gunther. Sheamus kicks out.
Gunther transitions into a single-leg crab. Sheamus gets to the ropes. Gunther goes up top. Sheamus cuts Gunther off and hits a Celtic Cross. Kick out by Gunther. German suplex by Gunther. Sheamus pops up and tells Gunther to come on. Gunther runs into a knee strike by Sheamus. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick. Gunther kicks out! Gunther locks Sheamus in another single-leg crab. Sheamus tries to get to the ropes. Gunther pulls Sheamus back to the middle of the ring. Sheamus taps out!
Winner- Gunther

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