WWE NXT 7th of May 2024

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WWE NXT Results, May 7, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Wes Lee vs. Josh Briggs
Briggs tries to toss Lee across the ring, but Lee does a flip and lands on his feet. Briggs and Lee trade pin attempts. After a series of reversals, Lee lands a jawbreaker followed by a dropkick. Briggs rolls out of the ring. Lee and Briggs trade shots. Briggs sends Lee into the apron. Lee surprises Briggs with a rana. Briggs falls out of the ring. Lee dives off the apron but gets caught. Briggs tries to drive Lee into the ring post. Lee escapes and sends Briggs into the ring post.
Head Scissors by Lee. Lee sends Briggs back into the ring and attempts the Cardiac Kick. Briggs reverses it into a backbreaker. Ivar walks down to the ring to watch the match. Briggs works over Lee’s back. After the break, Briggs continues his assault on Lee’s previously injured back. Ivar has joined the commentary desk. Lee sends Briggs out of the ring. Briggs lands near Ivar. Lee dropkicks Briggs into Ivar. Lee sends Briggs back into the ring and lands the Final Flash for the win.
Winner- Wes Lee
After the match, Ivar and Briggs brawl. Lee takes both men out with a dive. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi looks on from the bird’s nest, laughing.

Shayna Baszler w/Lola Vice vs. Carmen Petrovic w/Natalya
Petrovic tries a kick. Baszler ducks. Baszler retreats out of the ring. Petrovic follows. Baszler traps Petrovic’s arm in the metal post under the ring. Baszler kicks Petrovic’s arm. Baszler works over Petrovic’s injured limb. Petrovic fires up and lands a few kicks. Baszler traps Petrovic in the Kirifuda Clutch. Petrovic taps out.
Winner- Shayna Baszler

Backstage, Kelani Jordan gets into it with Fallon Henley because Jordan doesn’t like Henley’s new attitude.

No Quarter Catch Crew vs. Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe
Dempsey and Borne are going to wrestle for the NQCC. The match doesn’t start because there is no referee. Apparently, the referee for this match is… unavailable. Luca Crusinfino is standing next to ring announcer Alicia Taylor. Taylor announces the referee for this match will be Stacks. Stacks walks out on the stage with the rest of the D’Angelo Family. After Stacks tries to fast count Borne, Borne gets in Stacks’ face. Stacks pushes Borne into a roll up from Dupont. Stacks fast counts Borne.
Winners- Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

Michin vs. Arianna Grace
Grace screams at Michin and wags her finger at her. Michin grabs Grace’s finger and bends it. Grace drops to her knees. Dropkick by Michin. Grace drives Michin into the corner. Takeover by Grace. Grace lands a suplex followed by an elbow drop. Michin kicks out. Grace traps Michin in a modified armbar. Michin turns it into a powerbomb to break the hold.
Michin sends Grace flying with a series of dropkicks. Running boot in the corner by Michin. Grace back body drops Michin out to the apron. Michin tries a sunset flip. Grace sits out and grabs the ropes during her pin. The referee sees it and breaks the count. Grace argues with the referee. Michin lands her finish for the win.
Winner- Michin

Backstage, Ridge Holland talks with Thea Hail, encouraging her. The rest of Chase U walks in, and Hail remarks how easy Holland is to take to Lexis. King walks in and calls Holland a loser. Duke Hudson steps in and gets in King’s face.

Supernova Sessions
Noam Dar is in the ring with the rest of Meta-Four. Dar introduces their guest tonight, NXT Champion Trick Williams. Dar throws to a video showing Williams’ highlights. Williams says he isn’t hearing for the games; he wants to know what’s in the envelope. Legend says its finally time to reveal the truth. The crowd chants, “he’s the daddy.” Legend shows a photo of Williams pinning Dar with his foot under the rope.
Dar says Williams owes all his momentum to a Dar and a victory that is tainted. Mensa tells Williams he isn’t a real champion. Williams threatens to smack Mensa back to the motherland. Williams quips that Legend has him out here like they are on the Maury Show. He isn’t the daddy. Williams asks Legend if she is going to tell them or if he should. Legend slips up and calls Williams baby. The crowd goes nuts.
The rest of Meta-Four are disgusted. Williams asks if Legend wants to tell them that she calls him Trick Willy Wonka? Legend says she isn’t doing this and tries to leave. Williams stops her and says this is about them. Dar destroys Williams with a spinning back fist. Dar stares a hole through Legend as he poses with the NXT Championship.

Fallon Henley vs. Kelani Jordan
Jordan lands a flurry of offense. Henley trips Jordan into the corner and works over her. After the break, Henley continues her assault. Henley inadvertently pulls off the turnbuckle cover and launches Jordan into the exposed metal turnbuckle. Running knee by Henley. Henley pins Jordan.
Winner- Fallon Henley

Duke Hudson w/Chase U vs. Lexis King
During the match, Ridge Holland runs down to the ring with a chair. The chair ends up in the ring. The referee and Hudson get distracted. King destroys Hudson with a superkick. King hits the Coronation for the win.
Winner- Lexis King

Backstage, Holland apologizes to Hudson for costing him the match. Hudson tells Holland not to worry about it. Riley Osborn reminds Holland that he still cost Hudson the match, and a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Chelsea Green
Perez and Green trade armbars and pin attempts. Neither woman can keep the other down. After a tackle/dropdown spot, Green slips through Perez’s legs and trips her from out on the floor. After the break, both women are down. Green lands a clothesline, followed by a flurry of elbows in the corner. Sliding flatliner by Green. Perez kicks out.
Green and Perez trade reversals Perez floors Green with a right hand. Running dropkick by Perez. Green goes up top. Perez cuts Green off and hits a rana. Green kicks out. Green sends Perez into the turnbuckle and lands a missile dropkick. Perez kicks out. Green and Perez trade shots. Perez hits Pop Rocks for the win.
Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez!


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