TNA Impact 9th of May 2024

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TNA iMPACT rsults – May 9, 2024

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a recap of last week’s Under Siege pay-per-view.

The System comes to the ring for a championship celebration. Brian Myers says to feast your eyes on the greatest faction in TNA Wrestling history and points out that every member of The System is a champion. Myers says no one should be surprised by that, as they’ve all been winning titles their entire careers. Myers says The System runs on gold, and they are an absolute dynasty.
Moose says he’s played on a lot of great teams, but The System is the greatest team of all time. Moose puts them over the 1996 Chicago Bulls and says if you don’t believe him to ask Nic Nemeth and Broken Matt Hardy.
Eddie Edwards says their accomplishments speak for themselves and then puts over his wife for winning her first championship in TNA. Edwards says you’re looking at the greatest TNA Knockout of all time. Alisha says she wants to put a little more flare on the celebration and reveals a video package she made for The System.
Broken Matt Hardy interrupts the video package and makes his way to the ring. Hardy congratulates The System for winning the battle at Under Siege, but the war is far from over. Hardy says nothing is going to stop him from procuring the TNA Championship. The Broken One says after Under Siege he understands The System a little bit better and knows now what he must do to render The system Obsolete.
Hardy says this isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning. Hardy says he would love to see Moose’s Super Bowl ring. Alisha says no one can understand what he’s saying because of his accent. Hardy calls her a witch and tells her to shut up before she gets on Queen Rebecca’s radar. Moose reminds Hardy there are four of them and only one of him.
Hardy says he doesn’t like their odds and attacks them with a steel chair. Eventually, the numbers game catches up to Matt Hardy, and he gets beat down. Moose puts the chair on Hardy’s head and intends to take him out like they did Nic Nemeth. Luckily for Hardy, Ryan Nemeth makes the save with a kendo stick, and he and Hardy clear the ring.

A video package plays recapping the X-Division Championship match between Mustafa Ali and Ace Austin at Under Siege. ABC are backstage. Chris Bey and Ace Austin say tonight’s tag match isn’t going to come between them. Ace Austin says if someone had his back at Under Siege he would be X-Division Champion right now teasing dissention with Chris Bey after all.

Santino Marella is backstage and gets screamed at by The System telling him to do something about Matt Hardy and Ryan Nemeth. Marella says he’s about to make an announcement that will allow The System to get some revenge, so stay tuned, and he walks away, leaving The System furious.

Top Cla$$ defeated FBI (w/ Little Guido)
Rich Swann hits a Frog Splash on Ray Jaz to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Santino Marella is backstage trying to get things done on the phone but is confronted by Jake Something and The Rascalz. Marella makes a tag team match between The Rascalz and Jake Something with a partner of his choosing. Cody Deaner quickly arrives and accepts the spot, and the match is official.

Alan Angels hosts the latest episode of Sound Check with Kon and Steph De Lander. Angels says they’re the best guests he could ask for. Angels says the two are dating, and De Lander corrects him. De Lander says if he wants to have a talk show, he better check his facts. Kon gets annoyed with the whole ordeal and tries to walk away. Angels tries to stop him, and he and his security get attacked. Eventually, Kon and De Lander leave.

The Rascalz defeated Jake Something and Cody Deaner in an Albany Tornado Tag Team Match
The Rascalz hit a double-team combo of moves on Cody Deaner to score the pinfall victory.
After the match, Steve Maclin comes out and attacks both of The Rascalz from behind at ringside. Maclin throws Miguel into the steel post and then hits Wentz with the KIA on the entrance ramp. Maclin returns backstage and Gia Miller asks him why he just did that.
Steve Maclin says The Rascalz walked out on him twice, so he took them out twice. Maclin reveals that he was the one who took out Trey Miguel at Under Siege. Frankie Kazarian confronts Maclin and says his lack of focus is why they lost at Under Siege. Maclin says Kazarian’s issue with Eric Young isn’t his problem. Kazarian responds by telling Maclin he’s on his own when it comes to Mike Santana.

Part one of a sitdown interview between Mike Santana and Tom Hannifan airs. It touches on his previous run with the company as a member of LAX and the death of his father at the beginning of 2020.

Gabby LaSpica is in the ring to interview Ash by Elegance. Gabby teases Ash for her name and wants to see her birth certificate and wants to know why she calls herself Elegance. Ash says it’s a lifestyle brand. Gabby says she doesn’t know what that means because she’s never heard of it. Ash says this is the most classless interview she’s ever done and she’s going to leave. Gabby apologizes and pivots by playing the video of Ash attacking Havoc following their match at Under Siege.
Gabby questions if Ash is so angry because of her loss to Xia Brookside on TNA iMPACT a couple of weeks ago. Ash says that’s why she’s upset, but it’s not because she lost; it was because the referee stole her jewelry. Gabby says she spoke to TNA management, and she’ll have the opportunity to get her jewelry back if she can beat Xia Brookside in a rubber match.
Xia Brookside comes out and says they can have the rematch next week for the rings. Ash accepts, and the match is official.

Footage airs of some of Joe Hendry’s recent media appearances, during which he talks about his entrance theme song, which is charting multiple music charts around the world.

Santino Marella makes his big announcement. There will be a Champions Challenge next week on TNA iMPACT, where the champions face off against their respective challengers in a big tag team match.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Will Ferrera
Jonathan Gresham locks Will Ferrera in the Mandible Claw to score the win via pinfall.

A weird vignette airs showing Gail Kim showing up at the Lotus Wellness Retreat to find Gisele Shaw. Kim tells Shaw they need to talk. You can check out the vignette for yourself in the embedded video below.

TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali joins the commentary team for tonight’s main event.

Speedball Mountain defeated ABC

Mike Bailey hits the Ultima Weapon on Ace Austin to secure the pinfall victory for his team.
Trent Seven will now face Speedball Mike Bailey in the future for the right to challenge Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Championship.


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