TNA Impact 16th of May 2024

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TNA iMPACT results – May 16, 2024

Tonight’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a video recap covering what went down last week.

Ash By Elegance (w/ her “Personal Concierge”) defeated Xia Brookside
Ash By Elegance hits Xia Brookside with the Swanton Bomb to score the pinfall victory.
The referee tries to hand Ash By Elegance her bejeweled knuckles but Ash and her Personal Concierge demand that the referee hand them to Xia Brookside and make her hand them over. Brookside puts on the bejeweled knuckles and knocks Ash out before throwing them on top of her and leaving.

A video package plays for Rosemary, which teases what might be next for her in the company.

KUSHIDA is backstage in his locker room. Santino Marella comes in and asks him if he’s feeling okay after his match with Johnathan Gresham. Kushida says he was feeling sick, but he feels better now. Marella says after his last interaction with Gresham he was sick for a week. Marella asks KUSHIDA if he’s going to be okay for his match on Xplosion tomorrow, and KUSHIDA says it won’t be a problem.

Leon Slater defeated Alan Angels
Leon Slater hits Alan Angels with a Swanton 450 to score the pinfall victory.
Following the match, Kon comes out and snaps Angels’ neck, but before he can do more damage, Slater saves him. Kon is furious at ringside and snaps one of the security member’s neck as well.

Gabby LaSpisa is on the stage and brings out Jake Something. Gabby asks Jake what his last name means. Jake says his last name was a response to people who used to say he wouldn’t be anything, but now he’s something. Jake gets upset with Gabby’s words and suggests she’s trying to mock him over his name just because he’s lost a few matches. He throws Cody Deaner under the bus.
Cody Deaner comes out and says he sees that he’s getting angry, but he shouldn’t be angry with these people. Deaner reminds people that they are cousins, and he’s angry with the people from his past who told him he wouldn’t amount to anything as he’s proven them wrong, and he’s turned into something.
Deaner says the people are with Jake Something, and so is he. Jake Something throws Violent by Design in Deaner’s face. Deaner apologizes and says he was heading down a dark path for many years and he’s concerned that Jake might go down that same path. Deaner says Jake will always be family and will always be a Deaner.
Jake Something says the hell he will and lays Deaner out with a lariat as the crowd boos.

Trent Seven and Speedball Mike Bailey are backstage. They will face each other next week to determine the next number-one contender for Mustafa Ali’s X-Division Championship. Mike Bailey says they’ve been clear about their team and what they want to do in pro wrestling. Trent Seven agrees and says their team faces a crossroads next week. Bailey says may the best man win.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Steve Maclin
The Rascalz get involved and use spray paint on Maclin’s face. Kazarian hits Maclin with Fade to Black to score the pinfall victory.

Another vignette airs following up last week’s one between Gail Kim and Gisele Shaw. Kim gives Shaw a pep talk and manages to convince Shaw to come with her and return home with her to TNA Wrestling.

Part two of Tom Hannifan’s interview with Mike Santana airs. Santana makes the startling revelation of how his daughter managed to change his life for the better and get himself back on the right path. Santana also covers what led to his return to TNA at Rebellion. You can check out part two of this sit-down interview in the embedded video below.

First Cla$$ arrives in their VIP Box to scout the Champions Challenge main event. AJ Francis says they are there to take in the main event because time is money and it’s time that they checked out the competition for some TNA Championships. Rich Swann says it doesn’t matter what championship it is; First Cla$$ is scouting for some gold and that the more gold they have, the more money they have.
Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Sami Callihan, Ryan Nemeth, Steph De Lander, and Spitfire defeated Moose, Mustafa Ali, Eddie Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Masha Slamovich, Laredo Kid, Alisha Edwards, and Masha Slamovich in a Champions Challenge match
Mustafa Ali walks out on his team after being frustrated that no one would tag him into the match. Joe Hendry hits Brian Myers with The Standing Ovation to score the pinfall victory for his team.
As the winning team celebrates, PCO comes to the ring and presents Steph De Lander with a black rose out of his black bag as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.


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