WWE NXT 21th of May 2024

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WWE NXT results May 21, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

NXT North American Women’s Championship Quailifer Match: Thea Hail w/Chase U vs. Fallon Henley
Hail and Henley trade strikes. Hail takes over and lands a suplex. Henley rolls out of the ring. Hail lands a dive. Henley and Hail trade strikes. Henley grabs a chair. Ridge Holland grabs the chair form Henley. The referee see it and ejects Holland and the rest of Chase U from ringside. After the break, Hail fires up. Henley goes up top. Hail cuts her off and tries a a superplex. Henley counters into a flip suplex. Hail reverses that into a Kimura. Henley leaps out of the ring. Hail holds on. Henley drives Hail into the barricade to break the hold. Henley lands a shinning wizard for the win.
Winner- Fallon Henley
After the match, Jaxmin Nyx attacks Hail.

Backstage, Joe Coffey says Gallus took out the field for the NXT North American Championship. Coffey is coming for the champion, Oba Femi.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Nathan Frazer and Axiom (c) vs. The D’Angelo Family (Stacks and Luka Crusifino)
Stacks and Crusifino are in control, working over Frazer. Frazer surprises Crusifino with a floatover DDT. Axiom gets the tag and clears the ring. German suplex by Axiom. Stacks kicks out. Stacks and Crusifino hit Badabing on Frazer. Axiom breaks up the pin with a superkick. Frazer lands a complete shot in the corner and goes up top. Stacks lands a superplex. The No Quarter Catch Crew jumps the barricade and attack Tony D’Angelo at ringside. In the confusion, Frazer rolls up Stacks for the win.
Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Nathan Frazer and Axiom!
After the match, Gallows and Anderson attack Axiom and Frazer.

Backstage, Lexis King annoys Mr. Stone. NXT GM walks in and tells King he has a match tonight and he’ll find out who it is when he gets to the ring. Stone says he wants King tonight. Ava says that didn’t go so well last time. She has the perfect opponet in mind for him tonight

NXT North American Champion Oba Femi is at the commentary desk for the next match.
NXT North American Championship Number One Contender’s Match: Wes Lee vs. Josh Briggs vs. Joe Coffey w/Gallus
Everyone trades strikes. Briggs hip tosses Lee into Coffey. Briggs picks up Lee. Coffey dropkicks Lee, sending him into a fallaway slam. Lee surprises Coffey with a rana. Coffey falls out of the ring. Lee lands a dive. After the break, Gallus attacks Briggs. Briggs is sent back into the ring. Coffey catches Lee with a headbutt mid-dive. Coffey pins Briggs, but Lee is lands on Briggs, so the referee counts the three with Briggs double covered.
Winners- Wes Lee and Joe Coffey

NXT North American Championship Quailifer: Brinley Reece vs. Jaida Parker w/OTM
Reece lands a flurry of offense. Reece dives off the top into a kick from Parker. Slingshot hip attack by Parker. Parker works over Reece. Reece fires up and lands a few strikes and body slam. Front cartwheel clothesline by Reece. Parker kicks out. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade walk to ringside. Parker counters a suplex and hits her teardrop hip attack for the win.
Winner- Jaida Parker

Lexis King vs. Dante Chen w/Mr. Stone
King is all over Chen. Chen fires up and lands a dropkick followed by a back body drop. King dropkicks Chen out of the air as he tries a dive. King lands a running knee to the back of Chen’s head. Stone hops on the apron. King jaws at Stone and sets up his finish. Chen reverses it into a small package for the win.
Winner- Dante Chen

In-Ring Segment: NXT Champion Trick Williams
Williams wants to get right to business. Williams says he didn’t attack Noam Dar backstage. He doesn’t attack from behind. Jakara Jackson, Oro Mensah, and Lash Legend inturupt. Legend tries to defend Williams. Gallus’ music hits. Joe Coffey walks out on the stage. Coffey says they are probably wondering why a guy who just won a shot at the NXT North American Championship is out here right now. Well, Williams is about to find out. Wolfgang and MArk Coffey hop the barricade and attack Williams. JaVon Evans hits the ring and tries to make the save. Evans is quickly taken out. Gallus stands tall.

Natalya and Carmen Petrovic vs. Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler
Baszler and Natalya traded submission attempts. Vice lands a cheap shot to Natalya while the referee is distracts. Baszler follows that with a running knee. Vice and Baszler take turns beating down Natalya. Natalya tags in Petrovic, who clears the ring. After a basement blockbuster Petrovic gets a near fall. After the break, Natalya and Petrovic blast Vice with the Hart Attack for the win.
Winners- Natalya and Carmen Petrovic

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