WWE NXT 4th of June 2024

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WWE NXT results, June 4, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner
During Turner’s entrance, NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez’s music hits. Perez makes her way to the commentary desk to watch the match. Grace takes Turner down. Turner counters with a head scissors. Grace kicks out. Turner slaps Grace. Grace slaps Turner.
Grace misses a splash in the corner. Turner slams Grace’s head into the turnbuckle. Turner works over Grace. Grace fires up and lands a few slams. Vader Bomb by Grace. Grace stares a hole through Perez at the commentary desk as she hits the Juggernaught Driver on Turner for the win.
Winner- Jordynne Grace
After the match, Perez gets in the ring. Perez pushes Grace. Grace doesn’t budge. Grace pushes Perez. Perez flies halfway across the ring. Perez charges at Grace. Grace almost hits a powerslam, but Perez escapes and rolls out of the ring.

In the parking lot, NXT Champion Trick Williams tells Lash Legend that he will take care of “All Ego” Ethan Page tonight. Legend tells Williams that whatever is happening between them is over. She has to walk away now to focus on winning the NXT Women’s North American Championship. Williams says he understands and wishes her luck.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Summit
Booker T is in the ring with all of the North American Championship Ladder Match competitors. Michin, Fallon Henley, Sol Ruca, Jaida Parker, Lash Legend, and Kelani Jordan. Everyone argues about who will be the first champion. Parker makes a crack about Legend being too focused on “Big” Trick Willie. Legend gets in Parker’s face. Everyone brawls. Mr. Stone walks out on the ramp and tells everyone in the ring that NXT GM Ava gave him permission to make the following announcement: If the women in the ring can’t wait until Battleground, they can face off tonight in a six-women tag team match.

Backstage, Charlie Dempsey confused Borne and Kemp because he was still doing a bad Soprano impression. Dempsey is convinced the missing piece for the No Quarter Catch Crew is being more like Tony D’Angelo.

Backstage, Andre Chase tells Thea Hail the Duke and Riley aren’t coming out for her match tonight.

Thea Hail w/Andre Chase and Ridge Holland vs. Jazmyn Nyx
Hail lands a flurry of offense, focusing on Nyx’s arm. Nyx fires back and slams Hail’s arm into the mat. Hail fires up and lands a running neckbreaker. World’s littlest slam by Hail. Hail notices Duke and Riley and gets distracted. Hail locks Nyx in the Kimura. Nyx backs the referee into the corner while she’s trapped in the hold. The referee is forced to count to five for a break since they are all trapped in the ropes. Hail breaks the hold. Nyx destroys Hail with a Pelé Kick for the win.
Winner- Jazmyn Nyx

Josh Briggs vs. Shawn Spears
Briggs never comes out for his entrance. The camera goes backstage and Spears is standing over Briggs, screaming about Briggs showing him something. Je’Von Evans walks in. Spears turns around and tells Evans, “Don’t do it, kid.” Evans tells Spears to try that on him. Evans decks Spears. Both men brawl down to the ring. Referees try to separate them to no avail. Spears tries to Pedigree Evans on the commentary desk. Evans back body drops Spears on the desk. Spears rolls into the ring. Evans hits a springboard cutter clear across the ring.
No contest

NXT Heritage Cup Match: Tony D’Angelo w/ The D’Angelo Family vs. Damon Kemp w/NQCC
Round One
Kemp attempts several quick pins, but he can’t keep D’Angelo down. D’Angelo destroys Kemp with a running elbow strike. Kemp surprises D’Angelo with a suplex. D’Angelo hits Fugitaboutit for the pin.
D’Angelo 1/Kemp 0
Round Two
This round happened during the break. Kemp and D’Angelo had to be separated at the end of the round.
D’Angelo 1/Kemp 0
Round Three
As the round starts, Kemp and D’Angelo go back to trading punches. Kemp takes D’Angelo down and lands a series of splashes. Kemp waist locks D’Angelo and hits several German suplexes, each with a bridge. D’Angelo wont stay down for a three count. Kemp hits a DVD right as the bell rings to end the round. D’Angelo is out of it.
D’Angelo 1/Kemp 0
Round Four
D’Angelo looks out on his feet. Kemp charges in and eats a spinebuster by D’Angelo. D’Angelo pins Kemp.
D’Angelo 2/Kemp 0
Winner and STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champion Tony D’Angelo.

Izzi Dame vs. Natalya W/Karmen Petrovic
Dame runs over Natalya. Natalya tries a crucifix. Dame puts on the brakes and drives Natalya into the corner. Natalya counters a boot from Dame with a facebuster. The fight spills out of the ring. Dame pushes Natalya into the ring steps. Damne works over Natalya. Dame and Natalya trade pins. Natalya manages to hold down Dame for the three count.
Winner- Natalya

Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont vs…
During the break, Gallus attacked Igwe and Dupont.

In-Ring Segment: Gallus
Joe Coffey and the rest of Gallus complain about being treated unfairly. Joe thinks the entire WWE Universe doesn’t respect them because they didn’t come from Tik Tok, another sport, and they don’t shake their asses. Wolfgang says the NXT locker room is full of wee boys. Gallus are the only real men here. Since the North American Championship triple threat match is no DQ, all of Gallus will be there to ensure Joe leaves with the championship. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi interrupts. Wes Lee is out next. Gallus attacks Femi. Lee hits the ring and tries to make the save. Gallus takes out Lee as well.

Backstage, Dante Chen attacks Lexis King.

Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan, Fallon Henley vs. Jaida Parker, Michin, Sol Ruca
Ruca and Jordan flip around each other. Parker and Legend tag themselves in. Legend pucks up Jordan and places her on the apron. Parker and Legend trade shoulder block. Parker tags in Michin by slapping her on the back. Michin sends Legend flying with a rana. Big Boot by Michin. Henley cheapshots Michin, which allows Legend to destroy Michin with a right hand.
After the break, Parker catches Jordan in mid-air and hits a backbreaker. Parker lays Jordan on the middle rope and lands a springboard hip attack. Jazmin Nyx walks to the ring with Jacy Jayne, who is wearing a protective face mask. Ruca and Henley are legal. Parker and Michin get into a brawl. Henley decks her partner, Jordan. Legend boots Henley in the face. Ruca hits Legend with the Sol Snatcher out of nowhere for the win.
Winners- Jaida Parker, Michin, Sol Ruca

In-Ring Segment: NXT GM Ava
Ava says this isn’t how she likes to do business, but she would like Ethan Page to join her in the ring to sign his contract. Page joins Ava in the ring. Page drones on and on about how great he is and that this contract is going to piss off a lot of people in the back. Ava says sure, but she isn’t signing the contract. Ava refuses to agree to Page’s demands. The crowd chants for Trick Williams. NXT Champion Trick Williams’ music hits. Williams gets in the ring.
Page tosses the table in the ring to the floor. Page tells Williams he’s seen this movie before, and no one is getting put through a table tonight. Williams tells Ava to give Page whatever he wants, so the NXT Universe and Williams get what they want; for Williams to beat Page’s ass. Page signs the contract. Ava says she can’t agree to this contract. Page tells Williams that if Ava signs the contract, Page gets a title match, and he will end the Whoop Dat Era. Williams tells Ava to sign it. Ava does. But she doesn’t look happy about it.

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