AEW Rampage 7th of June 2024

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All Elite Wrestling is back again with another star-studded show with the June 7 episode of AEW Rampage.

Among other matches, Serena Deeb will take on Mina Shirakawa in a singles match, Penta El Zero Miedo will face off against The Butcher, and a Trios match between The Acclaimed and the Bang Bang Gang are planned.
The results are as follows:

Match 1: Penta El Zero Miedo defeats The Butcher via pinfall
In the opening match, Penta was promptly dropped to the ground by The Butcher with a big punch. However, he was able to recover enough to keep things going in a back-and-forth pace. Later in the match, he hit a big backstabber for a nearfall, and Butcher recovered to lock in a half nelson that looked to be enough for the win.
However, Penta slipped out of it, and eventually hit a Fear Factor on The Butcher to close out the win.

Match 2: The Acclaimed defeat Grey & Parviz via pinfall
Things ended almost immediately for Grey and Parviz, as The Acclaimed made super short work in their match. Things ended after Caster hit the Mic Drop for the pin and win, and the group then celebrated with a three-way scissor.

Match 3: Gates of Agony defeat Private Party via pinfall
Things got heated early in this one, with both teams going at it right from the start. Toward the end of the match, Marq Quen went up and hit a shooting star press, but Bishop Kaun jumped onto the pin to break things up. The Gates of Agony duo then quickly hit a huge dual powerbomb for the pin and win.

Match 4: Juice Robinson & The Gunns defeat Chris Wilde, Tyler Payne & Caleb Crush via pinfall
Robinson made incredibly short work of his local talent opponent. He handled this one all by himself, and hit his finisher to close out the win.

Match 5: Mina Shirakawa defeats Serena Deeb via pinfall
In the closing match of the night, Deeb looked to lock up an early victory against Shirakawa by trapping him in a paradise lock. However, Mina got out of it, and began a back-and-forth battle against Deeb afterward. Toward the end of the match, Deeb dropped Shirakawa with a chop block, but Mina was able to recover and then hit a finisher for the pin and win.

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