TNA Impact 13th of June 2024

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TNA iMPACT results – June 13, 2024

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a recap video of what took place last week.

Mike Santana defeated Zachary Wentz (w/ Trey Miguel)
Trey Miguel tries to interfere, but Steve Maclin comes out and stops him. Mike Santana hits Zachary Wentz with Spin the Block to score the pinfall victory.

TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali took part in a sitdown interview with Tom Hannifan earlier in the day. Ali says he wants to make the X-Division great again. Hannifan questions Ali about his cheating in multiple matches, and Ali tries to downplay it and talk about his undefeated streak. Ali says he wasn’t pinned last week in that tag match, so it doesn’t count.
When Hannifan implies that Ali is ducking Speedball Mike Bailey, Campaign Singh interrupts the interview, and things come to an abrupt end.

Marti Belle (w/ Allysin Kay) defeated Masha Slamovich
Marti Belle rolls up Masha Slamovich while she’s distracted by Allysin Kay to score the pinfall victory.

Xia Brookside and Steph De Lander are backstage. De Lander says she hasn’t spoken to PCO yet and says she’ll tell him how she feels tomorrow at Against All Odds. AJ Francis and Rich Swann walk by, and Francis steals the rose from De Lander. We then see PCO emerge out of the shadows and follow Francis and Swann.

AJ Francis and Rich Swann come out on the stage for an interview with Gia Miller. Francis responds to Swann helping him win the Digital Media Championship last week by stating that friends are supposed to have your back. Francis claims the rose is from a follow admirer backstage.
The lights go out and come back on and PCO is standing behind Francis and Swann. PCO attacks both men, and they are eventually separated by security. PC retrieves the rose to return to De Lander.

Dani Luna (w/ Jody Threat and Lars Fredericksen) defeated Tasha Steelz
Dani Luna hits Tasha Steelz with Luna Landing to score the pinfall victory.

Joe Hendry is backstage and says he knows if he intends to break through the glass ceiling, he needs to find someone to help him become the best in the world. Hendry brings in Ace Steel, who says he believes in Joe Hendry and will help make him a top guy in the industry. Frankie Kazarian comes in and mocks them both. Ace suggests Kazrian face Hendry at Against All Odds. Kazarian agrees.

The System arrives at the Hardy Compound and believes it is safer to enter from the back instead of through the front gates. Matt Hardy greets them and says he doesn’t know why they would come through the back as they would still be detected. Hardy says he wants to introduce them to his family, but Moose says he doesn’t care about any of them.
The System walks forward and sets up a trap of fireworks and explosives. Brian Myers goes into some kind of weird trance over a Matt Hardy action figure. Myers somehow arrives at Hardy’s arcade and gym and chases Maxell out of the room.
Myers goes into Hardy’s ring and gets speared by an Edge skeleton before being dived on by Maxell off the ladder.
Eddie Edwards is outside and turns into a werewolf and howls at the moon. Alisha Edwards is inside and encounters Rebecca and the Gothic Baby. Alisha says she just wants to find The System and get out of there, but Gothic Baby shoots black shreds of paper on her instead.
Moose is outside looking for Matt. One of Hardy’s kids says he’ll lead him to him but disappears. Moose finds Matt’s childhood home. Hardy attacks Moose and throws him in the chair of wheels.
Outside, Reby has Alisha trapped in a guillotine and seemingly chops her head off. Matt throws Moose into the lake of reincarnation. Moose comes out of it as an NFL player. Vanguard One distracts Moose and hits him with a Twist of Fate before all of The System is transported outside the gates. Moose says he’s going to kill Matt Hardy tomorrow at Against All Odds.

Ash by Elegance defeated Jada Stone
Rosemary watches the match from the top of the venue. Ash by Elegance hits Jada Stone with Rarified Air to score the pinfall victory.

We hear from Jonathan Gresham, who says Sami Callihan makes him laugh as he’s already beaten him once and doesn’t understand why he’d step into the ring with him again. Gresham says tomorrow it’s him against Callihan’s immune system.

Jordynne Grace makes it clear to everyone that her open challenge tomorrow at Against All Odds is for anyone from any company. Grace mentions just about every company with the exception of All Elite Wrestling.

Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth defeated ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin)
Nic Nemeth hits Chris Bey with Danger Zone to score the pinfall victory for his team.
The Nemeth brothers celebrate as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

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