WWE SmackDown 21st of June 2024

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WWE SmackDown results, June 21, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: CM Punk
The Chicago crowd applauds Punk as he makes his way to the ring. Punk puts over his hometown crowd and the pressure that comes with speaking and performing in front of them. Making promises to your hometown comes with pressure. Years ago, he made a promise to win the WWE Championship in front of all of Chicago, and anything could have happened. But he came through. Can you see where he is going with this? Punk was told that he was going to need extra security in Glasgow at Clash at the Castle.
Drew McIntyre kicked Punk while he was down for weeks. Punk had to handle this the Chicago way. If they send you to the hospital, you send them to the morgue. Now, he isn’t saying he’s going to kill a man, but he is saying he’s going to kill his career. Punk planned on burying McIntyre’s career, but he didn’t realize it would be this easy. Drew McIntyre quit. McIntyre couldn’t take the pressure. McIntyre said he prayed for Punk’s downfall, so Punk preyed on him.
Punk is interrupted by Paul Heyman. Heyman says he didn’t come out here to disrespect Punk. Heyman puts Punk over. Punk is Heyman’s best friend. He said it during the Hall of Fame, and he meant it. Heyman is here today on an urgent matter. Punk asks Heyman if he’s alright. Heyman gets in the ring and hugs Punk. Heyman says he needed that hug. On the way to the arena, the radio said that Chicago is CM Punk’s town. That pissed off Solo Sikoa. Heyman chokes as he refers to Sikoa as the Head of the Table.
Heyman notes that Punk isn’t cleared, and they will come for him if Punk doesn’t leave now. The extra security around the ring is for the Wyatts; they aren’t going to stop the Samoans. Heyman begs Punk to get the hell out of here right now. Punk asks Heyman if he’s serious. The Tongans and Sikoa are going to jump him? In Chicago? Solo Sikoa’s music hits. Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tanga Loa walk to the ring. Sikoa says if Punk wants to be in HIS city, he has to pay tribute. If Punk doesn’t, they will make sure Punk never gets cleared.
Punk asks Heyman what favor he wanted from him. Heyman asks Punk to take him with him. Punk says he acknowledges… that he has some fake a$$ Usos and a cosplay Tribal Chief in front of him. The Bloodline gets in the ring. WWE Champion Cody Rhodes hops the barricade carrying a few bats. Rhodes hands one to Punk. The Bloodline backs off. Rhodes grabs a mic and says Sikoa thinks himself the Head of the Table… well, Rhodes has already beaten one of those. Rhodes wants Sikoa in the ring tonight.

Backstage, Jade Cargill hypes Bianca Belair up for her MITB qualifier tonight. Cargill says she is going to talk to GM Nick Aldis about getting a rematch for their tag titles. Beialr says she’s in, but she has to focus on her match tonight. Cargill tells Belair she would wish her luck, but she knows Belair doesn’t need it.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green vs. Michin
Belair and Michin pinball Green with punches. Belair tries a superstar press. Green pulls Belair out of the ring. Belair accidentally decks Michin. Michin and Belair trade punches. Green takes them both out with a dive. After the break, Belair takes everyone over in a tower of doom.
After a series of reversals, Michin Blasts Belair with Eat’dFeat. Belair falls out of the ring. Green rolls up Michin for a near fall. After a series of reversals, Michin lands a Styles Clash on Green. Belair breaks up the pin. Belair German suplexes Michin. Belair hits the KOD. Green pushes Belair out of the ring. Green steals the pin.
Winner- Chelsea Green

The camera cuts to the parking lot, and Drew McIntyre is standing over a bloody CM Punk. McIntyre picks Punk up and carries him back into the arena. The crowd boos as McIntyre drops Punk’s lifeless body on the stage. McIntyre takes off a Punk’s bracelet and pockets it. SmackDown GM Nick Aldis and officials run out on the stage. Aldis pushes McIntyre. McIntyre pushes Aldis back. Aldis screams at McIntyre. McIntyre walks off as Punk is put on a backboard to be stretchered out of the arena.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Randy Orton vs. Tama Tonga
Hayes and Tonga beat down Orton. Tange pushes Hayes away. Hayes rolls up Tanga for a near fall. Tonga and Hayes push each other. Orton uppercuts both men. The fight spills out of the ring. Orton tries to suplex Tonga on the commentary desk, but Hayes breaks it up. Orton tries to suplex Hayes. Tonga breaks it up. Orton trades shots with both men. Orton suplexes Tonga on the desk. Hayes gets to his feet and gets suplexes on the desk as well. After the break, Hayes surprises Tonga with a head scissors into a facebuster.
Hayes tries a springboard, but Tanga reverses it into a backbreaker. Orton breaks up the pin. Powerslam by Orton. Hayes goes up top. Orton cuts him off and hits a superplex. Tonga breaks up the pin. Hayes lands the first 48 on Orton. Tonga hits his finish on Orton. Hayes tries to steal the pin. Orton ends up dropping both men with the Orton DDT. Orton calls for the RKO. Tanga Loa runs down to the ring. Orton decks Loa. Kevin Owens appears and attacks Loa. In the confusion, Hayes rolls up Orton for the win!
Winner- Carmelo Hayes

In-Ring Segment: LA Knight
Knight says he doesn’t want to waste any time, so he calls out United States Champion Logan Paul right here, right now. Nothing happens. Knight says not this again. Paul is ducking him. Time is running out. Next week Paul can’t run. If the only way Knight can get his hands on Paul is to beat him in an MITB qualifying match to do it, so be it. Santos Escobar inturupts.
Escobar tells Knight to overlook him. Knight says he isn’t looking at Escobar and he’s looking through Escobar. Escobar attacks Knight. Escboar sets up the Phantom Driver. Knight escapes and drops Escobar with a BFT. Logan Paul appears out of nowhere and attacks Knight from behind. Paul blasts Knight with a loaded right hand.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Andrade vs. Grayson Waller vs. Kevin Owens
As Owens makes his way down to the ring, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa attack Owens. Orton makes the save with a chair. Owens is limping but makes his way to the ring so the match can start. Andrade destroys Waller with a feint spinning back elbow. Waller kicks out at 2.9. A limping Owens floors Wallere with a clothesline. Everyone fights out on the apron. After the break, Waller DDTS Owens out on the floor. Waller tries the Rolling Thunder Stunner, but Andrade reverses it into The Message for the win.
Winner- Andrade

Backstage, Tiffany Stratton makes fun of Michin for losing her match tonight. Stratton says she has what it takes to win her MITB qualifying match next week. Michin dunks on Stratton for begging Nia Jax to be her partner. Stratton tries to slap Michin. Michin blocks it and sends Stratton to the shadow realm with a slap. Nia Jax appears out of nowhere and runs over Michin.

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Solo Sikoa w/Paul Heyman
Rhodes sends Sikoa out of the ring. Dive by Rhodes. Rhodes sends Sikoa into the ring steps on both sides of the ring. The Tongans hit the ring and attack Rhodes, causing a disqualification.
Winner- Cody Rhodes
As Orton and Co clear the ring. Sikoa cowers in the corner, he starts to laugh. Someone hops the barricade and attacks Orton, Rhodes, and Owens. It’s Jacob Fatu! Fatu Samoan drops Owens on the ring steps, then spears Orton through the barricade. Rhodes clotheslines Fatu over the top rope. Fatu suplexes Rhodes on the ring apron. Fatu puts Rhodes through the commentary desk with a splash off the top. Sikoa and Fatu put up the ones. Loa and Tonga cautiously do the same.

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