AEW Rampage 28th of June 2024

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All Elite Wrestling is back again with another star-studded show with the June 28 episode of AEW Rampage.

Among other matches, NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Gabe Kidd and Roderick Strong will face The Infantry (Carlie Bravo and Shawn Dean) on AEW Rampage. Shingo Takagi will also go up against Dalton Castle.
The results are as follows:

Match 1: Orange Cassidy defeats The Outrunners via pinfall
In a 2-on-1 match, Cassidy still proved to be too much for his opponents, even at the start. Before any wrestling began, all three man participated in what looked like a posing contest, before Cassidy quickly got the match started with with his signature “no hands” attacks. This led to The Outrunners hitting themselves a bunch, and Cassidy mostly just watching things unfold.
In the end, Cassidy split the group up and hit one member with a big splash outside of the ring, before getting back into the ring to end the match with a few Orange Punches.

Match 2: Gabe Kidd & Roderick Strong defeat The Infantry via pinfall
Kidd and Strong worked a big win here tonight in a match that did not see them in control for much of it. The Infantry looked to be working their way to an easy win tonight before things flipped late in the match.
After Roderick was able to trip Carlie Bravo while he was preparing for a move, Strong quickly hit a running knee strike on him. This let Kidd get back into the ring and then hit a big piledriver for the pin and win.

Match 3: El Phantasmo defeats AR Fox via pinfall
Phantasmo earned a spot in the TNT Championship Ladder Match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door with a big win tonight. In the match, Phantasmo won after hitting a Destroyer off the top rope onto Fox, then hitting his finisher for the pin. 

Backstage Segment: Deonna Purrazzo
Backstage, Purrazzo continued to talk trash about Hikaru Shida ahead of their Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament match at AEW Collision. She also had some words for Thunder Rosa, bragging about how she had beaten her before. 

Match 4: Shingo Takagi defeats Dalton Castle via pinfall
Takagi walked out with a win in a big way tonight, taking down Castle early and often throughout the match. In the end, he hit the Pumping Bomber and then the Made in Japan for the win. 

Backstage segment: Saraya and Harley Cameron
Saraya called Mariah May, Toni Storm, and Mina Shirakawa all losers, and then said that she plans on beating May in the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament. The pair then celebrated the promo with a toast. 

Match 5: Queen Aminata defeats Skye Blue via pinfall
The final match of the night saw Aminata win after a big back-and-forth affair. Late in the match, Aminata avoided Blue’s finisher and then hit her with a headbutt, which was all it took to drop Blue and let Aminata pin her for the win. 
After the match, she helped Blue up to her feet but Skye wasn’t having it, and kicked her down to the ground. She then locked in the dragon sleeper on Aminata, and Red Velvet came running out for the save, chasing Blue off. 

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