WWE Raw 1st of July 2024

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WWE Raw results July 1, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: “Main Event” Jey Uso
Jey Uso enters the arena through the crowd. Jey welcomes the crowd to the show and says Money in the Bank is Saturday, and one man is walking away with the contract. And his name is “Main Event” Jey Uso. Chad Gable interrupts. Gable puts himself over for surviving an attack from the Wyatts, his family leaving him, and the two monsters he had to pin to get in the MITB match. Gable pledges to become Master in the Bank. Both men argue over who should be afraid of the Wyatts. Jey tells Gable that The Alpha Academy did the same thing Jey did.
They got away from a manipulative… and before Jey could finish his thought, Gable decks him. Gable and Jey brawl. Jey superkicks Gable and goes up top. Gable rolls out of the ring. The lights in the arena go out, and a spotlight follows Gable as he sulks to the back. Gable runs into a silhouette adorned with light. Gable stumbles away and sees another. Then another. Gable walks through the crowd. Sister Abigail appears at ringside and hands Michael Cole a box.

Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston vs. Karrion Kross w/The Final Testament
Kross offers Woods a handshake. Woods lights Kross up with a chop instead. Kross forces Woods into the corner. Kross lands a flurry of strikes. Suplex by Kross. Kross works over Woods. Woods sends Kross over the top. Woods lands a dive. Kross counters a superkick from Woods with a powerbomb into the ring post. After the break, Woods and Kross trade chops.
Woods floors Kross with a roaring elbow. After a splash in the corner, Woods lays in a few punches. Kross turns out Woods’ lights with a surprise headbutt. Woods rolls out to the apron. Head kick by Woods. Woods tries the Limit Breaker, but Kross counters with a Kross Hammer. Woods surprises Kross with a small package for the win.
Winner- Xavier Woods
After the match, AoP attacks Kingston and Woods. Kingston sends Rezar over the top. Kingston sets up a dive. Kross intercepts Kingston with a nasty Kross Hammer. Akam and Rezar launch Woods into the barricade. Kross traps Kingston in a modified hammerlock. Kingston screams in pain as Kross refuses to release the hold.

Women’s World Championship Match: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Zelina Vega
Vega sends Morgan flying with a few hip tosses. Vega sends Morgan across the ring with a headlock takeover. Morgan ties Vega up in the ropes and wrenches Vega’s neck back. Vega goes up top. Morgan cuts Vega off. Vega slips out and lands a 619 on Morgan’s legs. Morgan hits the mat. Vega tries to go up top. Morgan pulls Vega into the ropes. Dominik Mysterio walks down to the ring. Vega surprises Morgan with another arm drag, followed by a bulldog. Rey Mysterio walks down to ringside to keep his eye on Dominik.
After the break, Morgan lands the three amigos. Morgan shimmies at Dominik. Morgan traps Vega in the Prism Lock. Vega gets to the ropes and lands a roll-through kick. Vega lands a moonsault. Morgan kicks out at 2.9. Vega sets up Code Red. Morgan reverses it into a Dudebuster. Vega reverses that into a pin. Morgan kicks out. Morgan and Vega fight up top. Vega hits the Code Red off the top. Morgan rolls out of the ring before Vega can pin her.
Vega tries to bring Morgan back into the ring, but Morgan pushes her into the apron. Morgan sends Vega back into the ring. Dominik and Mysterio get in each other’s faces. Morgan baseball slides Mysterio. In the confusion, Vega hits Morgan with a 619. Head Scissor DDT by Vega! Morgan kicks out. Dominik slides a chair into the ring. Vega hit Dominik with the chair. While Vega is distracted, Morgan surprises her with Oblivion for the win.
Winner and STILL Women’s World Champion, Liv Morgan!
After the match, Liv Morgan says her revenge tour is going according to plan. Morgan dedicates her victory to her daddy, Dominik.

In-Ring Segment: Seth “Freakin” Rollins
Rollins says he’s going to win the World Heavyweight Championship next week. Rollins puts Boston over as a City of Champions (which it is). The crowd goes nuts. Rollins says he can’t settle for second best. He NEEDS to win the championship. If he can’t get by World Champion Damian Priest, Rollins will need to reevaluate everything. Not only is he going to take the championship, Rollins is going to take Priest from The Judgement Day. Finn Bálor interrupts. Bálor says he should be happy, but he isn’t.
Everything is changing. Priest is changing, and Bálor blames Rollins. Rollins tells Bálor his problem isn’t with him; it’s with Priest. Damian Priest storms to the ring. Rollins says this is a trap. Priest says it isn’t because no one should be in his business. Priest gets in Bálor’s face. Rollins takes a swing at Priest. Bálor attacks from behind. Priest gets upset. and yells at Bálor. Rollins superkicks Priest and Bálor. Rollins Stomps Bálor. Priest drops Rollins with South of Heaven.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Ivy Nile vs. Dakota Kai vs. Zoey Stark
Nile takes control early. Kai surprises Nile with a boot in the corner. Kai turns around and walks right into a springboard dropkick from Stark. After the break, Nile takes Kai and Stark off the top with a double bulldog. Nile German suplexes Kai and Stark at the same time. Kai surprises Stark with the Khiropractor. Nile breaks up the pin. Kairi Sane runs down to ringside to help Kai. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn attack Sane at ringside. In the confusion, Stark blasts Kai with the Z360 for the win.
Winner- Zoey Stark

Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio
After a series of reversals, Dominik lands a dropkick. Dominik mockingly dusts his feet off on his father. Dominik tries a roll through. Mysterio stomps on Dominik’s face. Dominik rolls out of the ring. Mysterio dives off the apron and ends Dominik into the barricade with a rana. After the break, Dominik works over Mysterio. Mysterio drop toe holds Dominik into the turnbuckle. Mysterio slams Dominik’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.
Liv Morgan runs down to ringside. Mysterio gets distracted. Dominik rolls Mysterio into a modified single-leg crab. Mysterio gets to the ropes. Mysterio counters the three amigos and sets up a 619. Morgan pulls Dominik out of the ring. Mysterio dropkicks Dominik into Morgan. Dominik lands on top of Morgan.
Morgan locks her legs around Dominik, so he can’t get up. Mysterio tosses Dominik back into the ring. Zelina Vega attacks Morgan at ringside. Dominik lands a 619 and goes up top. Vega hops up on the apron. Morgan does the same. Vega pushes Morgan, causing her to shake the ropes. Dominik falls. Mysterio lands a 619, followed by a splash off the top for the win.
Winner- Rey Mysterio
After the match, Morgan begs Dominik to forgive her.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. Sheamus
McIntyre and Sheamus argue. Dragunov steps up. McIntyre pushes Dragunov. Dragunov kicks McIntyre in the face. Sheamus and Dragunov lock horns. Sheamus runs over Dragunov. Dragunov fires back with chops. Dragunov backs Sheamus into the corner and lands a flurry of boots. Sheamus lifts Dragunov and lands a backbreaker. McIntyre charges in and eats a backbreaker as well. Everyone brawls outside the ring. McIntyre tosses Sheamus over the barricade. Sheamus grabs McIntyre from beyond the barricade and lands the ten beats.
After the break, everyone trades shots. McIntyre eats a dropkick from Dragunov. Dragunov dives off the apron and surprises a prone Sheamus with an H-Bomb. Dragunov lands an H-Bomb on McIntyre. McIntyre kicks out. Sheamus pulls Dragunov out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. After the break, Dragunov takes Sheamus and McIntyre off the top with a German suplex. Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus eats the Constantine Special.
McIntyre counters the Torpedo Muskau with a Glasgow kiss. McIntyre calls for the Claymore. Dragunov counters with Torpedo Muskau. Sheamus breaks up the pin. Dragunov tries to go coast-to-coast. Sheamus meets him in the air with a bicycle knee strike. Brogue Kick by Sheamus. McIntyre pulls Dragunov out of the ring and tosses him into the crowd. McIntyre surprises Sheamus with a Claymore for the win.
Winner- Drew McIntyre
After the match, McIntyre promises to win the Men’s MITB match.

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