6 Debuts at AEW Forbidden Door 2024

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As has been the case with the previous two iterations of the Forbidden Door event, both AEW and NJPW have stacked the card with talent from both companies.

Although this year it’s not just two companies mixing it up, as Mexico’s CMLL are also well represented.
Several stars from NJPW and CMLL will be making their pay-per-view debuts at the event, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still room for more first-time appearances – specifically from some brand new AEW signees.
So, with that said let’s take a look at six potential shock debuts to take place at AEW Forbidden Door 2024.


After much speculation regarding his WWE future, we were all given a firm answer on June 27, when Dijak announced that he would be departing the company upon the expiry of his contract on June 28.
The decision has left many fans, and seemingly Dijak himself pretty baffled to say the least, but one thing is for certain, he’s not going to have any shortage of options once he enters free agency.
We don’t yet know whether there is concrete interest from AEW, and unsurprisingly Tony Khan didn’t give much away when asked about potential interest in Dijak at the Forbidden Door media scrum.
However, given Dijak’s talent and still untapped potential it’s difficult to imagine there not being interest from AEW.
With Dijak’s contract coming to its natural end there will be no pesky non-compete clauses to stand in Tony Khan and Dijak’s way, so a Forbidden Door appearance is a possibility.
It would certainly make for a shocking visual seeing Dijak rock up on AEW programming just two days after his WWE contract expires, but it sure would make for a buzz worthy moment.


Moving on to some friends of Dijak now, the former Maximum Male Models – Mase Madden & Mansoor, collectively known as MxM.
Since being released from WWE in September 2023, MxM have been doing pretty well for themselves on the independent scene – showing up in GCW, DPW and heck even Uganda Soft Ground Wrestling.
The guys have been getting around, and given how little of a chance they had towards the end of their WWE tenure it’s been nice to see. But it could soon get much better yet for MxM.
Madden and Mansoor have reportedly been in talks with AEW already, and Mansoor was even spotted backstage at a recent Dynamite taping, so perhaps we see their big debut in Long Island, NY at Forbidden Door.


Another team who have had plenty links with AEW recently is legendary Detroit outfit the Motor City Machine Guns.
Both Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley recently called time on their most recent run in TNA Wrestling – a run that showed more than anything that the two veterans still have so much left in the tank.
Not long before departing Shelley and Sabin held the two top male championships in the entire company, so whether it’s as singles stars or as a team they could contribute a lot to AEW.
Of all the options on this list, there are none that make more sense to debut at Forbidden Door specifically than Sabin & Shelley given their history competing in NJPW, so this one could well happen.


From one debut that would make too much sense, to another that would arguably make no sense depending on who you ask.
When Conrad Thompson first claimed to have heard of Shane McMahon’s interest in potentially joining AEW, most fans would have laughed it off. Despite that however, it’s hard to say for sure that it won’t happen.
Khan recently said that he’d welcome Shane to AEW, so if he actually was serious about it we could potentially see it. In terms of debuts that would make the most amount of noise at Forbidden Door, this one would surely be top.
A McMahon in AEW, I guess it doesn’t get more Forbidden than that…


As of right now, based on reports Becky Lynch is a free agent and technically could leave and start afresh outside WWE if she so pleased.
Now, admittedly despite Lynch not signing a new deal with WWE as of yet, this does seem massively unlikely for many reasons. Obviously number one is her husband Seth Rollins recently committing his future to WWE.
Secondly, despite reportedly not being a WWE employee for almost a month now, Lynch is still on the active roster page on WWE’s website. AND lastly, Triple H recently noted that Lynch was on a “hiatus” on The Pat McAfee Show.
Lynch was also featured as a part of a collaboration between WWE and Manchester City football club, so… Yeah not a lot of evidence she’s going elsewhere. However, as long as she’s not signed with WWE it has to at least be possible right?


From one bonafide female star in Becky Lynch, to one that very well could be a top star in the making – former NWA Women’s Champion Kamille.
The reason Kamille earns herself top billing on this list is due to her reportedly being already signed to Tony Khan’s company.
It was reported that Kamille had signed with AEW in late April, choosing to sign with the company rather than with WWE – who were said to have had interest in bringing her in to debut on the NXT brand.
Now, despite hopes being high for the 31-year-old she has still yet to debut on AEW TV, and there hasn’t really been any indication as to when that could happen.
Kamille had previously dropped a tease that suggested Double or Nothing could have been the stage, yet that never came to fruition. So naturally, one must expect there could potentially be a chance we see her show up at Forbidden Door instead.
How this would happen is anyone’s guess, but given that AEW are seemingly building for a Toni Storm and Mariah May Women’s World Title match at All In, perhaps Kamille could instead pursue the other top female champion – The CEO.
Mercedes Mone, in all likelihood is set to walk out of Forbidden Door as TBS and NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, and if she does she’s going to need a new challenger for one or both titles, and that could potentially be none other than Kamille.

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