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WWE bringing back released tag team

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Is Triple H bringing back a released WWE tag team? According to one report, he could be bringing back two stars and their manager.

Well, very big stars as far as stature is concerned rather as word has spread that there has been internal discussion about the Authors of Pain.
According to a new report from Fightful Select, Akam and Rezar, A.O.P. have been discussed as potentially returning to the company.

However, they may not be returning alone as there is also a rumor regarding a longtime part of their act joining them this time.
Paul Ellering also was named as being discussed as joining the group again after being their manager during their time on NXT.

Ellering however did not make the jump along with Akam and Rezar for their stint on the main roster, instead being joined by managerial presence in Drake Maverick.
Authors of Pain are also often remembered for being disciples for Seth Rollins during their main roster run or their memorable feuds in the Black and Gold brand iteration of NXT.