'Multiple parties' interested in potential WWE sale

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In an update to an earlier story, an industry expert has addressed the interest in the potential sale of WWE on CNBC.

Per the previous story, David Faber had stated that interest in the potential sale of WWE was high and that Comcast were not in the running as an interested party.
The Squawk on the Street Twitter account has now shared an video of Faber’s insight, with the expert saying:

“From what I’m hearing, at least from people familiar with the situation, is it’s shaping up be a pretty good sale process.
Some people are saying it’s pretty hot and heavy and those who were somewhat doubtful that you’d get to a sale at the end seem less so.
Does that mean that something gets done here? Unclear.
Who’s participating? We can all take our various guesses.”

Faber would talk about the interest from Endeavor, private equity in partnership with “well-known names in the sport”.
He would say that Liberty has an interest and the Saudi PIF.

“Something has led to at least to a number of people close to this to indicate to me that it is not just live but it is going quite well.”
“A key here though remains (Vince) McMahon’s real willingness to sell.”

Faber would then play a clip of a previous interview with Nick Khan where the WWE CEO reiterated that Vince McMahon has declared that he’s “100% open to a transaction where he’s not included”.
Faber would say add that TV contracts are being negotiated in the near future and would note that Peacock (the parent company of CNBC) and USA Network are where wrestling gets seen.

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