Jeff Jarrett argues that Roman Reigns schedule isn't sustainable

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AEW Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett has explained why he believes that Roman Reigns’ part-time schedule isn’t sustainable in wrestling.

On this weekend’s WrestleMania 39 Sunday show, Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes will challenge for Roman Reigns’ WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.
Speaking on his ‘My World’ podcast, Jeff Jarrett argued that ht’s a ‘no brainer’ to have Rhodes dethrone Reigns.
Jarrett argued that Reigns’ part-time schedule isn’t ideal for WWE, reasoning:

“I don’t remember a time off the top of my head that the industry had the opportunity because Cody, and they’ve positioned it, yes, it’s lineage and winning a title that his father never won. That’s emotional.
“Cody going away, maybe not having the most successful run. Started from the ground up. All the Independent scenes. All that bandwidth.

“Obviously the story at AEW, it goes without saying, is a part of this story. Him going back and the opportunity.
“Now on the opposite side of the fence is a guy that hadn’t been beat in three years. You don’t really get those opportunities to come around.

“I’ll say this. If Roman didn’t do the honors, I truly believe it would hurt Roman worse than it would hurt Cody. It’s no secret Roman only works select shows.
“I mean, he’s done RAW and SmackDown both here as of late, but for a long time, he was one day a week. I don’t believe that’s sustainable in so many ways in this industry. I just don’t.

“You can use the analogy of a TV show, a movie, or a musical act. When you’re a touring company, you better have your lead singer on almost every show.
“That’s just the reality and when you don’t, the product is less than. My understanding is Cody is saying, ‘Line me up. Let’s go to work alla Cena, alla anybody in that top role, So it’s a no brainer.”

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