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Triple H spotted 'marking out' for current SmackDown star

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With Triple H WWE’s current Chief Content Officer AKA heading up the company’s creative, it’s more important than ever to be in The Game’s good graces.

While we’ve had numerous reports of stars that are well thought of in WWE and more specifically Triple H, such as Cameron Grimes, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio, there may be one other star to add to that list.
Speaking on ‘Touching Grass’ former NXT star Trent Seven opened up on his former British Strong Style partner Butch (FKA Pete Dunne) and revealed how Hunter views the SmackDown star.
Seven said:

“(Butch is) a badass and Triple H sees it.
“I remember sat at Gorilla (Position) watching Triple H and Shawn (Michaels) watching Pete Dunne and marking (out). He is that good.
“That’s the point. Every footage you see of Pete Dunne, he’s working. That’s why he’s just the best. Go watch any Pete Dunne match. Not even the ones that are globally famous. There’s not one stage of it where he’s not 100% working, dedicated to getting everything he can out of every move, motion, facial, look, the way he walks to the corner.
“Everything about him is just hyper-concentrated professional performance.”

Being released from WWE in August 2022, Seven has since made his way back on the independent scene and even worked for AEW at the tail-end of 2022 for two matches on Rampage.
However, being so closely affiliated to both Butch and current NXT star Tyler Bate for much of his WWE career, Seven revealed that travelling the indies as a solo-act has been “the hardest pill to swallow”, however, he would convey how proud he is of both Butch and Bate for their continued success.
Bate will be in action at this Sunday’s NXT Battleground PLE, competing in a three-way for the North American Championship against champion Wes Lee and Joe Gacy.

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