Hall Of Famer names Roman Reigns as dream opponent from current WWE roster

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A WWE Hall of Famer has selected the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns as his dream opponent from the company’s current talent roster.

Speaking on his ‘Everybody’s Got a Pod’ podcast, Ted DiBiase Sr, was asked by a fan which current star he would like to face off against.
Despite admitting that he is not a massive fan of the modern product, DiBiase picked out Reigns due to his status as WWE’s number one guy, as well as his legendary family lineage.

DiBiase said:
“I’ve got to be real honest. I am not a big fan of the modern era of wrestling
“Roman Reigns, I guess (he’s) probably one of their biggest stars now, right?
“Is Roman Reigns the guy? Is he not like… would he be the Hulk Hogan of modern day?”

On Reigns’ Anoa’i heritage, which of course makes up a massive part of his Tribal Chief character, DiBiase said:
“You have another second-generation (wrestler) who grew up wanting to be like his daddy, and there’s a lot of us.”

While DiBiase may not be overly familiar with WWE’s product, it’s certainly arguable that the company is enjoying a successful run with Reigns at the forefront of this.
As Reigns himself has shattered modern records with his over 1000 day world title run, the company have been breaking records left, right and centre.


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