WWE star says he's 'envious' of Gunther's position

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A WWE star has opened up about having envy for current Intercontinental Champion Gunther, wishing that they were in the very same position, one they have not yet had a taste of.

Despite being a multi-time former tag champion in WWE, Chad Gable has yet to capture singles gold.
However, in recent months this has seemed more likely than ever to change as Gable has emerged as a challenger to Gunther’s now record-breaking reign as Intercontinental Champion.
While the Austrian has thus far managed to knock back Gable’s best efforts, the two continued their rivalry on this past week’s Raw (September 11).

Gable recently discussed his most recent Intercontinental Title match on the September 4 Raw, one that closed the show in Charlotte, NC.
Talking to Corey Graves on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Gable reflected on the match, discussing whether the massive opportunity had weighed on him ahead of time.

Gable said:
“It kind of slowly built. You kind of go into it thinking ‘Oh we’re just going to treat this like any other match.’ I used to say that in amateur wrestling.
“But it was more of just a phrase that people say when you get to these big tournaments when you try and qualify for a World or Olympic team. ‘I’m just going to treat it like any other match.’
“But really, you never really do that, because it weighs on you in a different way. Whether you want it to or not.

You might approach it similarly, preparation-wise and routine-wise. It may be similar, but I mean, your mind can’t possibly look at it like it’s a normal match.”
Gable continued, noting that the match was undoubtedly his biggest he’s had in WWE, noting that having his family present was a big help, saying:

“For me this is, I mean let’s face it, the biggest singles opportunity I’ve ever had on the main roster, or in WWE overall.
“It built and built, and I was lucky enough to bring my family along with me. It was cool that weekend, the last weekend before school started, so we were just on a whim, why not?
“So that helped keep me in a normal routine, relaxed a little bit at the hotel… It was nice, it helped me out during the week.”
“I had high expectations, let’s put it that way. I had very high expectations, and I feel like we exceeded those to a degree I did not expect. So I place a lot of importance on my own performance when it comes to big moments like that.
“Because you don’t get them often and (if) you blow it, you might not get it ever again. Because all eyes are watching and they’ll see ‘He finally gets this opportunity and is he going to be ready? Is he going to deliver?'”

Gable would then discuss Gunther in particular, labelling him his “perfect opponent” on multiple levels, while also discussing his envy of his position as Intercontinental Champion.
“Gunther is a perfect opponent for me, in the sense that it’s always, the size difference is there, that’s the obvious one.
“But I think there’s a level of professional competition between me and him. I do respect him, as a competitor, he’s the type of guy who has set this bar so high.
“But I’m almost envious of that in a way, wherein I should have been the one, or I can be the one to do that as well. But you (Gunther) are the one who’s going to get all the credit. So I’m going to step up and try it make it my turn.”

Gable’s pursuit of Gunther’s title has not only had the audience rallying behind him but also many of his peers, with the ‘American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes recently speaking of his desire to see Gable capture the title from the ‘Ring General’ Gunther.
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