Bianca Belair reveals reason for current WWE hiatus

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Four-time women’s champion Bianca Belair has revealed the reasoning for her current hiatus from WWE and what she’s been doing with her time away from the ring.

Belair was written off TV with a ‘knee injury’ on the August 18 episode of SmackDown, after being attacked by Damage CTRL backstage.
This ‘injury’ allowed Belair to step away for some well-earned time off, something she has had very little of in the past two-and-a-half years.
In a new interview with Metro, Belair elaborated on the reasoning for needing a break, citing both the need for some self-care as well as an outside project that she’s been keen to pursue.

Belair said:
“Right now, it was just some self-care.
“We did some things with us personally that I’m so excited about, it has to do with the future. I’m trying to write a children’s book as well.”

Belair also revealed that her and husband Montez Ford’s upcoming Hulu reality series is almost done filming, with an expected release date of late 2023/early 2024.
While reality TV and WWE stars are a tried and tested combination at this point, Belair revealed that she didn’t see her crossing over to follow in the footsteps of the Bella Twins and The Miz, saying:

“I was always somebody that was like, ‘I will never do reality TV, I have no desire to do it’. And I learned to never say never very quickly.
“It was different for me because everybody sees my husband – who everybody in the ring is who he is at home, he’s high energy, he’s full of life, full of joy, yelling, screaming, singing.
“I’m a little bit more low-key and more reserved, I just chill at home and do my DIY projects.
“I’m used to having the cameras in my face at work and now they’re in my home. How do I just be normal now? I don’t need to turn it on to be Bianca Belair. It’s a different dynamic!”

One of WWE’s most dominant stars in recent years, Belair, may soon be set for ‘dream match’ possibilities with former AEW star Jade Cargill, who looks set to join WWE as soon as this week.
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