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Damien Priest responds to 'everybody thinking he would lose'

Clash At The Castle
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After his victory at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024, Damian Priest clapped back at his haters noting that he loves proving the doubters wrong.

Damian Priest was asked in the post-show for comments on the Glasgow crowd, to which Priest noted he thought perhaps this was his favorite crowd.
Priest said:

“I think this was my favorite [crowd] just for the fact that they wanted me to lose so bad and I won,” he remarked. “There is no better feeling than somebody telling you you can’t do something and then shoving it down their throat. To me, this is — so far — my favorite place.
“Again, more things to shove down people’s throats. Before I was a champ, ‘You can’t do it,’ I did it. ‘You can’t hold it,’ I held it. ‘You can’t beat Drew in Scotland,’ I did it. He called me a paper champion, he said I couldn’t beat him.
“Everybody thought I was going to lose. Damian Priest is the World Heavyweight Champion, the face of Monday Night Raw. Against all odds, against all hate, I’m the champ and I’m going to continue being the champ.”

While Priest may have picked up a little assist from CM Punk, elsewhere in the champ’s comments he noted that he didn’t know the shenanigans with Punk even happened until he was on the entrance ramp and saw Punk wearing a referee shirt.
While Priest appeared to be injured during the match, there has yet to be a formal update on his status.
We’ll be sure to keep you posted in the event more details are known after a scary moment saw Priest caught in the ring ropes and hanging upside down while trapped.

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