Tiffany Stratton addresses being on the opposite WWE brand to boyfriend Ludwig Kaiser

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Tiffany Stratton has addressed being on the opposite WWE brand to her real life boyfriend Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium.

At WWE Royal Rumble 2024, former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton made her main roster debut in the Women’s Rumble match at the #29 spot.
After a solid showing, Stratton then signed a contract to join the SmackDown brand on the following episode that Friday.
This move was interesting since Tiffany is in a relationship with current Raw star Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium, and WWE rarely separates couples on opposite brands.

Speaking on TikTok, Tiffany Stratton discussed being called up to SmackDown while her boyfriend is on Raw. She said:
“As some of you may know, my boyfriend is on Monday Night Raw and I’m on SmackDown, which means we have opposite schedules, which freakin’ sucks.”
“We have the complete opposite of schedules. He comes in Tuesday morning, I leave Thursday afternoon.”
“We only have like two days together really because he’s on the live shows every single weekend. But, it’s okay.”

“Actually, me and my boyfriend are going to be moving apartments soon and we’re gonna be buying, like, our dream apartment. Not buying, just renting, but you get it.”
“But I’m so excited because we live in a freakin’ one-bedroom apartment and we just have so much stuff.”
“All these suitcases – we practically live out of suitcases, so we just need more room to store everything.”
“I have so much freakin’ clothes, and, so does he, so we need a bigger closet, we need an extra room, we need it all, so I’m so excited.”

Tiffany Stratton will be in action when she faces Shotzi in a Women’s Elimination Chamber qualifying match on the February 16 episode of SmackDown.
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