WWE creative challenges caused by 'massaging of egos' claims star

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Natalya has revealed the challenges that WWE creative face backstage, noting that there are a lot of egos to massage in the locker room.

In October 2023, it was revealed that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel had given full control of WWE creative to Paul Levesque (Triple H).
Speaking about the challenges that the writers face in WWE with Busted Open Radio, Natalya said:

“TJ (Wilson, formerly Tyson Kidd) is a producer in WWE, but he works closely with the writers. He works closely behind the scenes.
“He’s like, ‘You never know when somebody’s injured or somebody gets Covid or somebody’s working through a situation.’
“I think the writers have such a challenging job because there’s so many people that you’re trying to please.
“I will be honest, at times, there’s a lot of massaging of egos because everybody wants to be the best.”

It was recently reported that independent wrestler Patrick Scott is set to join WWE as the new writers assistant for SmackDown.
As noted in the report, Scott had a “send off” at PWF’s recent show in North Carolina, leaving his boots in the ring.

Natalya also hinted at what fans can expect from her future while considering whether she would join WWE creative, adding:
“For me, I have a lot of really fun things that are coming up that do involve writing and involve creating and involve me celebrating my career and celebrating everything that I’ve accomplished.”

Wilson started his career as a producer in 2017 having been forced to retire from in-ring activity after a severe spinal injury.
He has previously confirmed that he wouldn’t be able to return to in-ring action as he is unable to take a bump.

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