Corey Graves addresses potential in-ring WWE return

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WWE SmackDown lead announcer Corey Graves has addressed a potential in-ring return, years after he was cleared to do so.

Eight years after being forced into an early retirement from active competition back in 2014, Corey Graves was cleared to make a return back in 2022.
While many fans anticipated Graves to do just that – similarly to other once retired stars such as former WWE stars Bryan Danielson and Adam Copeland – almost two further years have passed and 40-year-old has not done so.
Speaking to Sportskeeda’s Wrestlebinge, Graves gave his current perspective on a potential return in the future following his recent promotion from color commentator to lead play-by-play announcer at the SmackDown desk.'

Graves said:
“I can honestly say my focus has really shifted. I got cleared almost two years ago now and it was in the midst of a lot of different things were happening professionally and personally and I was sort of looking for something to scratch that itch, but since I’ve slid over into the now lead role on Friday Night SmackDown in the commentary booth, that’s actually provided me with a lot more motivation and a new skill to learn and to focus on.
“As much as this is the biggest sports entertainment company on the globe, it can be Groundhog Day from time to time. You see the same faces and you do the same things.
“I honestly was on autopilot half the time doing SmackDown or RAW from a color perspective, so to have this new role, I’ve been able to put 100% of my focus and energy in that

“With that said, if the opportunity ever presented itself where it made sense and where it can be part of a larger story, I’m beyond the point of, I don’t need that WrestleMania for my own ego.
“I just am a willing participant and another character that can hopefully be thrown into the mix in some capacity as needed, but I think I’ve scratched the itch fairly well recently.”

Graves has received glowing reviews since moving to his new role on WWE SmackDown, from both his boss Triple H and most recently his Raw counterpart Pat McAfee.
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