Name change for WWE WrestleMania 40 shows

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An interesting name change for shows during WWE WrestleMania 40 weekend has emerged as the company announced its busy schedule.

WWE released its schedule for this week on its website, featuring all the events and shows leading up to WrestleMania itself over the weekend.
Previously, the pre-shows for WWE pay-per-views or Premium Live Events, which would air an hour or two before the event itself, were branded as ‘Kickoff’ shows.
That seems to have changed, and they are now called ‘Countdown To (insert show name here)’.

The branding ‘Kickoff’ is now being used for the event on Friday which will seemingly be reminiscent of the one that took place in February that set up The Rock & Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins, and the similar one that took place a day before Elimination Chamber.
The more traditional pre-shows that will take place right before WrestleMania on Saturday and Sunday are now billed as ‘Countdown To WrestleMania’.
These ‘Countdown To’ shows will be two hours long both nights, starting at 5pm ET with Mania then starting at 7.

There were reports not long ago that WWE was thinking about changing up the way its pre-shows are presented, so these name changes could be an indication of that coming to fruition.
You can see WWE’s schedule graphic below.
Saturday features Stand & Deliver, then the Countdown To show, then WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Sunday will feature the return of the Slammy Awards

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