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Bayley wants WWE to introduce a mid-card women's title

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Bayley has practically done it all in WWE, with ‘The Role Model’ the first ever WWE Women’s Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

Having helped lead WWE’s women’s division from the front since 2016, Bayley knows what it takes to move the division forward, and during a conversation with SportSkeeda, Bayley thinks a step forward for the division would be a mid-card women’s championship:
“I mean, it wouldn’t hurt. It would be nice to have another title. I think it’s just going to take time,” said Bayley. “When we wanted those Women’s Tag Team Titles, it took a long time, and it took someone actually fighting for them. If that’s what we want, someone has to stand up for it and really fight for it and prove that it’s going to be a benefit for the division.”
Bayley reigned as one half of the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Sasha Banks in 2019, the first team to hold such a distinction since 1989 when the original WWF Women’s Tag Team Championships were dissolved.