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WWE clarifies Chad Gable medical status after Wyatt Sicks attack

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WWE has clarified the medical status of Chad Gable after having been attacked by Wyatt Sicks on June 17 to end WWE Raw.

After he was the victim of a brutal attack by the Wyatt Sicks backstage at Raw, Chad Gable was revealed to be medically cleared to compete next week.
Last night, the announcement was made by Adam Pearce that Gable was cleared and back in the planned Money in the Bank qualifier with Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman, after the previous announcement that he was pulled out of it.
However, after fans online questioned the feasibility of his return, WWE Raw GM Adam Pearce took to Twitter once again today to clarify the confusion around Gable’s status.

Pearce wrote:

He also included a gif of Doctor Spock from Star Trek raising an eyebrow in apparent judgment.
Gable was briefly announced to have been replaced in the aforementioned Money in the Bank qualifier by Ilja Dragunov.
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