WWE SmackDown 11th of August 2023

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WWE SmackDown Results Results, August 11 2023, report by Jason Gordon for jjasportstudio.com.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka
Flair and Asuka trade submission attempts. Neither woman can get an advantage. Asuka tries a shoulder block. Flair doesn’t go down. Both women start to pound on each other. Flair floors Asuka after a shoulder tackle. Flair tries a leapfrog, and Asuka gets a boot up. Asuka lays in a few kicks. Flair catches her leg and sweeps her other. Flair boots Asuka in the face, then goes up top. Asuka cuts her off and tosses her to the mat. Second rope dropkick by Asuka. Sliding knee by Asuka. Flair kicks out.
After the break, Flair lands a dive. Flair sends Asuka back into the ring. Flair goes up top and lands a crossbody. Asuka gets to her feet and walks into a series of chops from Flair. Suplex by Flair. Flair kips up and woos to the crowd. Front cartwheel clothesline by Flair. Asuka kicks out. Spear by Flair. Flair starts to set up the Figure Eight. Iyo Sky’s music hits. Damage CTRL walks down to the ring. Flair lands a big boot. Damage CTRL surrounds the ring. Sky parades around with her newly won WWE Women’s Championship. Sky springboard dropkicks both women, causing a disqualification.
No Contest
Sky, and Bayley beat down Flair and Asuka as Dakota Kai watches from outside the ring.

Backstage, the trainer and Rey Mysterio check on Escobar.

AJ Styles w/Michin vs. Karrion Kross w/Scarlett
As soon as the bell rings, Styles dropkicks Kross. Backbreaker by Styles. Styles traps Kross in the Muta Lock. Kross fires back with a few strikes. Back body drop by Kross. Kross lands a flurry of strikes in the corner. Exploder suplex by Kross. Styles kicks out at the one count. Kross continues his assault. Kross sets up a superplex. Styles slips out and trips Kross off the ropes. Styles tries a sliding knee off the apron, but Kross catches him. Kross DVDs Styles on the commentary desk. After the break, Styles lands a few strikes before getting dumped out to the apron. Styles tries the Phenomenal Forearm, but Kross counters into the Kross Jacket.
Styles tries to escape, but Kross holds on. Styles drives Kross into the turnbuckle. Kross releases the hold. Styles tries a backflip DDT. Styles can’t get Kross up, so they tumble awkwardly to the mat. Springboard 450 by Styles. Scarlett puts Kross’ foot on the bottom rope. Michin tries to attack Scarlett, but Scarlett lands a mean right hand. Back in the ring, Doomsday Saito by Kross. Kross sets up the Kross Hammer. Styles ducks and lands a kick. Scarlett gets on the apron. Michin pulls Scarlett off the apron and sends her over the commentary desk. Styles lands the Styles Clash for the win.
Winner- AJ Styles

Backstage, Theory mocks Escobar’s injury. Rey Mysterio gets in Theory’s face. Kenny from the Spirt Squad (pop) pulls Mysterio back and tells him it’s not worth it.

In-Ring Segment: Edge
Edge says he knows everyone is wondering why he is here. His anniversary is next week, but he saw that Calgary was on the docket, so he had to come. Next week, he wants to have a match against a guy he has never had a match against before. That man’s name is Sheamus. Edge says Sheamus is the guy who lit the fire under his butt to make him think he could do this again. He puts over Sheamus. Sheamus and the Brawling Brutes join Edge in the ring. Edge and Sheamus go back and forth. Sheamus agrees to the match.

LA Knight vs. Top Dolla w/Hit Row
Knight hits the ropes. Ashante “Thee” Adonis trips Knight. Dolla runs over Knight. Dolla distracts the referee while B-Fab and Adonis get in cheap shots. Top Dolla stands on Knight’s neck. Dolla tries a DVD. Knight lands on his feet and lands a few strikes. Knight gets a boot up and a diving bulldog. Adonis hops up on the apron, only to get knocked off by Knight. LA Knight elbow drop. Knight hits the BFT for the win.
Winner- LA Knight

Backstage, Adam Peace tells Escobar he is technically cleared, but he wants to speak to him eye-to-eye and ask if he can go. Escobar says he can go. Pearce says ok.

United States Championship Match: Austin Theory (c) vs. Santos Escobar
As Escobar makes his way to the ring, Theory chop blocks him. The medical staff and The LWO check on Escobar. Pearce joins the group. Theory grabs a mic and says he’s sorry they won’t get a title match tonight. Escobar is done. Adam Pearce sends Rey Mysterio to the ring to face Theory.

United States Championship Match: Austin Theory (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio sends Theory out of the ring. Theory gets to his feet, just in time for Mysterio to dive off the apron with a rana. After the break, Mysterio lands a senton off the top. Theory kicks out. Mysterio sends Theory into the turnbuckle with a sunset flip. Theory kicks out. Theory catches Mysterio with a boot. Mysterio counters the A Town Down into a dropkick. Mysterio lands a 629 to Theory’s lower back. Theory writhes in pain. Mysterio tries another, but Theory blocks it. Theory tries the A Town Down, but his back gives out. Mysterio sends Theory into the ropes. 619 by Mysterio. Mysterio drops the dime for the win.
Winner and NEW United States Champion, Rey Mysterio!

In-Ring Segment: The Bloodline
Reigns makes the crowd wait before saying anything. He has a perplexed look on his face. Reigns eventually tells Calgary to acknowledge him. Reigns asks Paul Heyman where Jimmy Uso is. Heyman says he hasn’t seen him. Reigns asks if he spoke to Jimmy. Heyman says he did early today, but Jimmy was salty with him. Jimmy hops the barricade and wearing all black. Hey slowly makes his way into the ring. The crowd boos Jimmy mercilessly while chanting, “You sold out!” Reigns tells Jimmy not to worry about the crowd. They mean nothing. Reigns tells Jimmy he owes him one. Anything he wants, it’s done. If he wants a boat, car, jet, or anything, he’s got it.
Jimmy says doesn’t want anything from Reigns. What happened at SummerSlam had nothing to do with Reigns. Reigns offers Jimmy power; he can be the new right-hand man. The Usos music hits, and Jey walks to the ring. Jey gets in the ring and immediately snatches the mic out of Jimmy’s hand. Jey looks Jimmy in the eyes. He says he’s about to throw 37 years down the drain if Jimmy doesn’t tell him why he did it. Jimmy says he did what he did at SummerSlam because he loves him. Reigns laughs in the background. He didn’t do it out of Jealousy, he did it because he was afraid to lose Jey.
If Jey is the new Tribal Chief, he’ll become just like Reigns. He couldn’t live with himself if Jey became a manipulative asshole like Reigns. That’s the truth. Jimmy was afraid of losing his brother. It’s all because he loves Jey. Jimmy tells Jey if he wants to kick his face off, he can. Jey stares Jimmy up and down. Jimmy braces for the kick. Jey turns his back on Jimmy. Jimmy rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Reigns laughs into the mic. Reigns says he told Jey so. He messed this all up. No one cares about Jey or Jimmy. It’s all about one thing.
Reigns starts to scream Acknowledge me, but Jey superkicks him. Sikoa attacks Jey from behind. Jey superkicks Sikoa. Superman Punch by Reigns. Reigns calls for the Spear. Jey counters with a Superkick. Spear by Jey. Jey grabs a mic and yells for Jimmy to come back. Jimmy slowly walks back down the ramp. Jey opens his arms for a hug. Jimmy walks in and Jey superkicks him. Jey looks into the camera and says he’s out of The Bloodline, SmackDown, and WWE. Jey deuces out and leaves through the crowd. 

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