TNA Impact 8th of February 2024

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TNA IMPACT results – February 8 2024

The show opens with “In Memory of Toby Keith” followed by a video package recapping last week.
Chris Sabin vs. John Skyler
This match is sponsored by Mustafa Ali. Skyler sends Sabin knee-first into the ring steps to gain control. When Sabin regains his footing, Hotch grabs at his foot to trip him up. Skyler delivers a spear but it’s not enough. In the end, Sabin drops Skyler with the Cradle Shock to win.
Winner: Chris Sabin

Gia speaks to Alex Shelley backstage ahead of his main event against Edwards tonight.

Tasha Steelz vs. Xia Brookside
Steelz and Brookside stay evenly matched early on with back-and-forth punches. Xia traps her in the octopus briefly until Steelz hits a spinebuster. When Steelz goes up, Xia attempts Brooksie Bomb but she’s pushed off. Steelz does a sunset out of the corner and uses a handful of tights to secure the three.
Winner: Tasha Steelz

We hear from ABC as they address GYV, but then GYV attacks them.

Jake Something confronts Frankie Kazarian backstage about Frankie’s actions of late.

Mike Bailey vs. Zachary Wentz
The action starts off quick as Bailey utilizes his kicks to keep Wentz down. Heading into the break, Bailey hits a triangle moonsault out of the ring to tackle Wentz. Back from break, Bailey lands a missile dropkick off the top followed by another round of kicks. Wentz avoids a shooting star press and throws Bailey back with a German. Wentz nearly wins off of a slam. Finally he hits a UFO cutter and pins Bailey for the win.
Winner: Zachary Wentz
The Rascalz go to beat down Bailey but Trent Seven’s music hits and he makes the save. Steve Maclin takes out Seven until Nic Nemeth runs down to neutralize him. Nemeth helps Seven and Bailey to their feet.

We see a vignette for Kon.

We see footage of Crazzy Steve attacking Rhino on Xplosion. Backstage, Rhino cuts a promo on wanting to take the Digital Media title from Steve next week.

Trinity & Jordynne Grace vs. Savannah Evans & Gisele Shaw
Grace and Evans start by testing each other’s strength. Trinity tags in and does the splits on Evans. Shaw and Evans manage to take control of Grace and double team her for a bit. Grace hits Shaw with a back elbow to escape and tag out. Trinity meets Evans with a dropkick followed by a crossbody off the top. Trinity hits Rearview, but Shaw saves the cover. Grace shoves Shaw into Jai, allowing for Trinity and Grace to double team Evans. Trinity hits Code Red and applies Starstruck for the tapout.
Winners: Trinity & Jordynne Grace

AJ Francis asks Deaner for help backstage but because Deaner said Joe Hendry’s name, Hendry interrupts them. Deaner tells Hendry not to speak for him ever again.

Kon vs. Richard Adonis & Ori Gold
Kon takes them out with a few moves and wins off of a chokeslam.
Winner: Kon
Kon continues attacking them until PCO’s music hits. Kon attacks PCO’s “doctors” on the stage first and then slugs it out with PCO back down to the ring. They continue brawling until security tries to separate them, but it’s not enough.

Josh Alexander vs. Alan Angels
Angels jumps Josh before the bell but Josh quickly rebounds. Angels thumbs Josh in the eye behind the ref’s back before they spill outside. Back inside, Josh traps Angels in the ankle lock but he reaches the rope. Josh is able to get Angels in the ankle lock one more time and that’s enough to make Angels tap.
Winner: Josh Alexander
Josh high-fives fans in the front row until a masked man slaps him, jumps the barricade, and beats him down. It’s revealed to be a debuting Simon Gotch.

Next week – GYV vs. ABC Round 2, Crazzy Steve defends the Digital Media title vs. Rhino, Kazarian vs. Something, Moose vs. Kushida. We’ll also hear from Ash By Elegance.

Eddie Edwards vs. Alex Shelley
Shelley and Eddie start with back and forth including slaps and chops. Shelley goes to dive out, but Alisha grabs his boot, allowing Eddie to chop him down. After the break, Shelley takes control and traps Eddie in a stretch. Alisha gets involved again by choking Shelley in the ropes. Shelley comes back with a dragon screw and continues to target the left knee. Eddie musters enough strength to go for Boston Knee Party, but Shelley catches him in a pin for the three.
Winner: Alex Shelley
Shelley is not able to run off as Brian Myers attacks and sends him back inside. Kushida runs down to make the save by taking out Myers and Edwards. Kevin Knight assists by leaping off the ropes to wipe out The System. Shelley, Knight, and Kushida stand tall.

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