TNA Impact 18th of April 2024

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TNA iMPACT results – April 18, 2024

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a video recap of last week’s show.

Josh Alexander comes to ringside to join the commentary team for the opening contest.

Hammerstone defeated Guido (w/ Ray Jaz and Zack Clayton)
Hammerstone locks Guido in the Torture Rack to score the victory via submission.

Ash by Elegance is backstage with her personal assistant. It’s announced that Ash won’t be competing at Rebellion this weekend but will be there in a VIP section to watch the Knockouts Championship match. Xia Brookside appears and questions why Ash believes she deserves a future title shot when she had to cheat to beat her. Xia says she’s spoken to Santino Marella, and she’ll face Ash in a rematch next week. Ash is furious over this news and says it’s time to get the lawyers.

We hear from Jordynne Grace, who announces that due to Matt Cardona’s injury, he won’t be at Rebellion this weekend. Grace says karma is a real bitch, and it should be she and Steph De Lander should have a fair fight this weekend. Grace says Steph knows she has a zero percent chance of beating her cleanly. The Knockouts Champion says she’s sure Steph has a plan, but she has one too.

Joe Hendry comes out and speaks to his fans before his match with LSG. Hendry says he’ll be facing Rich Swann at Rebellion, and he knows that AJ Francis will be at ringside. Hendry makes some Uncle Phil and Top Dolla jokes.
Joe Hendry defeated LSG
Joe Hendry hits LSG with a Standing Ovation to score the pinfall victory.

A video package plays, hyping up tonight’s main event between The System and the Motor City Machine Guns.

TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali and Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Cody Deaner, Jake Something, and Rhino
Mustafa Ali hits Cody Deaner with a 450 splash to score the pinfall victory for his team.

We hear from Steve Maclin. Maclin says he got the first victory in this iteration of TNA Wrestling. Maclin says he will make his presence felt at Rebellion this weekend.

A video package plays for Eric Young. Young says he needs to channel “The Sickness” era of his character to face Kazarian in Full Metal Mayhem this weekend.

Rosemary (w/ Havok) defeated Jody Threat (w/ Dani Luna)
Rosemary hits Jody Threat with a spear to score the pinfall victory.

A video package plays for Jonathan Gresham.

The System (w/ Alisha Edwards) defeated Motor City Machine Guns to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles
Brian Myers hits Chris Sabin with the Roster Cut, and Eddie Edwards follows it up with the Boston Knee Party. Myers scores the pinfall victory for his team.

Nic Nemeth comes to the ring but heads into the crowd first to do his best impression of The Sandman. Nemeth says in two days, he’ll walk into Rebellion to go face-to-face with the TNA World Champion, Moose. Before Nemeth can continue, he’s interrupted by Moose.
Moose says he knows Nemeth had a story lined up to tell of these idiots, and they were ready to believe it, but he’s here to put a stop to it. Moose says in his entire career, he’s never been able to beat the system.
Nemeth says the head games Moose is trying to play aren’t going to work. Nemeth says the roster, the fans, and management will get behind him as TNA Champion. Nic says he’s here in TNA to stay. Moose says he knows the fans, roster, and management would love to see Nemeth beat him at Rebellion so he can become the face of the company.
Moose says when someone hands Nemeth the ball, he runs a few yards with it and fumbles. He says Nemeth is a choke artist. Nemeth says he’ll choke him out right now. Moose asks if he struck a nerve. Nemeth says he did, but he feels like he’s in the best shape of his life. Nemeth says Moose isn’t stepping into the ring as the old Dolph Ziggler, he’s stepping into the ring with Nic Nemeth. The two men have a staredown as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

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