WWE NXT 11th of June 2024

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WWE NXT results, June 11, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: NXT Women’s North American Champion Kelani Jordan
Jordan says nothing compares to being the first NXT North American Champion. The crowd cheers as Jordan puts over the rest of the ladder match competitors at NXT Battleground. Jordan says it’s up to her to create the legacy for this title. Jordan will prove that no one in the ring can do it like Lani. Jaida Parker interrupts. Parker says all Jordan proved is that she can scurry up a ladder. Parker promises to handle Jordan after she handles Michin tonight. Michin runs down the ramp and attacks Parker from behind.

Michin vs. Jaida Parker
Michin grounds and pounds Parker. Parker fires back with a big body slam. Michin locks in a sleeper. Parker tries to fight out of it. German suplex by Michin. Michin misses a cannonball in the corner. Parker lands her springboard hip attack. After the break, Parker and Michin trade big shots. Paker lands the Teardrop Hip Check. Michin is sent flying out of the ring. Gallows and Anderson run down to ringside to check on Michin. Parker grabs a chair. Gallows hops up on the apron. Anderson yanks the chair out of Parker’s hand. Michin rolls up Parker for the win.
Winner- Michin

Gallus vs. Wes Lee and New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate)
Lee, Dunne, and Bate are firmly in control as Lee and Dune double-stomp Joe’s hands. Bate takes Mark spinning with an airplane spin. Lee lands a dive. Gallus retreats to regroup. After the break, Lee lands a flurry of offense. Lee leaps off the top but misses Joe. Joe hits All the Best for the Bells for the win.
Winners- Gallus

Brinley Reece w/Malik Blade and Edris Enofé vs. Wendy Choo
Choo is a much darker version of herself, wearing black gear and scary face paint. Choo seems to be in a trance on the way to the ring. As soon as the bell rings Choo tackles Reece and unloads on her with rights and lefts. Sleepy elbow drop by Choo. Reece retreats to the corner. None of Reece’s strikes have any effect. Basement complete shot by Choo. Reece lands a series of clotheslines. Pepsi Twist clothesline by Choo. Choo traps Reece in a modified Cobra Clutch. Reece taps out.
Winner- Wendy Choo

In-Ring Segment: Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes
Rhodes talks about he impending match “I Quit” match at Clash at the Castle. Rhodes promises to make AJ Styles say, “I quit.” NXT Champion Trick Williams’ music hits. Williams joins Rhodes in the ring. Williams asks Rhodes how to handle going from being the hunter to the hunted. Rhodes says after you climbed the mountain, there are always other mountains to climb. Rhodes adjusts the WWE Championship on his shoulder.
Williams glares at the championship. Rhodes says Ava has given him the authority to announce Williams’ next challenger. A new number-one contender will be crowned next week after a battle royal on NXT. There will be some familiar faces and some from other locker rooms. Williams is excited. Williams invited Rhodes to the cookout. If you know, you know.

Singapore Cane Match: Dante Chen vs. Lexis King
As King walks to the ring, Chen runs down the ramp and hits him with a cane. Chen and King trade cane shots. King backdrops Chen on a pile of canes. King works over Chen with the canes. Chen fires up and unloads on King with cane shots. Superkick by Chen. King kicks out. King hits Chen with his walking stick. King hits the Coronation using the cane for the win.
Winner- Lexis King

Eddy Thorpe vs. Tavion Heights
After a back-and-forth contest, Thrope hits an Implant DDT for the win.
Winner- Eddy Thorpe

Je’Von Evans vs. Shawn Spears
During the match, Evans misses a dive and lands gut-first on the edge of the announce desk. Spears hits a the C4 for the win.
Winner- Shawn Spears
After the match, Evans is bleeding from the mouth.

Backstage, Nathan Frazer and Axiom are with Bate and Dunne. Heritage Cup Champion Tony D’Angelo walks in with the Family. After some banter, Frazer seems fixated on the Heritage Cup. Axiom tells Frazer to focus since they are the tag champs. Frazer says he misses the cup and can pull double duty.

NXT Champion Roxanne Perez puts herself over. No one can beat her, and no one is worthy of challenging her. Perez wants NXT GM Ava to come to the ring and kiss her ring. Ava walks out on the stage and congratulates Perez on her victory at Battleground. Perez says no matter who Ava puts in front of her, she will prevail. Jacy Jayne and Nix interrupt. Jayne says that she built this, and she wants the title. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson interrupt next. Legend wants a shot. Lola Vice is out next. Vice puts Perez over and says she is the only person on Perez’s level. Jackson tells Vice to shake her ass out of here. Vice kicks Jackson. A brawl breaks out. Vice and Perez clear the ring.

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