Rampage 14th of June 2024

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All Elite Wrestling is back again with another star-studded show with the June 14 episode of AEW Rampage.

Among other matches, Toni Storm will take on Alex Windsor in a singles match, Rocky Romero and Shota Umino will go at it, and Jay Lethal and Pac will go toe-to-toe in a big match. Satnam Singh and Cage of Agony will also be in action.
The results are as follows:

Match 1: Toni Storm defeats Alex Windsor via pinfall
Windsor tried to get the upper hand on Storm in this one by ambushing her from behind before the match starts. Luther also tried to interfere as well, but Toni eventually settled things down long enough to hit the Storm Zero for the quick win

Match 2: Cage of Agony defeats Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez via pinfall
This one ended almost immediately, with Cage of Agony doing whatever they wanted en route to a win.

Match 3: Shota Umino defeats Rockey Romero via pinfall
Umino controlled most of the match against Romero, and even though Romero was able to get some hits in, it was Umino who walked out on tope. Toward the end of the match, Umino hit a big neckbreaker for a near fall, and then finished it with a running uppercut.

Match 4: Satnam Singh defeats Rosario Grillo via submission
This one also ended almost immediately, with Singh eating all of Grillo’s hits and then hitting him with a chokeslam and Bear Hug for the submission victory.

Match 5: PAC defeats Jay Lethal via submission
In the main event of the night, Satnam Singh came back out to get involved, attacking PAC at ringside before being ejected by the referee. Despite the interference, PAC was able to work his way back into the match and then end things by locking in his Brutalizer submission for the win.

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