WWE Raw 17th of June 2024

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WWE Raw results June 17, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Drew McIntyre is shown arriving backstage.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins music hits.
In-Ring Segment: Seth “Freakin” Rollins
Rollins walks to the ring dressed like a Miami Pimp. The crowd sings as Rollins soaks it in. Rollins tells the crowd he welcomes them back to Monday Night Rollins. The crowd cheers. Rollins is back for one reason. He got into this business to be the best of all time. Rollins can’t do that without getting back the championship that he made. The World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins stares at the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging about the ring. Rollins knows how to climb a ladder and knows it’s the fastest way for Rollins to get back to his championship. The World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest’s music hits. 
Damian Priest struts to the ring. Priest says he isn’t being sarcastic; he wanted to be the first to welcome Rollins back. He’s been wanting some face-to-face time with Rollins. Priest says he wanted to cash in on Rollins, but that didn’t happen. With respect, it’s not Monday Night Rollins anymore. It’s all rise for the champion. Rollins chuckles as he tells Priest that they are actually a lot alike. Rollins runs down their shared history. There is this one little thing that is different about them. Rollins eventually grew a set. Rollins asks Preist what kind of champion he wants to be. Does Priest want to be one of the greatest of all time?
Or does he want to be a footnote in the history of Judgement Day? Priest notes that he was Rollins’ first challenger, and Rollins was better than him. That is not the case anymore. Priest tells Rollins that he will show him what kind of champion he is: Priest says forget about the Money in the Bank match, Rollins can have a shot at the championship AT Money in the Bank. Rollins agrees and tells Priest that as long as he’s around, it will ALWAYS be Monday Night Rollins.

Earlier today, Chad Gable asked Raw GM Adam Pearce for another shot at Sami Zayn’s Intercontinental Championship. Gable blames Otis for his loss to Zayn at Clash at the Castle. Pearce tells Gable he has to go to the back of the line. Gable tells Pearce to give him a match tonight, and he’ll earn his shot. Pearce needs to make sure it’s a challenger worthy of an Olympian like Gable. Pearce chuckles and tells Gable he agrees and has the perfect person in mind.
Chad Gable w/Alpha Academy vs. Braun Strowman
Gable immediately tries a German suplex. Strowman shrugs it off. After a series of reversals, Gable runs into a big boot from Strowman. Strowman yells at Otis, Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri that Gable is a bully and they don’t have to put up with his crap. Strowman runs over Gable. Gable traps Strowman in a rope-hanging arm bar. Gable breaks at five. Strowman swats Gable off the apron. After the break, Gable uses Tozawa as a human shield as Strowman tries to freight train him. Strowman tosses Tozawa into Gable. Back in the ring, Gable hits the ropes and tries a head scissors. Gable reverses it into the Powerslam for the win.
Winner- Braun Strowman
After the match, Gable gets in Tozawa’s face. Dupri steps in Gable’s way. Gable grabs Dupri’s crutch and tosses it out of the ring. Gable pushes Tozawa. Otis goes nuts and pushes Gable clear across the ring. Gable cowers in the corner. Otis helps Tozawa and Dupri up the ramp.

In The Judgement Day’s clubhouse, Priest questions Finn Bálor about him sneakily stealing the hotel room key Liv Morgan left for Dominik Mysterio. Bálor says he did it to protect Dominik. Priest asks Bálor who he will cash in on when he wins MITB. Bálor says he’s gonna cash in on Cody Rhodes. Bálor tells Priest not to worry about it. Dominik Mysterio is feverishly looking for something in the background. Dominik can’t find his purple cow vest.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Iyo Sky vs. Kiana James vs. Zelina Vega
Vega sends James flying with a rana. The fight spills out of the ring. Sky lands an Asai Moonsault on James. Vega blasts Sky with a Meteora off the apron. After the break, Sky and Vega trade strikes. Sky avoids Code Red and lands a butterfly backbreaker. James counters as rana from Vega into a powerbomb. Sky breaks up James’ pin with a roll up. James kicks out.
Sky goes up top. Vega hits a 619 to Sky’s legs to break up her moonsault. Vega hits Code Red. James breaks up the pin. Liv Morgan walks down to the ring wearing Dominik’s purple cow vest. Vega gets distracted. James hits her finish on Vega. Vega falls out of the ring. Sky surprises James with a double knee strike. Over the Moonsault by Sky. Sky pins James.
Winner- Iyo Sky

In-Ring Segment: Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn
Zayn exclaims that he is proud to be our Intercontinental Champion still. Zayn puts over Gable, even though he doesn’t like him. He’s moving on from Gable. He’d be lying if he said it was easy to move on from Alpha Academy. Zayn feels their pain; he went through it with The Bloodline. Zayn says he is moving on and ready to defend his championship against anyone and everyone. Bron Breakker’s music hits. Breakker joins Zayn in the ring. Breakker is going to take the Intercontinental Championship. Zayn takes off the title and holds it in Breakker’s face. Zayn asks Breakker if he wants this. Sheamus’ music hits.
Sheamus says he’s been chasing that Intercontinental Championship for years. If Zayn is giving out opportunities for the title, Zayn should give it to him. Breakker asks Sheamus if he’s insane. He’s talking as if Breakker isn’t even in the ring. Breakker says he’ll kick Sheamus’ ass if he gets in his way. Sheamus tells Breakker he’s the new kid and needs to get to the back of the line. Zayn tells both men they need to sort this out. He will go to Adam Pearce and get a match made because no one wants to see Sheamus and Breakker talking it out. They need to fight it out.

Backstage, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark tell the new Women’s Tag Team champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn they are coming for the tag titles.

Dragon Lee w/LWO vs. Carlito w. JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio
Lee sends Carlito flying with a head scissors. Dropkick by Lee Carlito is sent flying out of the ring. Lee tries a dive, but Carlito grabs Lee by the throat. Carlito launches Lee into the barricade. Lee surprises Carlito with a rana on the apron. After the break, Carlito lands a TKO. Lee kicks out. Carlito sets up a top rope rana. Lee turns it into a tree of woe double stomp. Powerbomb by Lee. Carlito kicks out. Liv Morgan walks to ringside wearing Dominik’s vest. Zelina Vega attacks Morgan. A brawl breaks out outside the ring. In the confusion, McDonagh clubs Lee. Carlito lands a hangman’s Backstabber for the win.
Winner- Carlito

In-Ring Segment: Drew McIntyre
As McIntyre stands in the ring, the crowd chants “CM Punk.” McIntyre can’t get a word out without being drowned out in chants. McIntyre says he can’t do this anymore. Screw this company. McIntyre quits. McIntyre drops the mic and walks away. Adam Pearce meets McIntyre on the stage and tries to talk some sense into him. McIntyre says he’s serious. He’s done.
Backstage, Triple H tries to talk to McIntyre. McIntyre isn’t interested and walks away. Pearce follows.

Damage CTRL vs. Kayden Carter and Kitana Chance
Sane lands the InSANE elbow early. Chance breaks up the pin. Lyra Valkyria comes to ringside to cheer on Chance and Carter. Kai gets distracted. Carter and Chance hit the After Part on Kai for the win.
Winner- Kayden Carter and Kitana Chance
Backstage, Kai complains about what just happened. Sky cuts her off and says Damage CTRL needs to change, or she’ll change it. Sky storms off.

Sami Zayn is at ringside for the next match.
Bron Breakker vs. Sheamus
Breakker and Sheamus lock up and trouble out of the ring. Sheamus and Breakker trade strikes outside the ring. Sheamus and Breakker spill back into the ring. Breakker runs over Sheamus. Breakker ends up getting posted. Sheamus clotheslines Breakker over the top. Breakker knocks Sheamus into the commentary desk. Sheamus sits up. Breakker dives off the apron and lands a clothesline. After the break, Breakker lands a gut buster. Sheamus fires up and lands a few hammer fists. White Noise by Sheamus. Breakker kicks out. Sheamus counters Breakker’s Spear with a knee strike. Sheamus lands the ten beats.
Breakker falls to the apron. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick. Ludwig Kaiser appears and pulls Sheamus down to the mat. Kaiser slams Sheamus’ knee into the ring post. Sheamus tosses Kaiser into the timekeeper’s area. Sheamus turns around, and Breakker Spears him out of his boots. Officials and referees pull Breakker away. Kaiser attacks Sheamus. Kaiser lays Sheamus on the ringsteps. As Sheamus lies there, Kaiser runs back to boot Sheamus, but Breakker cuts him off with a Spear out of nowhere. Zayn and Breakker get in each other’s faces.
No Contest

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Jey Uso vs. Finn Bálor vs. Rey Mysterio
The fight quickly spills out of the ring. Mysterio lands a dive. After the break, Bálor whips Jey out of the ring. Bálor stomps Mysterio. After the break, Mysterio sends Bálor flying off the top with a rana. Jey surprises Mysterio with a Spear. Mysterio kicks out. Bálor plays to the crowd. Mysterio lands a 619 on Bálor’s ribs. Bálor falls off the apron. Sliding splash by Mysterio. Mysterio dives off the top and sends Bálor and Jey flying with a rana.
Double 619 by Mysterio. Mysterio goes up top. Dominik hops the barricade and holds Mysterio’s leg so he can’t land his splash. McDonagh and Dominik beat down Mysterio. Braun Strowman runs down to ringside and chases Dominik and McDonagh away. Back in the ring, Bálor lands his double stomp off the top. While Bálor pins Mysterio, Jey breaks it up with a Uso Splash. Jey pins Bálor.
Winner- Jey Uso
As Jey celebrates in the crowd. The lights go out, and a door with light shining through appears on the stage. The door opens, and the lights shut off. Someone crawls out on the stage towards a lantern. The woman points to the stage, and the camera goes backstage. The backstage area is filled with smoke, and the production crew and staff are laid out.
There is blood everywhere. Twisted versions of the Firefly funhouse characters are all present. Gable is laid out with blood all over his forehead. Strowman is laid out as well. Uncle Howdy appears and leads his misfits to the stage. Uncle Howdy says, “We’re here!” and blows out the lantern.

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