WWE NXT 25th of June 2024

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WWE NXT results June 25, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Number One Contender’s Tag Team Turmoil Match: Malik Blade and Idris Enofé vs. New Catch Republic (Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne) vs. Chase U (Duke Hudson and Andre Chase) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Angel and Humberto) vs. The OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)
Blade and Enofé start the match with Dunne and Bate. Dunne and Bate pin Enofé after a Double Tyler Driver.
Blade and Enofé have been eliminated
Legado del Fantasma is out next. Apollo Crews runs down mid-match and distracts Angel. Bate surprises Angel with the Tyler Driver for the pin.
Legado del Fantasma has been eliminated
Gallows and Anderson are out next. Bate breaks up the Magic Killer. In the confusion, Bate rolls up Anderson for the pin.
The OC has been eliminated
Chase U is out last. As The OC walks up the ramp, OTM stands guard. During the match, Ridge Holland pulls Chase out of the way of a charging Bate. Chase rolls up Bate for the win.
Winners- Chase U

In-Ring Segment: Ethan Page
Page says that since he beat the number one contender, Je’Von Evans, last week and was never eliminated from the battle royal, he should be the number one contender. Page asks NXT GM Ava to come to the ring to change the main event of NXT Heatwave. Ava says Page does have a point. Shawn Spears interrupts. Spears says he beat Evans first. Trick Williams is out next. Williams says it doesn’t matter who it is at Heatwave. Spears decks Williams. Everyone jumps Williams. Evans hits the ring and makes the save.

Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey w/Gallus
Coffey obliterates Lee with a lariat. Lee counters Coffey with a DDT. Lee takes Coffey down and lands a few strikes. Standing double stomp by Lee. After a distraction from Wolfgang, Coffey lands a powerslam. Lee surprises Coffey with the Cardiac Kick for the win.
Winner- Wes Lee

Heritage Cup Championship Match: Tony D’Angelo w/The D’Angelo Family vs. Nathan Frazer w/Dante Chen
Round 1
40 seconds in, Nathan Frazer gets a quick roll up for a pinfall.
Frazer 1/ D’Angelo 0
Round 2
D’Angelo lands a sky-high spinebuster for the pin.
Frazer 1/ D’Angelo 1
Round 3
Neither man can get an advantage.
Round 4
Frazer floors D’Angelo with an enziguri but can’t make the pin while the round ends.
Round 5
As the round ends, Frazer lands a Phoenix Splash.
Round 6
D’Angelo lands another spinebuster for the win.
Winner and STILL Heritage Cup Champion, Tony D’Angelo!

Roxanne Perez vs. Karmen Petrovic
Lola Vice comes down to the ring to watch the match. Perez gets the win after hitting Pop Rocks.
Winner- Roxanne Perez
After the match, Vice gets in the ring. Perez tries a spinning back fist. Vice counters with a nasty spinning back fist that drops Perez.

Damon Kemp w/NQCC vs. Tavion Heights
Kemp controls the match. Heights surprises Kemp with a rolling belly-to-belly suplex for the win.
Winner- Tavion Heights

Sol Ruca vs. Arianne Grace
Ruca pins Grace after hitting the Sol Snatcher.
Winner- Sol Ruca
After the match, Women’s North American Champion Kelani Jordan walks out and raises Ruca’s hand.

Ethan Page is at the commentary desk for the next match.
Trick Williams vs. Shawn Spears
Williams tosses Spears over the top. Williams lands a flurry of strikes. Back in the ring, Spear takes Williams down with a Thez press. Spears and Williams trade strikes. Williams leapfrogs over Spears. Spears and Williams both land pump kicks at the same time. While both men are down, Oro Mensah hops the barricade and attacks Page. After the break, Spears has Williams in a crossface. Williams fights out of the hold. After a series of reversals, Spears lands a superkick followed by a facebreaker. Williams kicks out. Book End by Williams. Jensen hops the barricade and tries to get in the ring. Security holds Jensen back. Jensen grabs the hood on the commentary desk and swings it, accidentally hitting Williams with it. Spears hits the C4 for the win.
Winner- Shawn Spears

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