7 Stars most likely to leave WWE in 2024

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It’s been widely reported that the pro wrestling world has an abundance of contract expirations in 2024, with stars from WWE, AEW and otherwise presented with the opportunity to re-sign or explore pastures anew.

While we’ve seen one major signing already in the form of Will Ospreay swapping NJPW for AEW in early 2024 there are many others who could soon make a similar swap next year.
While AEW, NJPW, TNA and others all have their fair share of expiring talent deals, WWE is looking set to have an extremely busy period of re-negotiation.

Dozens of names are potentially looking at their contracts coming to an end in the next calendar year, and while it is being reported that WWE are set to ‘big money’ to stars with expiring deals, it’s also likely that a few choose to depart.
So with that said, let’s take a look at seven stars that could potentially depart WWE in 2024.


With a contract that is reportedly set to expire in late 2024, Kevin Owens is a name that many believed could be heading out the door a few years back.
In 2021 it was widely speculated that the Prizefighter could swap WWE for AEW when his contract was due to expire. While Owens would re-sign with WWE for a further three years its’ likely those same questions will arise come the end of next year
With a well documented friendship with AEW EVP’s The Young Bucks as well as other top stars such as Adam Cole, Owens seems like a natural fit for AEW, especially with doubts whether he will ever reach the top of the WWE mountain again.
Owens’ best friend Sami Zayn could very well be another name on this list, but with Zayn yet to win a world title in WWE you could imagine his desire to stick around may be stronger.
Owens ranks lower I feel it’s likely both he and Zayn will stay put, with both being utilised in prominent positions in recent years. Especially Owens who has now main evented WrestleMania two years running.


This pick is one shrouded in a bit more uncertainty than some others as it’s difficult to verify just exactly when Shinsuke Nakamura’s current deal expires, however, it seems likely to be in 2024.
Nakamura reportedly re-signed with WWE in 2019, a time when the company were infamously doling out contract renewals like it was nobody’s business, many of which are set to come up in 2024.
If Nakamura is in fact set to see his WWE deal come up this coming year, it’s certainly possible he may decide to make a change. But would it be to AEW or back to his home of Japan? That remains the question.
The King of Strong Style is revered in his homeland, making the move the easiest to envision. However, now that Triple H is in complete charge of creative his booking has drastically improved; so it’s easy to see another extension potentially agreed.


Another star who signed a bumper deal back in 2019 was former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, however, compared to back then his stock in the company certainly isn’t what it once was.
Mahal has spent the vast majority of 2023 as a manager to Indus Sher (Veer & Sanga) rather than an active in-ring competitor.
At 37, Mahal still has plenty time to lace his wrestling boots once again in WWE, however, at this point in time it seems as if the company has very little for him.
Mahal’s deal is reportedly set to come up next year it leaves not a whole lot of time for his fortunes to be turned around, especially when companies such as TNA could potentially offer him a much more prominent role.


Could this finally be the year that The Beast Brock Lesnar calls it a day on his WWE career?
I feel like that question has been asked many times over the course of Lesnar’s second stint in WWE, and with Lesnar only committing to a one year extension on his deal following WrestleMania 39 it seems likely that end may be nigh.
Despite there undoubtedly being a place for Brock in WWE as long as he wants to continue, and his most recent run being perhaps the best he’s had; there is very little left for the 46-year-old to achieve.
One can only hope that if Lesnar does decide against signing another extension, then at the very least we get to see him finally square off with GUNTHER at WrestleMania 40 before he does say sayonara.


While Sheamus is someone many would imagine as a WWE ‘lifer’ and never likely to wrestle anywhere else, he has certainly had his fair share of gripes with the company recently and has not been afraid to talk about them.
The Celtic Warrior has vented his opinion that WWE failed to capitalise on his momentum that he built following Clash at the Castle in September 2022 and it’s hard to disagree.
With the Irishman currently out with a shoulder injury it’s likely he will see some extra time added to his deal, buying WWE just about enough time to grant him enough assurances to stay.
Which may be as simple as allowing him to be the one to dethrone GUNTHER for that ever-elusive Intercontinental Championship.


AJ Styles may be 46-years-old but he still has the capacity to once again be the hottest free agent in the game in 2024 if he chooses to be.
Styles has barely lost a step in WWE and has endless dream match possibilities in companies such as his former homes of NJPW, a newly rebooted TNA or even one last run somewhere new like AEW.
A move to TNA would certainly bring Styles’ career full-circle with perhaps nobody more synonymous with the old TNA than The Phenomenal One.
Styles has stated that his current deal will be his last so perhaps WWE can manage to retain him on a part-time basis; or work a far less demanding schedule elsewhere. Or he could just call it a day altogether. He’s certainly earned that right.


The uncertainty surrounding McIntyre’s future in WWE began just before WrestleMania 39, with The Scottish Warrior taking three months off amid reports of creative frustrations.
While the official line from WWE was that McIntyre was injured, reports suggested that he was also awaiting suitable creative plans before coming back to TV.
And to be fair to WWE, since returning in the summer, McIntyre’s trajectory has been more promising than it’s been in years. Particularly his recent heel turn which has provided the former WWE Champion a new lease on life on Raw.
Given his push on TV, many would have expected news on WWE and McIntyre agreeing new terms, with the months drawing closer to his eventual reported contract expiration in April 2024.
However, based on new reports the two are still not close to an extension, with it even being stated by PWInsider that McIntyre is willing to let his contract “lapse” in order to return to Scotland and spend time with his family.
While this scenario by no means necessitates a permanent exit of WWE for Drew, it would open his options to perhaps agree even better terms elsewhere. Perhaps even in AEW, with All In 2024 in London a perfect stage for a debut.
At this point all we can do is await further updates, so make sure to stay tuned to JJA Sport Studio as and when they become available.

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