WWE Raw 4th of September 2023

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WWE Raw Results, September 4 2023, report by Jason Gordon for jjasportstudio.com.

In-Ring Segment: “Main Event” Jey Uso
Uso enters through the crowd. The WWE Universe showers Uso with cheers as he makes his way to the ring. Uso welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw. He was only gone for two or three weeks, but it felt a lot longer than that. He hit his breaking point after fighting his family every week. Out of the blue, Cody Rhodes called him. He knows he did some stuff in the past and may have made some enemies, but he isn’t running. “Main Event” Jey Uso is now in their city. Sami Zayn’s music hits. Zayn joins Uso in the ring. Zayn says it’s pretty crazy to see Uso standing here right now.
Uso was right, there are a lot of people who will want to see him after all the things he did in the past. Zayn goes on to say it’s not about that now. It’s about Zayn and Uso. He wanted to ensure he was the first face Uso saw when he got to Raw. Zayn tells Uso he’s happy he’s here. Zayn doesn’t expect them to be best buddies overnight, but he wants to tell Uso he’s proud of him. The crowd goes nuts. Zayn offers Uso a handshake. Uso doesn’t accept it. Zayn tells Uso it’s okay and that he’ll be here when he’s ready to talk. Zayn starts to leave. Uso stops him. Uso admits that wasn’t very Ucey of him… Zayn smiles. Uso and Zayn hug.
As Uso is slapping hands with fans, Drew McIntyre’s music hits. McIntyre and Uso have a standoff on the ramp. Zayn runs back out on the stage and tries to convince McIntyre to give it time. McIntyre walks to the ring. Matt Riddle is out next. Riddle also gets in Uso’s face. Zayn tries to play peacekeeper. Riddle walks away.

Backstage, Adam Pearce is talking to Ricochet when Seth Rollins walks by. Pearce asks Rollins what he’s doing here. The medical staff advised him to stay home. Rollins says this is his show, and he’s here because he’s fine. Ricochet tells Rollins he doesn’t have to carry the show by himself. Rollins walks off after giving Ricochet a pound.

In-Ring Segment: Seth “Freakin” Rollins
Rollins says Shinsuke Nakamura did everything he said he would. There were points when he didn’t know if he could go on… but he’s still champ. Rollins says it’s time to right some wrongs. Rollins demands Nakamura come to the ring right now. Nakamura’s music hits, and he saunters his way to the ring. Much to Rollins’ chagrin, Nakamura stops halfway and doesn’t come to the ring. Rollins says he has a proposition for Nakamura. Rollins offers Nakamura a championship rematch right here, right now. Nakamura starts to walk to the ring but eventually turns around. Nakamura has a mic and cuts a promo in Japanese.
Rollins says he doesn’t understand Nakamura’s native tongue but assumes that means yes. Nakamura says no. Rollins say he doesn’t care if Nakamura wants the match or not, he’s gonna give Nakamura that work. Rollins attacks Nakamura. Nakamura manages to knee Rollins in the back several times. Adam Pearce and a bunch of referees try to break up the fight. Ricochet runs down and jumps Nakamura, and the two fight off.

Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Nakamura rolls out of the ring. Ricochet follows. Nakamura tries to send Ricochet into the apron. Ricochet does a backflip, taking out Nakamura. The fight spills back into the ring. Nakamura trips Ricochet into the ropes. Diving knee drop by Nakamura. Nakamura gives Ricochet good vibrations. Nakamura works over Ricochet. After the break, Ricochet fires up. Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley are watching the match from a monitor backstage. Back in the ring, Ricochet lands a springboard clothesline. Standing shooting star by Ricochet.
Ricochet goes up top. Nakamura avoids a 450 by Ricochet. Ricochet lands on his feet. After a series of reversals, Ricochet lands the Recoil. Nakamura kicks out. Ricochet misses a splash in the corner. Running knee by Nakamura. Ricochet falls out to the apron. Nakamura misses a leaping knee off the apron. Running senton off the apron by Ricochet. Nakamura drives Ricochet into the ring post, then the barricade. Ricochet back body drops Nakamura into the timekeeper’s area. Nakamura hits Ricochet with a chair to cause a disqualification.
Winner- Ricochet
Nakamura drags Ricochet back into the ring and wraps a chair around his neck. Nakamura sets up the Kinshasa. Rollins runs down to the ring and attacks Nakamura. Security runs down to the ring. Rollins attacks the security. Nakamura sends Rollins flying into the ringsteps back first. Ricochet chases Nakamura away with a chair. Backstage, Ripley tells Priest tonight isn’t the not. Priest agrees.

Backstage, Zoey Stark says she has a lot of respect for Trish Stratus, but there is one thing you can do: push her. Shayna Baszler interrupts and says they have unfinished business. They will solve it in the ring tonight.

In-Ring Segment: The Judgement Day
Priest says they are dripping gold and tells the crowd to rise for The Judgement Day. Dominik tries to speak, and the crowd drowns him out. He says they did exactly what Mami told them to. Dominik puts over the new tag champs Priest and Bálor. Bálor congratulates Dominik on his one-year anniversary of joining The Judgement Day. He goes on to thank Ripley for being the voice of reason. Bálor tells Priest they have had their issues the last few months, but they are brothers. Bálor takes a moment to give a special thanks to JD McDonagh. He goes on to thank himself because he just reached a new milestone.
He’s “Grandslam” Finn now. Ripley has an issue. She doesn’t understand why everyone is talking about Jey Uso and The Bloodline. As far as she is concerned, The Bloodline has fallen, The Judgement Day runs WWE. JD McDonagh’s music hits. McDonagh walks to the ring. Priest says he was starting to like him, so he better make it quick. McDonagh says he took a bullet for them, so the least they can do is hear him out. McDonagh tells Priest he has to get rid of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Priest looks confused.
McDonagh hands Priest a new briefcase that says, “Señor Money in the Bank. Sami Zayn interrupts and calls them all championship-stealing turds. Zayn says Dominik Mysterio deserves a special beatdown because he cost him the tag team champions. McDonagh steps in and says Dominik isn’t fighting anyone tonight. He accepts Zayn’s challenge instead.
Backstage, Raquel Rodrigez is in Adam Pearce’s office. They agree on… something. Pearce says he’s gonna make that official. Rodriguez pushes past Chelsea Green. Green says Rodriguez is rude. Pearce notes that Piper Niven isn’t cleared to compete. Green says the titles aren’t cursed. Pearce hints that the titles aren’t the thing that’s cursed. Green goes on a rant about how much Rodriguez sucks. Rodriguez is standing right behind Green. Pearce books Green vs. Rodriguez tonight at Rodriguez’s behest.

Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark
Baszler takes Stark down and stomps on her elbow. Baszler almost locks in the Kirifuda Clutch. Stark escapes and dropkicks Baszler. Baszler falls out of the ring. Stark follows. Baszler traps her in the Clutch again. Stark drives Baszler into the ring apron to break the hold. After the break, Stark lands a springboard dropkick. Baszler kicks out. Stark is clutching at her arm. Stark misses a basement dropkick. Baszler blasts Stark with a running knee. Stark kicks out.
Baszler and Stark trade reversals. Stark tries to hit the Z360, but Baszler slips out and rolls out of the ring. Stark tries a modified Arabian press. Baszler reverses it into the Kirifuda Clutch. Stark fades but manages to get to her feet. Stark collapses. Baszler works the hold. Stark gets to her feet again and struggles to get to the ropes. Stark collapses again. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner- Shayna Baszler

Backstage, Bálor pitches letting JD McDonagh join The Judgement Day. Priest says McDonagh needs to prove himself. Dominik says he agrees with whatever they say. Ripley says they should wait to see what happens with McDonagh’s match with Sami Zayn tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Chelsea Green
Green runs away. Green slaps Rodriguez. Rodriguez clotheslines Green. Powerbomb by Rodriguez. Rodriguez pins Green.
Winner- Raquel Rodriguez
Rodriguez grabs a mic and says she is getting another title shot against Rhea Ripley, and this time, Dominik Mysterio is banned from ringside.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre is looking for Kofi Kingston. Riddle stops McIntyre and tries to tell him to let it go. McIntyre says he is on edge with Jey Uso being on Raw now. He’ll be watching Jey Uso, and if he slips up, he’ll have to deal with McIntyre. Kingston walks in and apologizes. Riddle accepts. McIntyre doesn’t. He notes it’s impossible for Kingston to make a mistake like this right after McIntyre accidentally injured Xavier Woods last week. Kingston says McIntyre must be the only one who can make mistakes. McIntyre says he’s going to be keeping his eyes on Kingston.

Miz TV
Miz says he will bring out the man who promised to call it down the middle at Payback. His guest tonight is John Cena. Cena’s music hits, but he doesn’t come to the ring. Miz interviews an invisible John Cena. Miz asks the crowd if they can see him because he can see right through him.
The crowd chant’s Yeah, every time Miz asks invisible Cena a question. Miz says Cena admitted to conspiring with LA Knight. Miz kicks invisible Cena out of his ring. He slaps invisible Cena. Miz pretends to get pushed. Miz ducks a clothesline and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on… no one.

Sami Zayn vs. JD McDonagh
McDonagh rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. After a bit of cat and mouse, Zayn back body drops McDonagh. Zayn whips McDonagh into the buckle hard. McDonagh rolls out on the apron. McDonagh stuns Zayn on the top rope. Zayn falls backward. McDonagh blasts Zayn with an elbow to the face. McDonagh lays in a few chops. Zayn turns the tables and lays in a few chops of his own. Zayn whips McDonagh into the buckle.
McDonagh goes flying out to the floor. Zayn follows. McDonagh slams Zayn’s head into the commentary desk. McDonagh sends Zayn into the ring post. After the break, Zayn fires up and lands a flurry of offense. McDonagh blocks the blue thunder bomb but runs right into a Michinoku Driver. McDonagh kicks out. Zayn sets up a superplex. McDonagh pushes Zayn off the top. Zayn avoids a diving McDonagh. McDonagh lands on his feet. Exploder by Zayn. Zayn calls for the Helluva Kick. Dominik Mysterio pulls McDonagh out of the ring. Zayn attacks Dominik. In the confusion, McDonagh rolls up Zayn for the win.
Winner- JD McDonagh
After the match, Zayn sends Dominik into the corner with an exploder. Zayn calls for the Helluva Kick. McDonagh pulls Dominik out of the ring. McDonagh tells Dominik to leave. Dominik rolls out of the ring and hustles up the ramp. Back in the ring, Zayn exploders suplexes McDonagh into the corner. Helluva Kick by Zayn.

Backstage, The Judgement Day congratulates McDonagh on his victory. Dominik sees Jey Uso in the back. Dominik walks up to Uso and tells him he understands what he’s going through. If he’s looking for a family, one that doesn’t have a leader, one that treats everyone as an equal, The Judgement Day has a spot for him. Uso doesn’t respond. Dominik tells Uso to think about it.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunther (c) w/IMPERIUM vs. Chad Gable w/Alpha Academy
Gable and Gunther lock up. Gunther tosses Gable to the mat. Gable locks up again. Gunther takes Gable down in a side headlock. Gable forces Gunther into the ropes. Chop by Gable. Gunther chases Gable outside the ring. Gable dropkicks Gunther off the apron. Gunther tries to get in the ring again and eats another dropkick. After the break, Gunther lands a nasty chop. Gunther works over Gable. Gable tries to fire up, but Gunther slams him on the top turnbuckle. Gunther stomps Gable’s face. Gable falls out to the floor.
After the break, Gunther tries a powerbomb. Gable almost reverses it into an ankle lock. Gunther counters that and lifts Gable in the air for a powerbomb. Gable turns it into a rana, sending both men over the top rope. German suplex by Gable. Gable tosses Gunther back into the ring. As Gable rolls in to break the count, Gunther grabs Gable and powerbomb him into the mat. Gable kicks out at 2.9. Gunther goes up top. Gable cuts him off. Gunther knocks Gable off the top with a chop. Gable gets back to his feet and hops back up top. Superplex by Gable. Gable lands a diving headbutt. Gable locks in the ankle lock.
Gunther escapes. Gable tries Chaos Theory. Gunther elbows his way out of it. Suplex by Gable. Gable pulls his straps up to pull them back down. Chaos Theory by Gable! Gunther kicks out! Gable tries a moonsault. Gunther gets a boot up. Gable lands on his feet and locks in the ankle lock. Gunther struggles to get to the ropes. Gunther kicks his way out of the hold. Gable falls into a sleeper. Gable turns it into a pin. Gunther kicks out. Gunther locks in another sleeper, but he turns it into a sleeper suplex. Gable lands on his head. Powerbomb by Gunther. Gunther immediately lands a lariato for the win.
Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!
After the match, Gable’s family is shown at ringside. His daughters are crying as Gunther celebrates in the ring.

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