AEW Dynamite 6th of September 2023

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All Elite Wrestling will present a star-studded episode of AEW Dynamite on September 6.

Just a few days after AEW All Out, Jon Moxley will defend the AEW International Championship against AR Fox. Plus, Kris Statlander will put the TBS Championship on the line against Emi Sakura.
The results are as follows:

In-Ring Segment: Orange Cassidy
Orange Cassidy comes out, and the fans chant, “Thank you, Orange.” Cassidy thanks the fans and says “they” told him to stay home. He says he wasn’t going to do that. Cassidy says he will be here every week. Jon Moxley comes out for his match, as Cassidy leaves the ring. Cassidy looks back at him.

AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley (c) (with Claudio Castagnoli) vs. AR Fox
Fox catches Moxley off-guard with some fast-paced offense. Moxley gains the upper hand. Fox takes Moxley down with a diving dropkick and dives onto him at ringside. Moxley dumps Fox with a suplex. Fox catches Moxley with a kick and drops him with a DDT. The match heads to the outside, where Moxley slams Fox into the barricade. Back in the ring, Cassidy maintains the advantage. Fox rallies with a flurry of offense. He escapes a choke attempt and gets a two-count with a cutter.
Fox dives onto Moxley at ringside. A 450 Splash earns Fox another two-count. Moxley drills Fox with some elbows. He levels Fox with a lariat and pins him with the Death Rider.
Winner and still AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley
Darby Allin checks on Fox after the match and raises his hand. On the video screen, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus approach Nick Wayne. Cage takes a shot at Buddy Wayne, Nick’s late father, and says he should consider a champion to be his mentor. He also tells Nick to say hi to his mom for him.

TBS Championship: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Emi Sakura
Sakura gains the early advantage and controls the action early on. She slams Statlander into the steel steps. Sakura and Statlander trade blows. Both women are down after a double clothesline. Statlander gains the upper hand. Sakura dumps Statlander with a DDT and hits her with a backbreaker.
Statlander dumps Sakura with an electric chair and gets the win with the Sunday Night Fever.
Winner and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Backstage, Roderick Strong is asked about his parents. He says they didn’t know how to be parents, as they had some issues. Strong recalls how wrestling was his escape. He says wrestling is his everything. Strong vows to win the Grand Slam Tournament.

Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara) vs. Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)
Mark Davis backs Jericho into a corner. Jericho chops him. Davis fires back with some chops of his own. Jericho and Guevara double-team Davis, who drops them both with a double clothesline. Aussie Open gains the upper hand and isolates Guevara. Fletcher and Davis trade blows. Guevara takes Fletcher down with a dropkick.
Jericho tags in, and Le Sex Gods double-suplex Fletcher. Guevara and Jericho continue to control the action. Davis slams Guevara on the floor. Aussie Open controls the action. Guevara rallies and tags Jericho. Jericho clears house with a flurry of offense.
Guevara takes Davis down with a diving cutter. He dives onto Aussie Open at ringside. Jericho goes for a dive, and he accidentally lands on Guevara. Aussie Open slams Guevara into Jericho. Aussie Open hits Jericho with the Aussie Arrow for a two count.
Guevara breaks up a double-team move. Fletcher evades the Walls of Jericho and rocks him with a kick. He gets a two-count with a brainbuster. Jericho accidentally knocks Guevara off the apron and hits the Judas Effect on Fletcher for the win
Winners: Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara)
Guevara is clearly frustrated after the match. He throws his arm down when Jericho tries to raise it. Guevara shoves Jericho, and security comes out to separate them. Guevara walks out.

In a vignette, Ricky Starks comments on his loss to Bryan Danielson at AEW All Out. He says he proved a point at AEW All Out. Starks says he is pissed off, and all he wants is a chance. Starks makes it clear that he doesn’t just want a slice of bread, he wants a full feast.

In an interview, Don Callis hypes up Konosuke Takeshita’s win over Kenny Omega and says their next target will be revealed next week.

In-Ring Segment: MJF
AEW World Champion MJF looks back on living in Indiana during his time on the independent scene. He brings up AEW All Out, where he and Adam Cole retained the ROH World Tag Team Championship. MJF turns his attention to AEW Grand Slam and looks forward to his return to New York. MJF says that no matter who wins the Grand Slam tournament, they will learn that no one is on the level of the devil. He starts to call out Samoa Joe, who comes to the ring.
Joe says he wanted to hear what MJF had to say. MJF says Joe must have come to the ring so quickly because he confused MJF’s theme song for an ice cream truck. Joe highlights his success on Twisted Metal and again asks MJF to describe what the problem. Joe calls MJF “kid.” MJF says he’s a creative guy, too. He calls Joe “Pillsbury Joe-boy” and “Samoa Dough.” Joe calls MJF “id” again. MJF threatens to knock Joe’s teeth down his throat. MJF says Joe is trying to make him mad, but he won’t be skipping the line, as there’s a tournament.
MJF says Joe would know what he was like when he was a kid. He recalls how he had a tryout in WWE, and he repeats the story about how William Regal passed on him. MJF threatens to send Samoa Joe back to NXT. MJF recalls how Samoa Joe shoved him when he was an extra with WWE. MJF says he’s not a kid anymore. He says he is a generational talent, the best wrestler in the world, and the AEW World Champion. MJF says Joe should stay out of his way, or he’ll kill him. Joe says he thought MJF was a little bitch. MJF slaps him. Joe says he’s going to win the tournament so he can get a title shot.
Joe attacks MJF and grabs the title. He holds it high. MJF hits Joe below the belt and takes the fight to him. Joe slams MJF to the mat. Joe goes for a Musclebuster, but Adam Cole makes the save. MJF is clearly in pain, and doctors check on him. They escort MJF to the back. Roderick Strong comes out and argues with Adam Cole.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Quarterfinal: Roderick Strong (with The Kingdom) vs. Trent Beretta (with Chuck Taylor)
Roderick Strong takes his neck brace off before the match. Beretta and Strong feel each other out early on. Beretta takes Strong down with a knee strike. Strong chops Beretta. Beretta dumps Strong with a back suplex. Trent spikes Strong with a DDT to the outside, sending him to the outside. Strong shoves Trent into the ring post. He slams Beretta onto the apron and takes control. Strong sling-shots Trent into the ropes. Beretta rallies and suplexes Strong. He gets a two-count with a Death Valley Driver.
Strong hits Beretta with a gut-buster and a Sick Kick. Beretta goes for a hurricanrana, but Strong rolls through. Beretta hits the Half and Half suplex. He spikes Strong with a piledriver, but Strong gets his foot on the ropes. Strong blasts Beretta with a knee strike and gets the win with the End of Heartache.
Winner: Roderick Strong
The Kingdom puts Strong’s neck brace back on.

In an interview, Toni Storm is asked about her actions at AEW All Out. She dodges the question and says it’s time to look forward. Renee Paquette says a four-way match will determine Saraya’s challenger at AEW Grand Slam.

In-Ring Segment: Hangman Page
Page says he flew out to AEW All Out at the last minute, and he says being able to donate to the Chicago Public Education Fund meant a lot to him. Hangman says he wants to look forward. Swerve Strickland interrupts and comes to the ring. He questions Hangman doing charity. Strickland also criticizes Hangman for competing on the pre-show. He says Page used to be a cornerstone and a franchise player. Strickland says Hangman either lost his spot or doesn’t want it anymore.
Swerve points out that Hangman got a new contract, so he has been eating well, but it shows. He says Hangman took a backseat to The Elite, and he has gotten comfortable. Strickland tells Hangman to either move out of the way so he can take his spot, or he should man up to find his inner fire. Swerve says they could fight for the spot, and he will walk Hangman like a dog.
He says he’s coming for the spot either way. Hangman says if Strickland wants a match, he can go get it. He walks out. Swerve calls after him and says it’s a shame Hangman’s wife and kids have to see him walk away from responsibilities. Page gets in Swerve’s face, and Brian Cage attacks him.

A video package highlights the Grand Slam tournament matches on AEW Rampage.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Quarterfinal: Darby Allin vs. Nick Wayne
Allin and Wayne trade early pin attempts and feel each other out. Allin goes for a dive, and Wayne dodges, sending Allin crashing into the barricade. Doctors check on Allin at ringside. Allin gets back in the ring, and Wayne gains the upper hand. The former TNT Champion blocks a frog splash. Allin catches Wayne with a dropkick. Wayne rallies, and both men are down after a double crossbody. They trade blows. Allin gets a microphone and tells Wayne he hits like an 18-year-old. He tells Wayne to hit him like he wants to win.
Wayne drops Allin with a stiff shot. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come out.
Wayne dives onto Allin at ringside. Back in the ring, Wayne gains momentum as he chops Allin. Wayne and Allin battle on the apron. Wayne hits a hurricanrana off the apron. The young star hits a diving frog splash to the outside. Allin dumps Wayne off the top. He hesitates and opts not to go for the Coffin Drop. Allin counters Wayne’s World. He gets a few two-counts on multiple pin attempts.
Allin stomps Wayne’s head and makes him tap out.
Winner: Darby Allin

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