TNA Sacrifice 2024

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TNA Sacrifice Results – March 8, 2024

Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of TNA Sacrifice, emanating from Windsor, Ontario.

Countdown – TNA Digital Media Championship: Crazzy Steve (c) def. Joe Hendry.
AJ Francis joined commentary for the bout after Hendry cut a promo on Steve. In the end, Francis attacked Hendry behind the ref’s back before tossing him inside. Steve then hit a tornado DDT from the top to retain via pinfall.

Countdown: Mike Bailey & Trent Seven def. The Rascalz 
When Bailey pinned Wentz for the hard-fought victory.

The main card opens with a video package highlighting tonight’s lineup.

Steve Maclin vs. Nic Nemeth
Maclin takes control early on until Nemeth pulls out an Olympic Slam to gain the upperhand. Nemeth bites Maclin and drops him with a neckbreaker. Maclin hangs Nemeth upside down in the corner for Caught in the Crosshairs, however Nemeth sits up and Maclin flies through the ropes, nearly wiping out the timekeeper’s area.
Nemeth gets Maclin back inside before the count, however Maclin runs him over with a running knee strike for a nearfall. Maclin hits a huge tombstone piledriver for another nearfall as “This is Awesome” chants ring out. Maclin plants the KIA, but Nemeth falls outside. Back in, Maclin hits Nic’s own Danger Zone, but it’s still not enough. Nemeth gets up and hits KIA, nearfall. After another bout of back and forth, Nemeth finally lands Danger Zone for the win.
Winner: Nic Nemeth

Backstage, Gia speaks to The System ahead of their title matches tonight.

TNA World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers
Myers and Ace start the bout. Ace and Bey trade quick tags to double-team Edwards for a beat. Myers spears Ace on the apron, marking a change in control. Back inside, Myers hits Bey with a suplex and then pivots to a headlock to keep him grounded. Ace finally gets a tag and meets Eddie with clotheslines followed by a flurry of offense.
Bey tags in for double-team offense. Bey lands a huge cutter on Myers before The System regroups outside with Alisha. Alisha gets on the apron but Bey leaps over her to wipe out Eddie and Myers. ABC continues to double-team Eddie until he fights back. Ace does his best to fight back against The System until Eddie hits the back pack stunner followed by Myers’ elbow drop; Bey breaks the cover.
Bey throws punches to both men and then gets dropped. Ace nearly pins Eddie off a roll-up. Alisha trips up Ace, allowing for Myers to hit Roster Cut. Eddie then hits Boston Knee Party for the win.
Winners and NEW: The System

Kon throws around ringside members ahead of the next bout.
No Disqualification Match: Kon vs. PCO
The action starts outside of the ring as they use trash cans against each other. Kon then claps cookie sheets against PCO’s head as they march up to the stage. Kon drops PCO back-first on the stage twice. PCO then slammed Kon off the stage and retrieved a bunch of weapons while Kon crawled back to the ring. PCO slams Kon onto a chair and pins him for the win.
Winner: PCO

We hear from AJ Francis following his interference in the Digital Media title match earlier.

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra (c) vs. Spitfire
MK Ultra ambushes Jody Threat and Dani Luna during their entrance. At ringside, Spitfire gets choked out with chains. Threat and Masha finally start the bout hot as Threat tries to fight back but eats a superkick. Threat fights back with corner clotheslines. Masha plants her with a piledriver and then tags Kelly. Dani recovers and pulls Kelly’s leg. Threat then rolls Kelly up for the surprise win.
Winners AND NEW: Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna)

Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander
Both men start with a test of strength lock up at first. Hammerstone takes control and highlights his dominance with a slam against the apron. Alexander struggles to find his footing for a bit as Hammerstone picks him apart. Josh starts to fire back with strikes followed by a series of German suplexes. Josh hits the crossbody to the back to send them both outside. Hammerstone strikes Josh from the apron, which sends his mouthguard flying.
Hammerstone goes for a missile dropkick but Josh catches him with an ankle lock. Josh nearly runs into the ref but then he ducks and Hammerstone runs into the ref in the corner instead. Josh applies another ankle lock and Hammerstone taps while the ref is still down. Hammerstone does a low blow. Hammerstone plants him with Nightmare Pendulum and the ref counts three.
Winner: Hammerstone

Gia speaks to Time Machine to try and settle their differences before competing tonight.

Time Machine vs. Mustafa Ali & Grizzled Young Veterans
Sabin and Ali start things initially but Ali immediately tags Gibson. GYV targets Sabin’s left hand early on. Kushida and Ali tag in and lock up. They stay evenly matched until Sabin and Gibson get the tags again. Ali returns briefly and kicks Sabin down before GYV keeps him in their corner for an extended period of time.
Sabin finally tags Kushida as Ali comes back in. Kushida goes on a flurry of offense. Ali tries to come back with a cutter but he gets hit with a Tanaka punch and then put in the Hoverboard Lock. Gibson intervenes, followed by Drake, but Kushida goes for a double lock. GYV corners Kushida and Ali flies in with a dropkick. GYV hits Doomsday Device, Drake gets a nearfall.
Sabin launches Ali off the top and saves Kushida from GYV. Sabin wards off GYV’s double team efforts and then flies out onto Ali. Sabin then clotheslines The Good Hands as they attempt to run down the ramp. Shelley runs in to assist with Time Machine offense on Drake and then Gibson. Triple kicks onto Ali before he escapes. Shelley tags in. Ali ducks and Sabin accidentally kicks Shelley. GYV hits Grit Your Teeth on Shelley. Ali hits 450 splash and pins Shelley.
Winners: Mustafa Ali & GYV

George Iceman welcomes out Ash By Elegance ahead of the next title bout. She sits at ringside with a drink in hand.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Xia Brookside
Grace throws Steelz out right away and then shakes hands with Xia. Xia pulls out a headscissors takedown before Steelz yanks her out of the ring. Tasha hits an elbow drop. Jordynne takes her up top and hits a Muscle Buster while clotheslining Xia in the process. Xia leaps from the top for a crossbody but Grace catches her. Steelz takes them both down and attempts covers. Grace hits a suplex and chops Steelz before kicking Xia to keep her down.
Xia assists Steelz with Sliced Bread on the champ, but then breaks the cover. Jordynne spins Steelz around while Xia is hooked on Steelz’s feet. Jordynne attempts an STF but Xia cuts her off with Octopus. Xia hits a legsweep while Grace has Tasha’s feet locked up still, rope break ends it. Grace and Steelz fall to the floor before Xia leaps out with a crossbody. Xia runs Grace into Ash By Elegance and the champagne goes all over her. Iceman trips on his way out as well.
Grace throws Xia back inside. Xia hits a tornado DDT and drops Steelz onto Grace with the Brooksie Bomb, cover. Tasha tries covers on both women while busted open. Jordynne hits Tasha with a clothesline to the back, which prompts Code Red on Xia. Grace then hits Xia with Juggernaut Driver for the win.
Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs. Eric Young
Moose charges the corner but EY evades and throws punches. The action spills outside where Moose is dumped on the ramp. Back inside, EY runs into Moose’s knee. Moose rips off EY’s tape around his midsection. Moose pulls EY against the ring post to stretch his midsection. Moose applies an abdominal stretch in the center and then hits a urinagi. Moose traps EY again in an abdominal hold that pivots to a waistlock.
EY pulls out a suplex to gain separation, followed by a Death Valley Driver, cover. Moose chases EY up top and EY strikes him down. Elbow drop connects, nearfall. Moose hits Sky High and they both are down. EY gets to his feet and they slug it out. Moose rakes the eyes while the ref tosses out his elbow pad. Pump kick connects from Moose, lariat from EY to counter. EY hits a Piledriver but Moose gets his foot on the ropes.
Moose hits a spear, EY kicks out. They move to the apron and kick each other before EY lands a piledriver and they fall to the floor. Eddie and Myers run down but EY fights them off. EY hits Moose with Canadian Destroyer and The System pulls the ref out during the count. The System is ejected. A masked man revealed to be Kazarian chokes EY with a cable. He throws EY back in and Moose hits a Spear for the win.
Winner: Moose (c)
The System, draped in gold, celebrates to end the show.

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