AEW Collision 9th of March 2024

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AEW Collision results – March 9, 2024.

This week’s episode of AEW Collision kicks off with in-ring action between Bryan Danielson and Shane Taylor.

Bryan Danielson defeated Shane Taylor (w/ Lee Moriarty)
Bryan Danielson hit Shane Taylor with Busaiku knee to score the pinfall victory.
Will Ospreay comes out and asks for two microphones and hands one to Bryan Danielson. Ospreay puts over the match between Danielson and Taylor and goes on to praise Danielson for everything he’s done in professional wrestling.
But Ospreay points out the fact that Danielson interrupted his victory at Dynamite on Wednesday and believes that means he has something he wants to ask him. Danielson says that’s about half right. Bryan has something he wants to ask him and something he wants to tell him.
Danielson welcomes Ospreay to All Elite Wrestling. Bryan says he saw the match he had with Takeshita, and it was one of the best matches he’s ever seen. Danielson says he heard Ospreay say he’s the best wrestler in the world at the media scrum, and he’s offering him a chance to prove it.
Bryan Danielson challenges Will Ospreay to a match at AEW Dynasty, and Ospreay accepts.

The New Elite (Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada) defeated Jon Cruz, Liam Gray, and Adrian Alanis
Kazuchika Okada hits the Rainmaker on Adrian Alanis to score the pinfall victory for his team.
Eddie Kingston hits the ring after the match but is taken down by The New Elite. Penta El Zero Miedo tries to come out and make the save but suffers the same fate. This brings out the return of PAC, who takes down Matthew and Nicholas Jackson before going face-to-face with Okada. PAC gets the better of Okada before the Jacksons pull their teammate out of the ring.
PAC gets on the microphone and tells them that The Bastard is back. Eddie Kingston challenges The New Elite to a six-man tag at AEW Dynamite: Big Business this Wednesday night.

A video package plays hyping Darby Allin’s match with Jay White on AEW Dynamite: Big Business.

Mariah May defeated Trish Adora
Mariah May hits Trish Adora with May Day to score the pinfall victory.
Timeless Toni Storm and Luther come out on the stage to present the first-ever Toni Award. Toni Storm announces that Mariah May wins for her portrayal of Toni Storm. Deonna Purrazzo attacks Storm from behind before she can get to Mariah. May saves Storm and DDTs Purazzo on the ramp.

A video package plays, hyping up the match at Big Business between Willow Nightingale and Riho.

Nick Wayne (w/ The Patriarchy) defeated Adam Preist
Nick Wayne hit Adram Priest with Wayne’s World to pick up the win via pinfall.

Christian Cage is attacked at ringside by a “fan” wearing a Luchador mask. It turns out to be none other than Adam Copeland.
Copeland steals the TNT Title and dares The Patriarchy to get into the ring. Copeland has a box in the ring, and when Cage tries to enter, Copeland shows him what is inside, and he makes everyone retreat.

Mark Briscoe, Jeff Jarrett, and Jay Lethal are backstage. Jeff Jarrett says that Briscoe shouldn’t worry about trusting him, and he should trust that Jarrett will do anything to win this match. Jay Lethal says he trusts them both. Briscoe says he trusts Jay, and he knows that Jarrett is a Dawg and the team is on the same page for tonight’s main event.

Chris Jericho defeated Titán
Chris Jericho locks Titán in the Walls of Jericho to score the victory via submission.
Gates of Agony attack Jericho after the match. HOOK shows up with a kendo stick and saves Jericho from the duo.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out FTR. Schiavone says the Tag Team Title Tournament kicks off next Saturday night on Collision. Cash Wheeler says Revolution didn’t go FTR’s way, but that’s life, and all they can do is get up, dust themselves off, and keep moving forward.
Wheeler says 2024 marks ten years of FTR getting knocked down, getting back up, and moving forward. Wheeler officially throws FTR’s name in the tournament for next week. Dax Harwood says Collision has been built on the backs of tag teams like FTR. Harwood runs down all the great matches they’ve had on this show in recent months.
Harwood admits he isn’t sure FTR is firing on all cylinders right now, and isn’t sure they deserve to be in the tournament. Dax promises if they’re in the tournament they are going to give it everything they’ve got.
FTR is interrupted by The Infantry for some reason. Shawn Dean introduces themselves to everyone who doesn’t watch Ring of Honor programming. Bravo says they come out to tell FTR they love and respect them, and when it comes to the tournament may the best team win because they are coming for their spots. Bravo makes a Revival joke.
Dax Harwood says The Revival is dead and if they meet up in the tournament, The Infantry will be too.

Mistico defeated Angelico (w/ Serpentico)
Mistico locks Angelico in La Mistica to pick up the victory via submission.
Angelico shakes Mistico’s hand after the match.

The House of Black defeated Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal, and Jeff Jarrett in an Atlanta Street Fight
Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews put Mark Briscoe through a flaming table. Black pins Briscoe to score the pinfall victory for his team.
Medics check on Mark Briscoe as AEW Collision goes off the air.

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