TNA Impact 21st of March 2024

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TNA IMPACT results – March 21, 2024

Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of TNA IMPACT on AXS TV! The show opens with a recap of last week.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali makes his way out as we prepare for a #1 contender’s scramble. Ali joins commentary and is shocked that Jake Something is in this bout because he “wasn’t on the invitational.”

Rebellion Referendum: Leon Slater vs. Chris Bey vs. Alan Angels vs. Jason Hotch vs. Kevin Knight vs. Jake Something
Hotch and Slater find themselves as the last two in the ring heading into the break. We come back to Hotch keeping Bey out of the fray before Angels helps Hotch against Slater. Bey finally returns and holds his own against Angels and Hotch. Something slides back in but is thumbed in the eye by Angels. Slater and Knight try superkicking Something, but he stays on his feet at first until Angels helps them plant him.
Something comes back with a sit-out powerbomb on Angels. Bey runs in with a tornado DDT on Jake. Slater nearly puts Angels away off a rollup and then goes on a flurry of offense in and out of the ring. Slater dropkicks Hotch out of the ring but Something fights back and hits a powerbomb. Hotch nearly pins Something but Something counters with Into the Void out of nowhere for the three.
Winner and #1 Contender: Jake Something

We hear from Dirty Dango who complains about the dirt sheets, not being able to find his ratings, and losing to Josh Alexander.

Gia tries to interview Rich Swann, but AJ Francis speaks for him. AJ says we’ll find out why Swann aligned with him next week when they appear in the ring.

Deaner speaks
Deaner reflects on all of his failures over the last few years. He blames himself, however. He cuts a babyface promo and says it’s now the people’s choice what he does next. GYV interrupts and says no one cares. They claim Deaner offers nothing to the business before ordering him to leave. Deaner stops himself from leaving the ring and notes his promise to the people. He asks the fans what they want and they cheer for him to stay. Deaner decides to throw hands but he’s quickly beat down until Time Splitters make the save.

GYV vs. Time Splitters
Once the dust settles, Kushida and Gibson start their sanctioned match. Drake comes in and is grounded by Kushida working his leg. Shelley takes over but Gibson’s distraction leads to Drake capitalizing with a dragon screw. Kushida comes in off the hot tag and in the end taps out Drake with the Hoverboard Lock.
Winners: Time Splitters

Tom Hannifan conducts a sit-down interview with Hammerstone. Tom asks about Hammerstone taking any means necessary to beat Alexander at Sacrifice. Hammerstone says he’s going straight to the top.

Digital Media Championship: Crazzy Steve (c) vs. PCO
They spill outside right away as Steve throws PCO into the steps. Back inside, PCO fights back and has a counter for everything Steve throws his away. PCO hits a lungblower in the corner and goes up top for a leg drop. When PCO looks to put Steve away, Kon comes marching down draped in weapons. He throws chairs in the ring before PCO rolls out and attacks first. Steve rakes PCO’s eyes and gets him back inside to steal the pinfall to retain.
Winner: Crazzy Steve (c)

Backstage, Decay cuts a promo on Spitfire when MK Ultra interrupts and says they’re next in line for a rematch. Rosemary challenges them to a tag match to determine who gets a title shot.

Eric Young comes out and lays down the challenge to face Frankie Kazarian in a Full Metal Mayhem match at Rebellion.

Ash By Elegance vs. Seleziya Sparx
Ash breaks free from a wrist lock and then tells Sparx to kiss her hand. Sparx refuses, so Ash drives her knee into her. Ash hits a few clotheslines and throws punches that nearly get her disqualified. Suplex connects before Ash goes up. She hits a big Rarified Air senton for the win.
Winner: Ash By Elegance
After, Ash places a chair on Sparx and she goes up top again. Xia Brookside runs down and stands in the way. Ash climbs down and slowly exits while eyeing Xia.

Nic Nemeth speaks
Nic reiterates that he wanted to earn his way to a world title shot and not just stroll in and receive it. First, he went through Steve Maclin. But now Moose can’t wait to get his hands on Nemeth. The System interrupts and Moose addresses Nemeth to set the stage for Rebellion.

Next week: The 8-4-1 match returns to determine the new Knockouts title #1 contender for Rebellion. AJ Francis and Rich Swann address their status. Plus, Josh Alexander is in action.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tasha Steelz
Steelz throws a right hand but Grace throws several punches back in response. Grace goes for a baseball slide out but Steelz dodges and hits a pump kick. Back inside, Steelz maintains control and attempts a couple covers. Grace fights back and lands a wicked spinebuster, cover. Grace gets Steelz up for the Muscle Buster but she escapes.
Steelz takes out Grace’s foot but Grace counters. Steelz dodges a Vader Bomb and hits Sliced Bread, cover. Steelz follows Grace up top and eventually launches her to the mat. They counter each other again for a beat until Grace clocks the backfist followed by Juggernaut Driver for the win.
Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

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