WWE Raw 25th of March 2024

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WWE Raw results, March 25, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: 2023 and 2024 Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes
Rhodes asks Chicago what they want to talk about. The crowd cheers. Rhodes notes they are at the point on the road to WrestleMania where the time for talk has past. Last week, Roman Reigns had some choice words on the Pat McAfee show. Rhodes puts over McAfee and Cole. Reigns said that Rhodes is making promises he can’t keep. Rhodes responds that he never makes a promise he can’t keep. Rhodes notes all of the promises he has kept over the past few years, including bring the Wrestling Club to both nights of WrestleMania. He does what he does and acts like the champion because the champion is not here.
Rhodes respects Reigns, but because Reigns screwed him out of his dream last year, Rhodes hates his guts. Reigns may hate Rhodes, but Rhodes doesn’t care. Rhodes knows he got in the way of the wank fest Reigns wanted to have with his cousin at WrestleMania, but Rhodes won the Royal Rumble, and that’s his right. Rhodes asks the WWE Universe if they will ride with him and fight with him against Roman Reigns. He is going to point at the WrestleMania sign, and he wants everyone else to do it with him.
The crowd goes nuts. Rhodes does the Bullet Club finger gun at the sign, and the crowd does the same. The Rock’s music hits, and the arena explodes. The Rock joins Rhodes in the ring. Rhodes and The Rock have a long staredown. The crowd eventually breaks into a CM Punk chant. The Rock puts his hands behind his back and steps up to Rhodes. Rhodes stands there as The Rock whispers something to him. Rhodes looks unnerved. The Rock leaves the ring. The crowd boos him out of the building.
backstage, Rhea Ripley tells Dominik to let her know the next time he is going to show up on SmackDown because she would have liked to have been there, too. JD McDonagh promises to take care of Ricochet tonight. Ripley tells McDonagh to just make sure he wins. Dominik promises to make sure of it.

Ricochet vs. JD McDonagh w/Dominik Mysterio
McDonagh and Ricochet trade strikes. Ricochet sends McDonagh out of the ring. Dominik pulls McDonagh out of the way of a dive by Ricochet, but Ricochet stays on his feet. McDonagh retreats to the other side of the ring. Ricochet flattens him with a dive. After the break, McDonagh misses a moonsault. Handspring elbow by Ricochet. Flying clothesline by Ricochet. Ricochet gets a near fall after a standing shooting star press. McDonagh kicks out. Ricochet does a backflip off off McDonagh’s chest and lands an enziguri.
Ricochet bounces off the ropes and runs right into a Spanish fly by McDonagh. Ricochet kicks out. McDonagh sits Ricochet up top. Ricochet counters and hits a poison rana off the top. Ripcord by Ricochet. Dominik puts McDonagh’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Dominik distracts Ricochet. Ricochet tries a springboard 450, but because of the delay, McDonagh gets his knees up! Ricochet somehow kicks out.
After the break, McDonagh sets up The Devil Inside, but Ricochet reverses it into a Canadian Destroyer! Ricochet goes up top. Dominik gets on the apron and gets admonished by the referee. As Dominik drops off the apron, he yanks the rope, crouching Ricochet on the top rope. The referee ejects Dominik from the ringside area. McDonagh goes after Ricochet. Ricochet hits a shooting star press to a standing McDonagh for the win.
Winner- Ricochet

In-Ring Segment: CM Punk
Punk says he’s got a lot to say. Everyone is asking if Punk will be at WrestleMania. Yes, he will be. Punk’s elbow isn’t 100%, and he isn’t cleared, but his mouth still works. Someone suggested that maybe he referee a match at WrestleMania… is there a title match happening at WrestleMania that needs an impartial referee? The crowd oohs. Punk notes that Roman Reigns had a lot to say about him on the Pat McAfee show. Reigns is on his way down, while Punk will be on his way up. They will cross paths soon. Seth Rollins has a lot to say. The Rock hasn’t oddly hasn’t said a word about Punk. Maybe that’s because The Rock remembers that his arms are too short to box with god. Then there is Drew McIntyre.
Punk notes that when he has an issue with someone he rather handle it face-to-face. Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Punk yells at the production crew to cut that stupid song off and demands that McIntyre get his b*tch a$$ in the ring. McIntyre says he dreamed for this moment. Punk is in the ring, and he’s hurt. McIntyre stands on the announce desk and rips off his shirt to reveal another shirt dumping on Punk. Punk tells McIntyre’s he’s never had to put another man’s name on a shirt to sell it.
McIntyre says the funny thing about Punk is he’s supposed to be straight-edged, but he spends all his time in rehab. Punk demands McIntyre get in the ring and speak into his good ear. McIntyre sits on the announce desk while Punk lays down in the ring, begging McIntyre to get in there. McIntyre says he needs Punk. Punk is his muse, and McIntyre knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the chosen one. Punk laughs and asks McIntyre who chose him. McIntyre laughs as Punk goes on to ask what that paragon of virtue’s name was and if he has the balls to say his name.
McIntyre tells Punk he should be the guest commentator during his title match at WrestleMania. He wants Punk to be there while he finally has his moment and raises the world championship in front of live fans. Seth Rollins’ music hits. Rollins joins Punk in the ring. Punk and Rollins look each other up and down. Rollins gets in Punk’s face and welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Rollins. Rollins says you can’t make decisions about the world heavyweight title match when you aren’t in it. Since they didn’t bother to ask him, Rollins is going to ask the crowd what they think. The Chicago crowd roars for Punk to be the guest referee. Rollins says Punk’s injured arm is his counting arm. Punk drops down on the mat and counts with his healthy arm.
Punk says he is pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to be objective in the ring with these two dipsh*ts. Rollins loves the idea of Punk having to narrate his greatest moment. At this point, that’s probably the closest Punk is ever going to get to a world championship ever again. Punk chuckles and says he’s going to do something: McIntyre’s stupid pyro and sword, Rollins bell bottoms, and his wife can’t. Punk’s going to make Rollins and McIntyre interesting. Punk walks away as his music plays. McIntyre screams that Punk doesn’t get to have the last word. McIntyre goes on a rant about Punk being obsessed with him. Rollins superkicks McIntyre and crushes him with a Stomp.

Candice LeRae w/Indi Hartwell vs Ivy Nile w/Maxxine Dupri
LeRae knocks Dupri off the apron and fakes a knee injury. In the confusion, LeRae rolls up Nile with her feet on the ropes for the win.
Winner- Candice LeRae
After the match, Indi Hartwell looks upset by how LeRae won the match. LeRae is elated.

Backstage, Rhodes says he isn’t going to repeat what The Rock said to him, but it was a promise The Rock can’t keep.

The New Day vs. #DIY
The Awesome Truth are at the commentary desk for the match. Kingston lands on his feet after a monkey flip by Ciampa. Gargano and Ciampa double-team Kingston. Gargano tries a roll-through head kick, but Kingston counters with a famouser. Unicorn stampede by The New Day. After the break, The Judgement Day hit the ring and attacks The New Day and #DIY.
No contest

The Miz tries to make the save. R-Truth says he is on commentary tonight. The Miz gets beat down. The Judgement Day leaves everyone lying. Damien Priest notices R-Truth at the desk. Priest and the rest of his team pull R-Truth into the ring. R-Truth fights back valiantly but eventually eats a Razor’s Edge and a Coup de Gras.

Backstage, Gunther says Sami Zayn can’t beat him and won’t beat Bronson Reed tonight.

Andrade vs. Giovanni Vinci
Vinci pushes Andrade. Andrade slaps Vinci. Vinci sends Andrade into the ropes. Andrade goes tranquillo. Vinci catches Andrade with a right hand and tries a springboard, but Andrade meets him in midair with a dropkick. Vinci rolls out of the ring. Andrade lands a triangle moonsault. Andrade sends Vinci back into the ring and tries a moonsault off the top. Vinci rolls out of the way. Andrade lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault. Vinci kicks out. Vinci surprises Andrade with a nasty crossbody block. After the break, Andrade hits The Message for the win.
Winner- Andrade

In-Ring Segment: Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio
Ripley says she feels like she isn’t getting enough attention. A certain someone isn’t giving Ripley any attention. Becky Lynch has been fighting everyone else each week. Ripley could have attacked Lynch during any of her many matches over the last few weeks, but she decided to be respectful. Ripley tells Dominik to back her up. As soon as he speaks, he gets drowned out with boos, and Becky Lynch’s music hits. Lynch joins Ripley and Dominik in the ring. Lynch and Ripley argue about what it means to be a champion. Ripley says Lynch reminds her of a cockroach. It’s hard to kill her, but not impossible.
When Ripley is done with Lynch, after WrestleMania, Lynch will get to hear her daughter call Ripley Mami. Lynch goes off on Ripley for mentioning her daughter. Lynch tells Ripley that after WrestleMania, neither of them will be the same again. Dominik holds Ripley back. Dominik steps up to Lynch. Lynch decks Dominik. Lynch and Ripley brawl. Ripley boots Lynch in the face and sends her into the ring post. Ripley helps Dominik up and tries to leave. Lynch leaps off the ring steps and lands on Ripley and Dominik. Lynch and Ripley brawl until they are separated by referees.

Sami Zayn vs. Bronson Reed
Zayn sends Reed over the top. Zayn lands a dive. Reed runs over Zayn. Reed lands a splash off the apron. After the break, Gunther walks out on the stage to watch the match. Zayn tries to lift Reed, but he can’t. Reed falls on Zayn. Brainbuster by Reed. Zayn kicks out. Reed works over Zayn. Zayn surprises Reed with a tornado DDT. Zayn gets distracted by Gunther while setting up the Helluva Kick. Reed runs over Zayn, hits a senton, and crushes him with the Tsunami for the win.
Winner- Bronson Reed

Backstage, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa interrupt Jey Uso, cutting a promo. Jimmy says no yeet and walks away.

After the break, before Jey makes his entrance, Rollins runs in and tells Jey to stay sharp. Something’s not right tonight.
Jey Uso vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Nakamura and Jey trade strikes. Nakamura sets Jey on the top rope. Running knee strike by Nakamura. Nakamura lands another. After the break, Jey misses a hip attack. Jimmy and Sikoa hop the barricade. Rhodes and Rollins run down to the ring and make the save. McIntyre appears and drops Rollins with the Future Shock DDT. Jey hits Nakamura with a Spear for the win.
Winner- Jey Uso

Backstage, Rhodes brawls with Solo Sikoa. The Rock appears out of nowhere and attacks Rhodes. The Rock drags Rhodes into the parking lot and continues his assault. Rhodes is busted open after getting sent head-first into his bus. The Rock cuts a promo about all of this being Rhodes’ fault. The Rock slaps Rhodes and says he has a gift for Momma Rhodes. Rock pulls off a custom-made weight belt with “Momma Rhodes” written on it. He promised to give Momma Rhodes a belt with her son’s blood on it. The Rock smears Rhodes’ blood all over the belt. The Rock says it didn’t have to be this way, but now it’s the only way.

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